Advertise with American Crime Journal!

Looking to advertise to get your brand, services, products or an event to consumers of true crime or investigative reporting?

Ideal for:

  • True crime blogs and podcasts trying to drive traffic to their site or store
  • Businesses who want to promote products to the true crime and investigative journalism demographic
  • Businesses, true crime blogs or podcast who want to promote an event(s)
  • Non-profits groups, thees

Base Price:

  • Starting at $150 for a cube (approximately 300 x 250 pixels)
  • Leaderboard (approximately 729 x 90 pixels) is based on demand as there is limited space for a leaderboard banner. Currently at $450
  • Featured video block that runs your video ad 24/7 at $750

What you get:

  • 30 days Run of Site (ROS) targeted online ads on
  • We can use a predesigned templates or you have the ability to submit your own ad to run on the site
  • Ads will be clickable, driving traffic to your site or podcast
  • Where will you ads be displayed?

Depending on your campaign and budget, your ad can be displayed on the homepage, targets posts or series posts or they can be a pop-up ad displayed requiring an action from the user. We also have a single featured video spot that runs your video ad 24/7

  • What is an impression?

An impression is when the ad is displayed on the page whether the ad is clicked or not. It represents a single instance of your ad being shown on a web page or a mobile app and is counted as one impression, regardless of whether the user interacts with your ad or takes any action.

The following ad submissions will be rejected:

  • Political ads or campaigns are not optional for the site.
  • Marijuana and related paraphernalia is not available for advertisement at American Crime Journal
  • Drugs and/or supplements that are not FDA approved is not available for advertisement.
  • Pornography, pornographic materials, toys/products and other sexually suggestive product or materials will not be permitted
  • Alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor or wine
  • Ads that target, harass, defame or threaten other individuals or groups
  • Deceptive advertising- such as false light. ads that redirect to other sites or banned products or ads made to appear like an article, investigate reports, medical journal, etc… any article that makes false claims or promises
  • Misinformation and/or disinformation and/or anything not deemed “brand safe”

All ad submissions must be approved (usually within 24 hours) and all ads are for 30 days. Once ad is approved and payments received the ad is non-refundable. You can request for corrections, however the overall ad, substance of the ad cannot change