Dark Figures of Crime with Damion Moore

Dark Figures of Crime with Damion Moore is a reality and evidence based true crime report. We focus on “Dark Figures” as in individuals such as sinister persons, terrorists, serial killers etc… or individuals that are hidden from plain view. With a special focus on crime related studies, data and reporting. All this in conjunction and special emphasis on public perception, beliefs, junk science, satanic panic, philosophies, crime fighting strategies and more… which are Dark Figures of Crime.

Right-wing Obsession with Pedophilia and Human Trafficking Dark Figures of Crime with Damion Moore

Blood Libel. The Salem Witch Trials. White slavery. Satanic Panic. Wild fantasies of an illegal immigrant invasion. BLM terrorists. Antifa. Pedophilia. Human trafficking. Stolen election. It goes beyond just being the far-right diatribes of QAnon and MAGA Republicans. Without question, far-right extremism and white supremacy are deeply rooted in Christian fundamentalism and nestled snugly in mainstream conservative ideology. In our first episode, DFC doesn’t traverse so much into what today’s mainstream right-wing believes, but why they believe it and their motives. White Christian Fundamentalism, their views and beliefs are a core tenet of conservative ideology in America and the Republican party. Exactly how “pedophilia” and “grooming” is dressed up slippery slope rhetoric disguising waves of racist, homophobic and transphobic legislation and violence throughout the country. Conservatives for decades have opposed, defunded and ultimately eroded both protections for both women and especially children both nationally and in their states. Most importantly, the victims. Who the are and examine the data and facts. How obfuscating the truth, ultimately silences victims and protects actual perpetrators. Plus, Tim Ballard and anti-Semitic conspiracies. All that and more, on Dark Figures of Crime. — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/darkfiguresofcrime/support

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