Wanted Poster I-65 Killer 1991

i65 wanted poster

On January 2, 1990 a woman working at the Days Inn located at 3445 Jonathan Moore Pike in Columbus, Indiana, was robbed and sexually assaulted. She survived after being led out of the parking lot by the I-65 Killer, she fell though ice going down an embankment and then got out, walked up a hill and went a quarter-mile for help.

She provided details to a sketch artist at the Columbus Police Department that evening and the Columbus Composite the following day. In late 1990, DNA recovered from the Columbus Assault victim matched the DNA recovered from Days Inn murder victims Peggy Gill and Jeanne Gilbert in 1989.

In early March of 1991, several days before the two year anniversary press conference, Merrillville lead investigator Lt. Daniel Demmon(later became Chief of MPD in 1992), asked respected forensic artist Kenneth H. O’Deen to speak with the Columbus Assault survivor that resulted in the above composite sent nationwide.

In 2010, DNA sent in by Elizabethtown Police Department for the 1987 robbery, rape and murder of Vicki Heath at the Super 8, would be linked to The Days Inn Murders and Columbus Assault survivor.

In 2013, DNA from the four victims of the I-65 Killer would be linked to a similar incident where a victim was robbed, raped and stabbed repeatedly in Rochester, Minnesota.

In 1990: Suspect is a white male, 35 to 45(65 to 75 today) year-old, described to be about 5’10” to 6’0″. Brown hair, mostly gray and mostly gray and some brown hair in his mustache and beard. He also has been described by two witnesses to have “lime/bright green to yellow eyes”. His right eye is either lazy or a glass eye.


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