O.U.R.’s Origin Myth

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In this report, 20th in a series spanning two years; Lynn Packer fact-checks the origin story of the Utah-based, child sex slave raid-and-rescue nonprofit, Operation Underground Railroad (OUR).

OUR’s genesis is the main plot line in the yet-to-be released feature film, “The Sound of Freedom”. Despite the motion picture’s claim to be based on OUR founder Tim Ballard’s true story, the facts show the storyline is riddled with falsehoods. In truth the movie’s primary, dramatic, Rambo-like rescue of a kidnapped child sex abuse victim from a Colombian drug lord is pure fiction.

OUR’s Origin Myth by Lynn Packer

The report also describes “Sound of Freedom” producer Eduardo Verastegui’s massive PR campaign across Mexico. Verastegui is showing the Spanish version of his film as “an awareness tool” to sign up government officials for his “Viva Mexico Movement.”

The Mexican press is widely reporting several of Verastegui’s debunked claims. He claimed that, “Mexico is the sexual paradise of American pedophiles”. Also, “57 children disappear every day in Mexico, the majority for child sex trafficking”. Verastegui also contradicts Tim Ballard and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, with the false claim that Mexico is “the country with 60 percent of the production of child pornography on the planet.”

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has come out of hiding, and has taken part in Verastegui’s tour.

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