No Voice, No Purpose: The Lies and Fall of the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob®

The disinformation strategy and smear campaign employed by Lindsay Fairley’s private investigators was the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob’s foundation, reality was their downfall. What is fact? Did she O.D.? The Mistaken Witnesses? How Do We Know Karlie Left Her House That Day and Vanished?

Not a single day goes by that the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob®, hasn’t put forth false allegations against Melissa Guse, the Mono County Sheriff’s Office and anyone and everyone who simply holds them accountable for their hysterical accusations that have no basis in reality.

Karlie Guse

This disinformation strategy employed by Lindsay Fairley’s private investigators Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh was clever, intended to put them into orbit with other high profile detectives and figures in the True Crime boom. Their strategy was simple. First, play up the “Fake News” political angle, tell lie after lie and make false accusations hoping some things stick. When called out for their lies, they would claim it is a “cover-up”. Just as they were about to expose rampant small county political and police corruption, they became the victims of an ever-widening conspiracy. Their evidence disappeared and then law enforcement wouldn’t cooperate with them. The final phase was to portray the Mono County Sheriff’s Office as an incompetent, but extremely nervous law enforcement agency— with too much pride to call in the FBI, yet rattled to their core on what Michael Boone was about to expose. Their corrupt way of life was threatened and coming to an abrupt end, because all the secrets rested with Karlie Guse, her parents and major local political players.

The only problem is, it just simply wasn’t true. Michael Boone would claim the same type of “conspiracy” nonsense as he’s faced repeated allegations of not paying former employees in both his security and pornography companies, numerous lawsuits, liens and allegations of misconduct, including sexual harassment and physical abuse. We then have the same type of behavior in the “Mohave Incident” and in the Karlie Guse case, but more on that later.

As in any missing persons, there is a lynch mob, a small group of ‘flat-earth’ types, that believed their vicious attacks on a family is warranted based entirely on lies told to them, absent of facts. Unlike other cases with a national following, Karlie’s case had her biological mother Lindsay Fairley and her PIs Lynda Bergh and ex-cop turned pornographer, turned security guard, Michael Boone leading the charge. This gave the lynch mob a voice, a purpose; it legitimized them. They were a “support group” for the biological mother only demanding answers, and Bergh and Boone would wisely utilize them to their advantage. To scare off current detractors and put fear in those questioning their behaviors and motives. For months their deception and conspiracy theories resulted in an obscene amount of reckless, unproven rumors to become the introductory facts to those new to Karlie’s case, causing significant damage that resulted in three professional organizations refusing to help any further. Many who volunteered to help search for Karlie initially, refused to get involved out of fear they and their families would be doxxed & ruthlessly harassed by the Karlie Guse lynch mob. For months this would continue, mostly unopposed.

As the lynch mob grew, their lies and conspiracy theories grew more outrageous and destructive. They didn’t realize they had overplayed their hand when they jumped the shark, now there was a major defect in their foundation. They received attention from Dr. Phil and their narrative and all the claims they had made turned out to be complete fiction. A short time later they appealed to Fox News, thought they would run with their version of events. When pressed for evidence, as they began fact-checking their claims, not a single allegation they made checked out. Nearly 20 claims they made, not a single one could be corroborated. The PIs refused to return phone calls and attacked both Dr. Phil and Fox News of being in the conspiracy. In just a matter of weeks the facade crumbled, losing all credibility in the process.

They’ve not only presented fiction as “fact”, but smeared, threatened, harassed and doxxed truth-seekers, the curious, children and skeptics of their unsubstantiated claims and irrational arguments. Simply put, people who care about other people. Our objective is not to convince them otherwise. It is not to argue or “hurt their feelings”. What has happened here is a tragedy and like so may cases before, and to come, a family is tormented and put through hell by an out of control lynch mob operating under the guise of a ‘support group’. It is a growing trend in America, a step back into our formative years threatening to further erode our rights as Americans and our values.

Every single day we get more and more messages & mail of support from those both new and familiar with Karlie’s case, who all are afraid to publicly comment, ask questions, show support for the family or to speak out against this lynch mob. Obviously they also realize that it is not a discussion. Many curious people ask for updates, our opinions or for us to correct a lynch mob’s same unfounded, illogical and often recycled fabrications. Some fear that their allegations might take hold, but I tell them have no fear. They’ve tried and failed on every account. Fox News didn’t buy it. Dr. Phil didn’t buy it, then called them out on it. There is more, but the result is always the same.

Yesterday, I received a mail from one of the senior lynch mob members, she asked,“Srsly[sic], why do you care if we are discussing the case in a private group, it is not hurting you or her?”

Sorry, nice try. Don’t pretend this is gossip on the telephone with your BFF.

What if you’re wrong? You’re accusing a woman who raised a child since she was four, of murder or of some involvement in her death (that we don’t know is dead) and you are okay with it? What if it were you or your child?

You have tormented a family who is devastated, lost a child and did so for no reason. This is not discussion. You’re not conversing and using known facts and evidence to build a theory. You are intentionally and deliberately looking for anything and everything to make this woman look evil. Worse, you’re not just using bogus claims; you’re using bogus claims that have already been disproven.

Burden of Proof v. Illogical Interpretation

Before you approach any case and get involved in one way or another, remember the Presumption of Innocence:

ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat

the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies

Their argument is simple, Melissa did something horrible that fateful October 13th morning, without presenting facts and ignoring all evidence to the contrary. If you’re still unsure, if you’re afraid to be on the wrong side of an “argument” ask yourself this, would you be comfortable putting your child in prison with the evidence they’ve “presented?”

Of course not.

When it comes to the law especially, when it comes to putting someone in prison, speculative claims, “what ifs” and wild rumors have no place in serious discussion. If you’re serious and care about Karlie Guse in any way, shape or form, you’d not participate in such nonsense, you’d confront it and expose this lynch mob for what they’re still doing; inflicting serious damage to Karlie’s case that very well may be far beyond repair. Three professional organizations have declined to assist, or further assist due to the behavior of Linda Bergh, Michael Boone and their lynch mob. Those organizations that were reputable in the best position to help find Karlie.. They had no agenda, yet the resources and expertise to assist. Next, the Guses and Karlie were robbed of support. Had the lynch mob and Ms. Fairley not spread rumors and misinformation early on, then threaten, intimidate and scare off anyone who tried to help, perhaps more people would have come out and searched or at least called in tips. When you have a group encouraging each other to “get search volunteers arrested” by filing false police reports, you have a problem.

Jurisprudence is our legal philosophy, a bedrock principle of the American Criminal Justice system. In our system it requires that the burden of proof is on the one who accuses, not the one who denies. In civil matters, the accuser must provide proof beyond a preponderance of the evidence, but in criminal matters that bar is significantly higher, as the accuser must provide proof beyond reasonable doubt. Our system still isn’t perfect, innocent people go to prison all the time, some for decades. What they’ve advocated for in this case is obscene and offensive. It is disgusting, pure hate and it has no place in serious discussion. Burden of Proof is on the one who declares, not on the one who denies. Most free societies follow this philosophy as it’s been around for about 1,000 years in concept and about 400 in modern practice. Of course, primitive legal philosophies predate jurisprudence and the Burden of Proof. Whether you’re a believer or not in the Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Muslim doctrines, the concept of Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor has been around at least 2,700 years from the earliest record on file. It was considered a mortal sin, since back then the punishment for most sins was severe— often a death sentence. Regardless if you believe any of it or not, ancient civilizations knew better 2,700 years ago. Obviously it was a problem then as it is now.

With each statement, fact, piece of evidence and theory you must test it against the standard of proof with the highest bar, beyond reasonable doubt.

The Karlie Guse Lynch Mob® makes unfounded accusations that are purely emotion based, a mix of childhood superstition of evil-stepmothers and Lifetime movie plots. Anything based on evidence, witness statements or even prior case study? Even statistical analysis? Not a shred. Not one theory they’ve put forth is based on supporting evidence. Their calls for the arrest and execution of Melissa Guse is solely based on the three flawed illogical interpretations which have no bearing in reality:

  1. Melissa was acting strange in the videos, thus proof of guilt
  2. Melissa lied in an interview, thus proof of guilt
  3. Not one, but three witnesses mistakenly saw Melissa instead of Karlie that fateful morning, thus proof of guilt

Does that sound familiar? The first two, is personal perception that one is weird or strange, or acting in such a manner. They are weird and lied are almost always present in wrongful convictions. That leaves us with the third and final tenet as their perception is deeply rooted in the first and second fundamentals, which explains their denial of exculpatory evidence, or in this case, assuming the witnesses are simply confused, mistaken or lying.

This is why it is called illogical interpretation. You think someone is weird, therefore are guilty. You think someone lied or they did lie, therefore they are guilty. Since they are guilty in your mind, therefore you illogically interpreted that exculpatory evidence would be impossible.

Cognitive bias

Now a reasonable person may take issue with a strange person who lied, might even speculate and theorize that the witnesses could be mistaken. Might be upset they didn’t call 911, which could have made the situation better or a lot worse.

Now, I’d go so far as to even agree, those reasons are valid reasons to be suspicious and further investigate. So, why would you take issue with criticism of your theory and refuse debate, and refuse to accept the truth of someone who did? If someone is so strange; and lies so much they couldn’t deceive bitter, angry and superstitious mentally ill women, you think she’d outsmart investigators? They see what no one else can see, because of cognitive bias.

They’ve not only advocated for the arrest of Melissa Guse, but her “immediate execution”. Dozens of posts in the KGLM® group which moderators and admins often fantasize about committing acts of violence and even called upon their members to harm Zach and Melissa. They’ll say things like “just let me run into Melissa for 30 seconds” or “I got bail for anyone who stomps her shit in”.

Well, that’s the easy part. There are many more examples of their cries to cause harm to Melissa and others.

Unfounded Claims, No Substance

This is the first and last time, I’ll address rumors they’ve created, all deliberately fabricated to rile each other up in a full article. The following lies have no basis in reality, yet are told to be facts and further perpetuated by Karlie’s biological mother Lindsay Fairley and her two ‘so-called’ private investigators.

  • Zach and Melissa had a concrete slab poured in their backyard days after Karlie disappeared (proven once to be false)
  • The FBI has limited or no involvement in the investigation into Karlie Guse’s disappearance (version you get depends on which narrative they are going with at the moment)
  • Zach and Melissa had a concrete slab poured in their backyard just recently, this time they mean it *wink*smiles*[Tooth sparks]
  • Zach bought a Polaris four wheeler, and was seen riding around with something “big”
  • Lindsay raised Karlie
  • Melissa drove her two sons, Karlie’s younger brothers; to her brother’s residence thirty minutes away before she called 911
  • A neighbor saw Melissa putting something the size of a body into the trunk of her car that morning
  • Karlie screamed for Lindsay on the eight-and-a-half minute audio
  • Karlie begged and screamed for Melissa and Zach to call 911 multiple times on the eight-and-a-half minute audio
  • They made the above mistake for four months straight (their bad), yes it’s true that Karlie didn’t scream for Lindsay and beg for Zach and Melissa to call 911 on the eight-and-a-half minute audio, but there is another audio that she did *wink*smiles*[tooth sparks]
  • Lindsay didn’t hear the eight-and-a-half minute audio
  • Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun went to school with Melissa Guse
  • The witnesses didn’t speak with the the investigators, they only called Zach and Sheriff Braun took his word for it, cause “that’s how they do things in Mono County”
  • Melissa was seen at Montgomery Pass or Benton Station either early in the morning or after she filed a missing persons report. Variations will include an actual surveillance video or witness who saw this then came forward
  • Travis or others thought they would get grant money

Now I don’t need to address any of the above bullet points as they all have not one, but two things in common. Not a single one of them have proven to be true and they all come from the same sources.

Reasoning, Skepticism and the Scientific Method

Let’s talk criminal investigations in general for a moment. Aside from flawed perception and bias, what else is always present in wrongful convictions? Corrupt or incompetent detectives with improper training, bad habits or personal bias. Then bending to public pressure ultimately violating very basic procedures and ethics for a “higher purpose” or to “get the job done”. Officers doing one thing they were taught never to do, at least in modern and ethical criminal investigations; zeroing in on suspects and building a case around them. Making a suspect work with nothing. Which is what the lynch mob is doing. The correct method, is to do everything possible to eliminate a suspect. Even if you believe otherwise for all the right reasons. You try to eliminate them even if there is damning evidence against them. This just isn’t the proven and tested method used in modern criminal investigations, it is hundreds of years of a proven reliable system inspired by the scientific method.

Using careful observation, applying rigorous skepticism about what is observed, given that cognitive assumptions can distort how one interprets the observation. It involves formulating hypotheses, via induction, based on such observations; experimental and measurement-based testing of deductions drawn from the hypotheses; and refinement and/or elimination of the hypotheses based on the experimental findings.

The Scientific Method

Ruling out the impossible first, then start to rule out the possible. So, if their suspect(s) are weird, have questionable or even have horrible reputations, if they have a weak alibi or one at all, facts don’t match up or it don’t make sense, none of their weirdness or prior conduct matters. The evidence supports their guilt and you cannot eliminate them as a suspect. Skepticism and criticism are good things, something lacking with the KGLM®.

One of the main contributing factors in our flawed judicial system is innocent people taking pleas for crimes they didn’t commit. Vast majority don’t have the resources, time or money to fight it. Then risking a stiffer sentence if they fight it. Had the investigator tried to eliminate them as a suspect instead of building a case against them, most could be avoided. Remember, once they are charged, the prosecutor wants to win. You want to see obvious cases where innocence is cut and dry and the DA’s office is still prosecuting the case, I’ve got dozens you can read about and look into them. Each and every wrongful conviction starts with flawed perception of the individual.

In this case, Mono County Sheriff’s Office is what stopped it from escalating, because they did their job. They should be applauded.

When law enforcement agencies are doing the right thing, not reacting to nonsense, emotion, personal biases, properly eliminating suspects, they shouldn’t be on the receiving end of these lynch mobs either. Trying to force their hand by constantly reporting their personal suspect based on nothing, propaganda coming from proven liars and trying to punish their critics with false police reports put people’s lives at risk. It’s also a crime.

Damn the Lies! Irrelevant Truth

This is another runaway myth that really became the crux of the lynch mob’s foundation. Pushing that aside, did Melissa really lie? If she did, is this proof of guilt, reasonable suspicion or inconsistencies of this type normal?

The only minor inconsistency the Lynch Mob and newbies to the case seems to accurately cite, is the Dateline interview with Melissa . The only problem is, these are common occurrences in almost all missing persons cases regardless of the end result, be it happy, horrible or unresolved.

We’ll start with what was said on Dateline, from NBC News:

Dateline recap on NBC News

Lindsay Fairley’s “highlights” of the Dateline episode:

Lindsay Fairley’s Recap on Facebook

So what happened? After the Dateline video aired, Melissa would state in an interview two weeks later that she was actually in bed with Karlie and had fallen asleep. When she woke up, Karlie was gone.

In an article by lawyer and journalist Doug Kari from The Las Vegas Review Journal on November 6, 2018, just two weeks after the Dateline interview, Melissa readily and freely admits,

In the predawn hours of Oct. 13, Melissa fell asleep while lying beside Karlie. At about 5:45 a.m., Melissa woke up, looked over at Karlie and fell back asleep.

When Melissa awoke again around 7:15-7:30 a.m., Karlie was gone.

Search continues for California teen Karlie Gusé”, by Doug Kari, The Las Vegas Review Journal, Nov. 6, 2018


None. It means absolutely nothing; as it changes none of the facts supported by evidence in the disappearance of Karlie. In context, and in any competent criminal investigation— everything is going to rest on “evidence” supported by established facts supported by the bits and pieces of information that add value, decrease value, substantiate, corroborate, exonerate, establish or support the timeline and/or anything of substance in regards to the investigation. Anything outside of that, well folks, it’s what we in the industry call a “red herring” and/or “going down the rabbit hole”. Regardless, if Melissa was in the bed with Karlie, in her bed with Zach or sitting on the couch listening to Nickelback through her headphones, it changes nothing about the facts in the disappearance of Karlie Guse.

At this point I could say nothing more, but let me add a bit of context and some food for thought.

Rather than just assuming the worst, let’s examine some actual reasons people are not forthright with the media from other cases.

Melissa could have felt incredibly guilty that being next to Karlie she didn’t hear her wake up, by admitting so, the lynch mob would bash her by saying “what woman falls asleep and not hear her child get up?”

Perhaps Melissa was recalling another incident in which this occurred before or simply spoke without thinking and felt going back on it would then make her out to be a liar.

The lynch mob have already perpetuated that their were other ‘sinister’ intent for Melissa being in the bed with Karlie, so perhaps that was what she tried to avoid in the first place.

A parent’s first instinct is to protect their child. Would you honestly tell the entire world (nation at least) on national TV— at prime time that your teenage child is missing, was high on marijuana and announce that you had to sleep in the bed with them? It is private matter and could be rather embarrassing for a teenager. We don’t know the conversations Melissa had with the Mono County Sheriff’s Office and FBI, but telling that just to the media has no bearing whatsoever.

Besides, with the way we’ve seen these lynch mobs, keeping it confidential would have been an excellent strategy. Doesn’t matter what you tell them, they’ll take it and imply the worst for whichever theory they are trying to perpetuate at the time, because they have “no facts”.

Once again, you witness this spectacle with your own eyes, and ultimately was nothing but red herring after red herring.

The Three Witnesses

Not only is there a complete absence of both physical and circumstantial evidence that suggest wrong doing by Melissa, but three witnesses corroborate the events that unfolded that evening all the way up until Karlie vanishing in the morning. Even PI Michael Boone called them “impeccable”, argued and accused members of the lynch mob of, “not knowing what they are talking about”. Now, it’s not just what these witnesses told the police and media in their interviews, it’s also what they didn’t say. What they are not saying now and what nobody else has come forward and said. Our word isn’t good enough for them, and nobody else’s is either. Even coming from the witnesses. That one thing they do not have, one of the witnesses stating “they saw a woman” or they “saw Melissa”. They don’t have a single witness seeing “a woman” or “Melissa” heading back to White Mountain Estates from Highway 6. They don’t have a single witness that saw a mystery woman wondering around, or to and from the subdivision.

Lawyer and journalist, Doug Kari from The Las Vegas Review Journal spoke with the Guses, others in their neighborhood and witnesses. He spoke with investigators. Let’s examine his piece dated November 6, 2018:

Shortly after dawn on Saturday, Oct. 13, neighbors in the eastern California community of Chalfant Valley spotted 16-year-old Karlie Lain Gusé walking by herself near the highway that leads toward Nevada. She hasn’t been seen since.

Despite an extensive air and ground search, an investigation by local law enforcement and the FBI, and nationwide publicity, no clues have surfaced in the mysterious case.

Last weekend the sheriff’s office in Mono County, California, which is leading the investigation, searched the desert with cadaver-sniffing dogs.

“The biggest clue in this case is that there’s no clue,” Sgt. Seth Clark said. “We think Karlie may still be out there.”

The sheriff’s office is treating the incident as a missing person case and said in a Facebook posting that there’s “no evidence of an abduction or any other crime.” But Karlie’s family suspects otherwise.

“Just the thought of her going to the highway,” said Melissa Gusé, 34, Karlie’s stepmother for the past nine years. “It makes me feel like somebody just happened to be driving by and grabbed her.”

On the night before she dis­appeared, Karlie told her family and boyfriend she feared for her own safety.


Melissa decided to make a recording on her phone, so later she could replay it for Karlie as a teaching moment about drug use. At one point in the eight-minute audio, Karlie says, “I really messed up today,” and Melissa tries to soothe her by saying, “We all do things in life that we regret, drugs especially.”

A tearful Karlie thanks Melissa and says, “I love you.” But when Melissa gives Karlie a salad, the teen blurts out, “This the devil’s lettuce!”

After Melissa urges Karlie to get some sleep, the troubled girl responds, “No, I don’t want to go to sleep. You’re going to kill me.” Melissa tries to reason with her. “Why would I kill you? That’s preposterous.”

“I’m just thinking all this demonic stuff,” Karlie sobs. “I can’t help it.”


In the predawn hours of Oct. 13, Melissa fell asleep while lying beside Karlie. At about 5:45 a.m., Melissa woke up, looked over at Karlie and fell back asleep.

When Melissa awoke again around 7:15-7:30 a.m., Karlie was gone.

Richard Eddy, 78, a retiree who used to work for the Los Angeles County sheriff’s office, lives down the street from the Gusé home.

At daybreak Oct. 13, Eddy was sipping coffee while relaxing in his Jacuzzi, which sits in an enclosed room facing the street.

Eddy said that sometime between 6:30 a.m. and 6:45 a.m., he saw a tall, slender female with long hair walk by. “She was looking up, looking around at the sky,” he said.

According to the Mono County sheriff’s office, two other witnesses reported seeing Karlie that morning in the vicinity of White Mountain Estates Road and Highway 6.

Karlie took nothing with her when she left home — not even her cellphone or glasses. She was wearing only sneakers, a white T-shirt and gray sweatpants, even though the temperature was in the low 40s.

Doug Kari, The Las Vegas Review Journal November 6, 2018

Two witnesses (one a retired law enforcement officer), who both knew Karlie and saw her almost everyday go to the public bus stop (not the school bus stop) structure to use her cell phone— saw her the morning she disappeared. One thing that was never made public until a previous post of ours a few weeks ago, was that Karlie went to that bus stop everyday to use her cell phone. When she would get into it with her boyfriend (as she often did and most teenagers do), her parents didn’t want to hear it. She would take it outside and walk over to the bus stop because it can be very windy(as demonstrated in dozens of videos we’ve obtained), sunny and/or hot. Many people can and have corroborated this.

What else corroborates witness statements that this is Karlie?

She is acting abnormal. For example, she was “looking towards the sky”. Not only that, it’s cold outside, under 40°F and she’s in bed clothes or house clothes. This is the condition Karlie was described to be in hours earlier by friends and family. An audio supports this. Karlie by her own admission was under the influence of marijuana and clearly experiencing paranoia and anxiety. Just as she was described by friends and family that late evening going into the early morning hours, witnesses described her the same exact way.

Next, Mono County Sheriff’s Office knocked every door, spoke with every resident and looked inside, outside and the surrounding area, despite other people being outside right after Karlie left her home. Not a single witness saw Karlie, Melissa or even a person heading back from Hwy 6 to the Guse residence. Not a single person. Then the Federal Bureau of Investigation would do the same, and confirm the same. Multiple residents reported having MCSO investigators at their door DAY 1(not days later as Michael Boone claimed) and would be visited numerous times again by both MCSO and the FBI. In all these interviews, not one person from White Mountain Estates claimed that “they” were the person wondering aimlessly around the subdivision half-dressed in the cold, heading towards and back from Highway 6. At least a forty minute round trip on foot.

The final sighting of Karlie was at Highway 6. Same description as the previous two. Why would the sighting be unusual? Well, it was just under 40 degrees and she’s on the other side of the fence.

There is no reason to doubt this, and there is no statement or evidence that conflicts with any of it. Not one.

Alternative Theories, Motives and Irrationality all in a Day’s Work

Did Karlie Overdose?

Karlie overdosing is the number one claim that Lindsay Fairley and her private investigators have fueled the lynch mob with, despite not only one shred of evidence to support it, but contrary to all facts and evidence indicating otherwise. Instead of attacking a victim’s family and smearing those actually trying to help, if they would spend just ten percent of their energy and time actually doing research in Karlie’s case, other cases and educating themselves on subject matter they know nothing about, then maybe they’d not feel so humiliated and inferior when someone has to explain why most of what they claim is just nonsense, often not even possible.

Reading some of their posts, even the PIs and others that claim to be “medical professionals”, it is immediately clear that the vast majority of them don’t even know what an overdose is. The public overall has a misconception of overdose as most assume it means “death” from consuming a large quantity of drugs. Contrary to popular belief, overdose means exactly that, taking more than a recommended/prescribed dose or a “dangerous dose” of a substance. Most people overdose at some point on something, even if it is Ibuprofen and most people that overdose feel no effects and are no risk of death. Now the problem with the “Karlie overdosed or took a fatal dose” theory, is the amount of time that had passed.

While we could go explore each and every drug, their half life, toxicity and such, we’ll just dismiss what is not possible first. Mushrooms, LSD etc… all hallucinogen class drugs are non-fatal just from consumption. While you could overdose ‘theoretically’, it would not kill you.

Opioids and synthetic opioids– heroin, morphine, hydrocodone, codeine; her behavior described in the audio, by friends, her parents and witnesses is not in line with opioids. Hallucinations, panicking, paranoia, going outside in the cold (as people under the influence feel cold even in warm weather), are not known effects of the drug. Even if Karlie overdosed on opioids, she likely would have been unresponsive long before she quit breathing.

Amphetamines/Methamphetamine, cocaine- too much time had elapsed for a fatal overdose, however, she did demonstrate some symptoms of a bad reaction, like psychosis which is possible, and just because it wore off doesn’t mean the symptoms and feelings subside. Of course, that is not what Karlie stated and her friends.

Marijuana is far from a safe drug (just not as harmful as once peddled). Especially those that suffer from both treated or untreated mental illnesses, and teenagers, as key areas of the brain affected by marijuana are developing during the teen and young adult years. One of the greatest risks associated with marijuana for teenagers is psychosis. This is not while under the influence, but at any time due to frequent use.

There is substantial evidence of a statistical association between cannabis use and the development of schizophrenia or other psychoses, with the highest risk among the most frequent users


Last we will cover the idea that Karlie didn’t O.D., but that Melissa tried to “calm her down” inadvertently overdosing Karlie in the process, or maybe she hadn’t overdosed her, but thought she did. One drug the individual referenced was Valium or Benzodiazepines. The problem with this theory is that not only is the half life short in Benzos, all in about 30 minutes or less. There are a few other problems, taking this approach, it is a drug you rapidly build tolerance to and the amount it would take for a fatal overdose is substantial. On average, the recreational doses from benzos are massive. For instance, Valium, recreational users take on average 10 to 25 times a therapeutic dose. Fatal overdose would be much higher. There is no proof Melissa had such a drug, and even if so, there is no evidence she gave some to Karlie, and/or evidence she gave her a substantial amount.

Melissa panicked and didn’t want to “get in trouble

While some continue to try and rationalize that Melissa gave Karlie some tranquilizers and it killed her, besides being no evidence supporting such a theory, there is no evidence she was afraid of “getting in trouble” and tried to conceal a body. The theory goes something like, she panicked, went outside and took a 40 minute walk so that people thought it was Karlie, came back and then proceeded to cover-up, conceal and carry out a 110 lb girl to the trunk of her car. First, Zach and her two brothers wouldn’t have been upset or said something about this? Certainly Melissa didn’t get Karlie into the trunk of her car by herself. Then Melissa left, took her somewhere, disposed of her and came back to the house. Not one neighbor saw Melissa leave. Data from her phone also didn’t indicate that she traveled anywhere suspicious, like in the middle of nowhere or Montgomery Pass or Benton Station. Certainly, she would have taken her cell phone because if her vehicle breaks down or she gets to disposing of a body, it’s going to be a problem. They’ll respond “she wouldn’t have brought a cell phone because she’d know the police could track her and she was panicking anyway”.

Exactly. So did she panic or not? She’s thinking clearly, concise and like a criminal mastermind when evidence can’t be explained or evidence refutes such a reckless claim, yet she panicked and rather than call 911 for an overdose, she proceeded to drive around with a body for hours, under the radar and without one person or piece of evidence corroborating this? You can’t have it irrational and rational at the same time. Either the behavior is consistent and makes sense or it doesn’t.

Can’t have it both ways. Yet, that is exactly what they do. Same thing they did when they accused Melissa of taking her boys to her brothers before disposing of Karlie. She drove 30 minutes to her brothers and 30 minutes back. Then said wait, “she and Zach left the boys home alone while they disposed of her”. Notice how they assert themselves as if they witnessed this first hand? Well, either was it makes Melissa look bad so let’s claim both.

Does any part of their fantasy make sense? If you really want Melissa to be guilty, otherwise it is nothing. They want the best of both worlds, whatever makes her look worse at the moment. Nothing supports any of their accusations. No witness saw Melissa leave in a car. Her brother and others corroborated no such thing. Cell phones records indicate no such thing, nor did GPS. No one saw Melissa leave on foot or in a vehicle. Not only that, but three reliable witnesses, impeccable witnesses, two that watched Karlie leave the house alive half dressed, in a condition consistent with her own statements on the audio, corroborated with her friend’s statements, and her parents.

Why Didn’t She Call 911 it Was an Emergency?

That is probably their only thing that could have some substance, since we already know the outcome.

First, we don’t know the Guse home dynamic. Had this happened before, or not? Have they dealt with illnesses before or not? We could get into it, but it’s not our business.

Second, again, they were in the best position to make that call. While she appeared to be suffering from some paranoia and anxiety, and all they know is she ingested marijuana, she appeared alert, wasn’t trying to harm them, herself or attempting to escape. Sounds more like a parent trying to guide them through a bad trip. Happens everyday. We also know of people calling the police in very similar circumstances, and they do nothing. Or they call the police and haul your kid to jail. Worse, they call the police and it escalates the situation. It was a risky move. Parents try to protect their kids. All these parents who claim they would have called 911, I call BS. Unless they were unresponsive or threatening self harm or harming you, and even then parents still don’t call the police. The only difference is, hindsight is 20/20.

Imagine the call, “Yes, my kid smoked pot and is now paranoid and acting weird”. That’s not the case at all. Karlie was not a risk to herself or anyone else, there is nothing the police can do and even if you take her to the hospital not much they are going to do. Most hospitals won’t even accept you unless you are threatening harm. That’s not what you do in these cases.

Recently, one of the lynch mob’s chief theorists logically deduced, that if Karlie had been kidnapped by a serial killer or wandered into the desert she would have been found already. The only logical conclusion? “When kids are missing this long… it can only be the parents.”

What is that based on? Was there a case study or some statistics that is not available? Of course not. It’s hysterical babble that only a radical mob, the mentally ill and fools could deduce. Every year thousands go missing and decades will go by before many are found. Rarely will it be a child murdered by a parent, which gives them no right to just assume otherwise and launch a full on assault against the families.

It proves without a doubt what we’ve said all a long. Lonely and bitter people, so angry, looking for purpose, camaraderie are bound together by hate and looking to hurt people from the comfort and safety from behind the keyboard, under the guise of a “support group”. All to justify their existence and disgusting behavior.

No different when people were bullied, lynched, beat, persecuted and executed over the color of their skin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Not long ago, that was considered evidence and justifiable because they weren’t considered ‘complete humans’. They are no different than racists and bigots, who prey on the weak for no reason other than personal biases, lack of intelligence and for satisfaction. In fact, they are worse. These cowards band together behind a computer as if it were a sheet and then use a missing or dead child as justification for terrorizing a family.

Is is disgusting.

Behavior and treatment of victim’s families by these lynch mobs, as demonstrated in Karlie’s case, the murders of Abigail Williams & Liberty German, the Watts family, the family of Mollie Tibbetts and so many countless others is unacceptable and must be confronted. No family should ever have to endure this without overwhelming proof of wrongdoing. Even if you believe they are guilty, horrible people or hate how they act, as human beings they don’t deserve to be terrorized, let alone as they wait for answers regarding their loved ones.

Now my challenge to anyone and everyone who may disagree or has a different set of facts or just don’t want to believe it, don’t settle for gossip and sit around for hours attacking a family based on pure speculation. Skepticism is a good thing, everyone should want to seek the truth. Just because you don’t like someone, hate them or even if they’re despicable human beings, you have a duty to get the facts first before you launch a personal Jihad. You don’t get the luxury of making up your own facts, take reputed liars word it just because that is what you want to believe and think it vindicates you. Unless there is new evidence or something compelling released, there is absolutely nothing that suggests that Karlie was murdered. There is nothing to suggest the family had anything to do with it.

We don’t know where Karlie is or if she is with us in life or not, but we must not blindly assume and persecute someone based on babble, gossip and red herrings.

What if you’re wrong? If you are, you’ve written off a girl as dead when she should be treated as alive until evidence proves otherwise. You’ve persecuted a woman and accused her of either killing or having a hand in the death of a girl she raised since she was four years-old. How cold-blooded and cruel could a person be? There is no excuse in for an innocent person to be persecuted and perhaps prosecuted without evidence.

Let’s call it what it is, over. The Karlie Guse Lynch Mob has lost their voice, their purpose and their minds. The media long ago discredited Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh after they repeatedly got caught lying and promising to present evidence that didn’t exist. They’ve defamed and smeared anyone who question their tactics, ethics and lies. They doxxed & bashed volunteers, retired law enforcement officers and professionals that have solved and closed some of the biggest cold cases in the last year. They released personal information on the friends and families of their critics to the lynch mob to be weaponized, as they hide like cowards and play victims. They’ve repeatedly let these young useful idiots take the fall for their unethical and possibly illegal behavior. They’ve instructed and promoted their lynch mob to refashion and distribute unofficial fliers and banners to have their phone numbers at the top so that tips bypass the Mono County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

There is a total lack of consistency on Lynda Bergh, Michael Boone and the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob’s part. They ignore the fact that Lindsay procured, used and obtained drugs from Karlie and her friends. One of Lindsay’s final conversations with Karlie was about a local man by the name of “Shuler” and Lindsay asked Karlie if she had “weed”. Much worse, Lindsay surrendered custody of her youngest child because she decided to live with a child sex predator, a register sex offender whom she later married. That sex offender’s victim, was a girl Karlie’s age at the time of her disappearance.

This is why law enforcement has not taken any of their reports, claims and attempts to harass us using them as a weapon seriously. They can no longer be allowed to damage this case and take the focus off of Karlie. They can no longer threaten, intimidate and harass people who’ve done nothing but help, by donating time, money, distributing authorized fliers, banners and putting in effort to raise awareness and debunk the lies invented by them to terrorize a family. Just to get an idea of how little support they really have, just look at the GoFundMe they started just to line their pockets many months ago. Only a dozen or so members of the lynch mob is left, they are broke and desperate. They cannot raise another dollar and only a handful are left.

They are not allowed to abuse the Guses another day.

The truthfulness and proof of a claim lies with those who make the claim. If this burden is not met, then the claim is unfounded. We need not argue any further to dismiss their nonsense. If there is any confusion on their part still, at the very least- pretend you actually care about children. Make the child the focus, not ACJ, the Moores; and then support and give money to a mother who repeatedly chose drugs and men, one a child sex predator- over all three of her children.

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2 thoughts on “No Voice, No Purpose: The Lies and Fall of the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob®

  1. Although I could feel the anger and frustration coming through the writing, it is very informative. Sounds very much like the lynch mob against the parents of DeOrr Jay Kunz who went missing 7/10/2015 in Idaho. In working with a missing persons foundation, it’s easy to get information and form an opinion but when the info starts being told as factual and misleading many others, something needs to be done. We have received ongoing information from 2 sides of the fence where Karli is concerned and although I feel the same as many when it came to Melissa’s videos, truth is, it doesn’t prove guilt just like with DeOrr’s parents. At this point I wouldn’t bet my life on Melissa guilty or not guilty whereas I would take that bet on DeOrr’s parents of NOT being guilty whatsoever. Reason for that is more involved with the case, working with the PI that is on the Kunz case. Much of what I was told in the beginning followed by, “we have the evidence and proof” were nothing more than theories based off someone who isn’t even capable of copy and paste, let alone repeat it like it was actually told. Sadly this is happening with many cases, even the Serenity Dennard as well. Worst thing is while the no-life bored armchair detectives are living out their detective fantasy life convicting the innocent in order to be right, these children are still missing and people like yourself are having to take time out to try and put a stop to unfounded claims. Unfortunately, I recently found it doesn’t work, they still are going to be right. With very little inquiry as to who some of these lynch leaders are, told me all I needed to know… Luke 23:34 “forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” or in Layman’s terms, simply Ignorant…

  2. Very well written. On the contrary I do not feel any anger from the author. This article is the most logical and intelligent writing I have read in regards to Karlie’s disappearance and the ridiculous accusations. I agree, armchair detectives are soooo dangerous, inciting lynch mob mentality.

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