BUSTED: Lynda Bergh- Berghin’ for a Livin’

Let’s look at another lie and diversion by Lyin’ Lynda. Before we get there, I will say that this really is it with Lynda. Complete waste of time, the woman will not stop lying. When caught she will just keep lying and try to divert your attention to some other specific that has no bearing to the facts at hand. We’re better than this, really. But it is important to know exactly who is a primary source of the Guse rumors.

Also, it makes you wonder what else she is lying about?

Things like she is allergic to narcotics, as if it’s a single drug. One of the core reasons they invented a number of synthetics which, you cannot be allergic to. See folks, narcotics produce what is called “common side effects”, like itching and constipation, which appears in most users of those synthetics, just like their natural counterparts. This is how stupid she thinks you are, there are numerous medical journals that makes it clear, you are not allergic to them. Just experiencing a mild side effect. I could provide them(the medical journals) but something tells me that wouldn’t matter, Lynda would Bergh her way out of it, or try to. Say something like, “well that is what I meant all along, just the discomfort”.

That my friends, is part of Lynda’s method to try and claim “they are lying” because […]”, yet fails miserably by saying something that further discredits her, often worse. Also, it plays into her so-called passion, her “suffering”, she is toughing all this cancer out, can’t use narcotics for relief, won’t smoke weed, won’t do anything, she is so tough she doesn’t even go under for surgery, she just drinks a glass of wine as they tear her brain out. Worse part is, if she told you that, a few idiots would believe it and say we are “bad people”. They get so upset when we prove them wrong, say we are “rude”, we could “have been nicer about it”, excuse me? You’ve accused Mono County Sheriff, ACJ, Kammi Foote, the Guses, FBI, Dr. Phil, Doug Kari of all these crimes without a shred of proof, attacked our families, children, etc, and believe folks like Lynda Bergh, Michael Boone, Crazy Old Wendy? Of course you’re the laughing stock. Of course you are. It is why we had the Parody Parade.

All real names, her words, no gimmicks.

“To sin by silence when they should protest, makes cowards of men.”

– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Now if you want to read the BS over there half based on what Lynda Bergh, Michael Boone, Crazy Old Wendy and Danielle Carter say, be my guest. It’s quite clear they are not interested in the facts, they want gossip and nonsense. It is incredibly sad, incredibly sad, that the people who have made money, and those that have tried to dirty up this case, try to make themselves important for doing what they do best, which is absolutely nothing. They have done nothing productive accept trash talk and all these fantasy adventures. Their core website that hasn’t conducted a single interview, not even with Lindsay Fairley, then deleted it, just a collection of disproven rumors then spreads rumors and lies about people that actually searched for Karlie. Every single person that tried to help find Karlie, no money, REFUSED MONEY, these people have defamed. What does that tell you about them? For those that associate with these types of people, those who are too scared to speak out, shame on you cowards. You let a group of trolls, hiding in the shadows scare you because they might say some “bad things about you”. You know they are lying. This is just “drama”, it isn’t just drama. They are lying about a missing child, and you’re too scared to speak up. They attacked search volunteers, not produced any evidence of criminal conduct, just a bunch of these “screenshots”, which they cut and snip, instead of just releasing the whole transcript. I think I will though. Now, they want to tell you about all these bad and illegal things we do, but nothing about the positives or, better yet, what have they done? Regardless of your cowardice, one day should it be you, we will be there should the accusations be false.

Yes, you are equally culpable- no free pass. For those that have come forward, assisted in getting the facts out and exposing the origin of the rumors, kudos to you. We salute you, because you asked for nothing in return, but to expose these nasty people.

“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”

-John Stuart Mill

Now folks like Linda Bobinski-Zeek, the spiritual inventor of “Karlie’s Angels”, (a name she deliberately ripped off of a domestic violence group), who won’t talk to you about Edward, and his assortment of felonies dating back to the 90s. Theft.. Burglary. What about the three women over there, with ties to sex offenders, two of which the sex offenders committed crimes against girls Karlie’s age. How about the fact that their de facto leader and cult of personality Michael Boone, the one they act like, emulate his lingo, his conduct against others, partake in his fantasies,- he was a pornographer. Two felons running their sites, I think “Roxanne” needs to take a deep look into her deep associations, cause we don’t harbor sex offenders here and if one surfaces, they’d be gone in a moments notice. We have standards and ethics.

Caught in lie after lie Lynda, however, self victimizes instead of just saying, “I’m sorry. I was dishonest and I am working to fix that”. In my last article, I demonstrated how for months on end, both Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh attempted to secure a $10,000 grant from the Berger North Foundation for their polygraph scam. When I briefly touch on it in my article before, she goes all over Twitter, in front of God and all, says,

Exibit 1.a

Again, the polygraphs

Yet, as I proved, using her and her partners own words, and Ingrid Tanner, in my last article, just a year before, her partner-in-crime and herself, solicited people for money, when Lynda ruined the grant money with Berger North, because of her dishonesty (notice it was a problem then, before ACJ was ever in the picture) – they blamed Travis Moore. Nichole Vanlith whom Lynda and Boone have a “very close” relationship with as she is their enforcer (lulz) and does their dirty work so they can remain respectable (I know, I know, I did too), though Vanlith exposed Boone and the doxxing (not once, but twice). She wasn’t the only one. If you’re unfamilar with Boone doxxing Travis Moore, which is illegal, here you go, Boone Doxxes Travis Moore.

So there is no dispute, Lynda Bergh brought Michael Boone on by her own admission, because OFS has made it clear, Boone had no affiliation with them, as any point in time. There is now no dispute, Lynda Bergh and Michael Boone sought $10,000 for polygraphs that Lynda now admits were worthless.

Lynda Bergh has repeatedly attempted to make us out to be “liars”, only to reinforce a previous thing she called us liars for. Again, we are just facilitators. Lynda and others can continue to say these is this “beef” between ACJ and the Trolls & Karlie Guse Lynch Mob, however, we are just reporting what has been said by vetted sources, by all means, if they are lying, call them liars, Lynda Bergh.

After Lynda was exposed by Lynda herself regarding the polygraphs she pulls another Bergh,

Exhibit 1.b

So Lynda doesn’t deny the polygraphs or… what?

There it is folks, did you see what Lyin’ Lynda did right there? Notice, she doesn’t admit she “lied” about the polygraphs, no apologies to ACJ for trying to discredit and defame us, not even a “my bad”, she immediately goes on a tirade about Berger North Foundation, and notice she says “I never said”, she may have “never said”, doesn’t mean she didn’t “try”. Big difference. Big difference. But that is not all, what else did she do?

She says “try actual proof, not imaginary witnesses”.

Except nothing was left to witnesses, real or imagined. Our reporting is based on actual statements by your partner, Michael Boone and Ingrid Tanner of the Berger North Foundation. One thing she won’t do, call them liars in public. Bergh and Boone tried so hard to fleece the Berger North Foundation, it was an embarrassment. When they didn’t get paid, they were enraged. Who got the blame? Travis Moore. Who screwed it up? Lynda Bergh. That was coming from Ingrid Tanner of the Berger North Foundation. If what Lynda was saying was true, it means Lynda is calling Michael Boone and Ingrid Tanner liars. You saw it in black and white, Boone said he lost funding from “donations from organization”. Folks, again, you see a lot of this during the investigation. When you talk to real people and obtain real documents, full conversations, you see what really happened and why these people are so desperate in demonizing everyone else. As it slowly gets exposed, they start claiming political conspiracy. Something all the crazies do.

This folks, is what we call pulling “a Bergh”. A diversion tactic of no real substance, diverting your attention to “wording” without admitting the truth, and then focusing on a something after the fact.

If they did nothing wrong with the polygraphs back then, why deny it now? Oh, because they were called out on it or had a slip of the tongue. That is what happens when you lie. Except this woman has no shame. None. Had she just been honest, admitted her partner was a loose cannon in public instead of doing it behind closed doors, associating with a lynch mob to boost her ego rather than focus on what was and is most important, Karlie. Instead she was worried about not looking good in front of a discredited lynch mob that Dr. Phil, Doug Kari, Mono County Sheriff, FBI and so many others don’t take seriously. What does that say about her credibility. Professionals won’t take her seriously, so let’s dupe those flat-earth types.

This is all too easy. It really is unfair.

Credibility: DENIED!

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