Our Mission

ACJ featured on Dr. Phil graphics. ACJ articles were used and was featured and consulted in the two day special into the Disappearance of Karlie Guse. Photo Credit: CBS/Paramount

American Crime Journal’s mission is to provide in depth coverage, examination and review of all matters related to crime in America; through investigative reporting, education, opinion and analysis- for a better informed public.

We take great pride at American Crime Journal, and our strict culture built on core ethical values, integrity and accountability. We set the bar high when it comes to our opinions, contributions, analysis and reporting. Through our culture and Editorial’s rigorous standards, we can deliver in “Our Mission” and take pride striving for the highest degree of accuracy and delivering quality content. 

Virtually all sources on crime today are popular, yet sensationalistic True Crime Podcast and YouTube vlogs that simply review information already available, usually just Wikipedia. Often they ignore the complex subjects involving investigations, criminal justice system, violence, missing persons, injustices and wrongful convictions within the United States and beyond. While we are unbiased like any legitimate outfit and individual seeking the facts and truth, we are not neutral. Using established facts and vetted information, we will form an opinion. As always, some contributors and their articles are not the opinion of ACJ; it’s purely an honest perspective of the author who approaches the case and vets the information providing perspective.

It is our belief that the information we’ve obtained from those with first hand knowledge of the subject, the media and public record is accurate and conveyed with honorable intent.

Our Standards

All statements, allegations, evidence, information, whatever it may be- prior to publication and full disclosure must meet strict standards & criteria before it’s put forth.

Any and all information not coming from a credible or official source, we require a minimum of two separate sources prior to publication. Those must check out with supplementary information, evidence, corroboration and/or inquiry. It is to test validity and reliability- the strength of their integrity, etc. All too often, both celebrities, government officials and independent media such as True Crime podcasts, use confidential informant and/or protected source interchangeably with ‘anonymous source’. They are not the same. A confidential source is a source that their identity is known reporter/journalist/editor or writer and protected for various reasons, such as they are a victim or witness of a crime and could be vulnerable, their employment may be in jeopardy or not have whistleblower protections, etc…  Obviously applying these methods are not absolute, and cannot prevent mistakes, elaborate scams and everything getting through, however, it filters out 99% of unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims.

ACJ may not or will not always agree or fully endorse contributors and Op-Eds, however, statements and analysis made- (while lacking absolute proof or just popular opinion) must have value, merit and a high degree of substantiation. Ultimately, “Facts do matter, as do opinions”. Anything that is reckless, conspiratorial and unsubstantiated or lacks value and/or legitimacy will not be published.

Editor discretion.


It is our ethical responsibility to correct all factual errors. ACJ regrets every error, learn where the mistake was made, whether in our reporting or misrepresented information source(s) or evidence. If a correction is warranted, it be published immediately. If there is a disagreement about the facts, we will acknowledge that a statement is “disputed” or “in question”.

It’s because of those high standards- that ACJ’s investigative coverage has been featured on TV Shows, national news coverage and numerous podcast such as Dr. Phil, Fox News (news coverage), Vice News, Unresolved, Already Gone and many others.

Should you find a story with anything you feel doesn’t have all the information, is misrepresented, inaccurate or viewpoint underrepresented or have information to the contrary of what’s reported, please feel free to contact us!

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