Our Mission

ACJ featured on Dr. Phil graphics. ACJ articles were used and was featured and consulted in the two day special into the Disappearance of Karlie Guse. Photo Credit: CBS/Paramount

American Crime Journal’s mission is to offer comprehensive coverage, thorough examination, and detailed reviews of all aspects pertaining to crime in America. This objective is achieved through a multifaceted approach that includes investigative reporting, educational endeavors, informed opinions, and rigorous analysis. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the cultivation of a more knowledgeable and better-informed public.

At American Crime Journal, we take immense pride in fostering a culture rooted in core ethical values, integrity, and accountability. Our stringent standards are evident in every facet of our operations, spanning opinions, contributions, analysis, and reporting. This commitment to excellence is facilitated by our editorial team’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

In a landscape where the majority of crime-related sources are popular but often sensationalistic True Crime podcasts and YouTube vlogs, which primarily rehash readily available information—often from Wikipedia—American Crime Journal stands apart. We recognize and address the intricate nature of subjects involving investigations, the criminal justice system, acts of violence, missing persons cases, injustices, and wrongful convictions within the United States and beyond.

While we maintain an unbiased stance, aligning with any legitimate entity or individual striving for factual accuracy and truth, we do not adopt a neutral standpoint. Guided by established facts and rigorously vetted information, we construct opinions based on a foundation of integrity. It is important to note that while some contributors and their articles express viewpoints that are not representative of ACJ‘s official stance, they offer a candid perspective from authors who meticulously examine cases and assess information to provide valuable insights.

Our conviction lies in the belief that the information we source from individuals with firsthand knowledge, media outlets, and public records is both accurate and conveyed with a commitment to honorability and integrity.

We take great pride at American Crime Journal, and our strict culture built on core ethical values, integrity and accountability. We set the bar high when it comes to our opinions, contributions, analysis and reporting. Through our culture and Editorial’s rigorous standards, we can deliver in “Our Mission” and take pride striving for the highest degree of accuracy and delivering quality content. 

Virtually all sources on crime today are popular, yet sensationalistic True Crime Podcast and YouTube vlogs that simply review information already available, usually just Wikipedia. Often they ignore the complex subjects involving investigations, criminal justice system, violence, missing persons, injustices and wrongful convictions within the United States and beyond. While we are unbiased like any legitimate outfit and individual seeking the facts and truth, we are not neutral. Using established facts and vetted information, we will form an opinion. As always, some contributors and their articles are not the opinion of ACJ; it’s purely an honest perspective of the author who approaches the case and vets the information providing perspective.

It is our belief that the information we’ve obtained from those with first hand knowledge of the subject, the media and public record is accurate and conveyed with honorable intent.

Our Standards

All statements, allegations, evidence, and information—regardless of nature—must adhere to stringent standards and criteria, subject to thorough evaluation and disclosure procedures prior to publication.

For any information originating from sources deemed less than credible or official, our rigorous protocol necessitates a minimum of two independent sources before consideration for publication. These sources must align with supplementary information, evidence, corroboration, or thorough inquiry. The aim is to assess validity, reliability, and the underlying integrity of the provided content. It is noteworthy that instances frequently arise where individuals, be they celebrities, government officials, or independent media entities such as True Crime podcasts, interchangeably use “confidential informant” and “protected source” with the term “anonymous source.” It’s imperative to clarify that these terms are not synonymous. A confidential source is one whose identity is known exclusively to the reporter, journalist, editor, or writer and is kept undisclosed for various reasons—such as the source being a victim or witness of a crime, facing potential vulnerability, employment jeopardy, or lacking whistleblower protections.

It is important to acknowledge that these methodologies, while comprehensive, are not impervious to errors, elaborate deception, or every possible scenario. Nonetheless, they effectively screen out a substantial majority of unsubstantiated and outlandish claims.

While ACJ may not consistently align with or wholly endorse contributors and Op-Eds, statements and analyses—even in cases where absolute proof is lacking or only popular opinions are presented—must possess intrinsic value, merit, and a substantial degree of substantiation. The principle underlying this approach is that both “Facts do matter, as do opinions. However, facts take precedence. Any content that proves reckless, conspiratorial, unsubstantiated, or fails to demonstrate value, credibility, or legitimacy will not find its place in our publication.

Due to these elevated standards, ACJ’s investigative coverage has not only gained prominence on TV shows such as “Dr. Phil” but has also been extensively sourced and relied upon by local, national, and international media, as well as by award-winning journalists from renowned platforms including Axios, Business Insider, C-SPAN, The Guardian, New York Post, Salon, Vanity Fair, Vice and many, many more. ACJ’s Lynn Packer and Damion Moore have also been featured guests on a range of podcasts, such as The Thinking Atheist with Seth Andrews, Mormon Stories and Parallax Views with J.G. Michael and have contributed to esteemed True Crime podcasts like Unresolved, Already Gone and Dear Media’s Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story among many others.


Ensuring factual accuracy is a cornerstone of our ethical commitment. American Crime Journal takes full responsibility for rectifying any and all factual errors that come to our attention. We deeply regret any such errors and are dedicated to not only acknowledging them but also to understanding the precise source or point at which the mistake occurred—whether within our reporting or through the misrepresentation of information sources or evidence.

When a correction is warranted, it will be promptly published to provide an accurate account of the matter. In situations where there exists a disparity in perspectives regarding the presented facts, we will transparently denote that a particular statement is “disputed” or “in question.”

We encourage and value the input of our readers. If you encounter a story that you believe lacks comprehensive information, is misrepresentative, inaccurate, or if a particular viewpoint is underrepresented, or if you possess information that contradicts our reported content, we extend an open invitation for you to contact us. Your engagement in this manner aids in maintaining the accuracy and integrity of our publication.

Should you have any further questions or topics you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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