Credibility: DENIED! Part 3: Origins & Vindication

Searching for Karlie

As the final articles regarding the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob come to a close, remember, it is all about the facts, not opinions, reinterpretations. Nothing of the sort.

Now, currently an “anonymous writer” publishes weird conversations of some back and forth, private conversations, personal stuff and people sleuthing, which is typical. Go to Websleuths, everyone does it. Somehow this is a crime in their eyes and they extracted some mythical payment from their “screenshots”. In fact, they are just inventing numbers then mixing Casey Anthony in the case, etc… and all this nonsense. Nowhere at ACJ do we advocate for Casey Anthony, Arpad Vass or sell his “services” as they claim. That is just more fiction on their part and anyone with a brain can see that. At no point in our articles, do I “fluff up” Melissa, or put her on a pedestal. They do that with Lindsay, and don’t even speak to the woman.


ACJ, nor my writers do not rely on Wikipedia or Group Chats, or take anyone who hides behind an alias seriously. It is just the rules, ethics and proper conduct. We strive for excellence and we continue to get better every single day. Every single statement is vetted and substantiated

Ghost Writer and their Sole “Objective”

The problem with the anonymous writer and this plagiarizing site designed solely to attack Melissa Guse and then the “Special Investigator Group”, these bogus PIs and crazy Wendy(gotta love her), is I’ve hit the pavement on this case. Been to three states obtain records, interviewing people related to this Lynch Mob, obtaining statements, pictures whatever you name it.

This isn’t a joke. They have destroyed people’s lives, harassing them. For those in Bishop, so many feared coming out because of this conduct. Is this okay? If it were your child what would you say or do then? Of course, you’d hope someone, somewhere would take all the personal opinions out of it, and stick to the cold hard facts.

Again and again, I’ve made it clear Paul Dostie and Travis Moore not only didn’t get money, THEY REFUSED IT. I got every single text from Jon Lines to Paul Dostie, very nasty and unprofessional, but vindicates them. I’ve got the entire conversation of one that they selectively post bits and pieces, redacted, edited and misresented. Yes, you got it! I have the actual entire conversation. Not sure if they have it or who are they protecting. Do they even know what the hell they are talking about?

A proper vetting process

Cherry picking and it is desperate and pathetic. Why hide it? Look, if they cared about the truth, then it wouldn’t matter what it reveals. All they want is one specific result. What I stand against and what some cowards don’t understand, I won’t sit idly by while they continue to invent lies and harass people who have actually done something to find a missing child. To even remotely cavort with those who you know are creating lies out of whole cloth, you’re the problem. We already know these flat-earth types have issues. You have no excuse. That is on you though.

See folks, when a rumor comes in the mix, an allegation, the first step in any competent investigation is not to try and “prove the rumor” or try and “make it work”, you got to see if its even real.

We’ll find out.

I heard”, “people are saying”, “I think”, “I was told”, “Some people think”, all that means is bullshit and hearsay. If you notice, that is all they say.

Irrelevant. If any statement begins with that and it is from an anonymous source, it means nothing. Now, some folks mix anonymous, with “confidential”. Every single one of our sources are known, and have been spoken with. All documents are vetted.

What happens when you have a rumor or unsubstantiated claim?

You then trace the source. Now, for full disclosure and to not make this longer than it is, I did exactly that. She heard from him, who heard from her who said, “Whatever”. Once you get to the source, then you get someone who can attest, they heard it or better, corroborate or even admit it.

It is not over yet though, then you gotta see if it is real. First, is the credibility of the person making the statement legit? Easy enough to find out. Second, documentation and circumstantial evidence, supporting materials, etc. Then you ask that person unless you got damning documents, a recording or multiple witnesses.

This is why Dr. Phil dropped the third episode. I obtained not one but two statements. It is very clear, “Lindsay Fairley and Michael Boone’s story just didn’t add up”.

That is not ACJ folks, we’re just facilitators reporting the facts. There is no confusion or anything up to reinterpretation. We have two statements from individuals one currently with the show and one who is not, they have no connection to these people or reason to lie. Michael Boone is not credible. He discredits himself. No imaginary lawyers stopped anything or proof they did. See, a lawyer would have had to obtain an order. Didn’t happen folks. Just claims and hype, anger. Anger as they sit idly by, jealous, looking to tear someone down because they’ve done nothing. This comes from people there, that have nothing to gain or lose.

Hollie McKay, Fox News. Spent countless hours chasing these rumors perpetuated by a felon and drug addict 3,000 miles away- thinking she was getting a big story of murder, corruption, cover up and etc… One big dud. To which point she had to contact security because of the Lynch Mob accusing her of lying and started harassing her.

Doug Kari, attorney and reporter. Same thing. Looked for the big bang, and its all a big dud. It’s not just that there is no evidence, the very people from the very beginning provided statements and affidavits, countering there BS.

Trust me folks, if I found a huge conspiracy, that’d be our big break. I will say though, I did find some irregularities in regards to things unrelated to Karlie.

These are credible professionals with a reputable and verifiable history. You think is perfectly okay to hide behind an alias, and smear these people simply because the facts upset you.

Just the Facts, so where does the road end?

The source of all the rumors regarding Karlie Guse, the primary ones, we’re not talking folks like Wendy- comes down to four people, well one of them ‘allegedly’. Now to be clear, other junk is made up all the time, all the innuendo and so-called “I heard from Danny Carter”, we can’t keep up with it. The primary rumors, what is their foundation that started this mess?

We have a bit of a problem.

Gayle, Wendy and others, rely on these “unique sources”, they claim they heard from the disgraced ex-chief’s wife, Danny Carter(Source 1). Gayle also claims she heard from Ingrid Tanner(Suspected, though not admitted source 2). But, is Ingrid Tanner playing both sides? Is Gayle just lying? We’ll see. Then we have the Boone(Source 3) and Waasdorp(Source 4) messages.

All these messages and statements are the earliest incarnation of the rumors I could find, anything sooner? Nada. Some we found, the rumor- it invented on the spot. Again, these are sources of the early rumors these folks claim as fact. This doesn’t mean I’m addressing today’s allegations or however “Roxanne” and “the collective” can rework some elaborate theory dismissing all witnesses, police, make new witnesses, and then getting proven wrong to rework them again. Facts folks, don’t need to be refashioned and presented.

The Vindication of Travis Moore

Not in regards to Travis Moore and all these allegations of abuse and “Roxanne” doing a whole lot of “victim blaming”, but did she speak to any of these women? No. Disgraceful. This woman don’t know my work, however, I got families that can vouch for me and plenty letters of thanks. How dare you attack them, my family and total strangers you think are related to me… The rest of you that support it, shame on you too. One day, it may be you.

Nothing on Lynda Bergh. Michael Boone(unless you talk about former employees, the Noble murder, the nasty OP with tons of victim blaming and slut shaming by Michael Boone). Not a single family vouching for them. Just have lots of this “take my word for it”.

A ‘restraining order’ is not “proof” unless the court finds “proof”, which means he meets both parties. Anyone can file a restraining order, so I guess in “Roxanne’s” world, every ‘restraining order”(not order of protection, big difference) is 100% legit, well, unless it is against Michael Boone. Right. In the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob’s world, any petty thing they dig up they think is negative and supports their collective cause, is suddenly a bonafide fact. Did they reach out to these people or even read the claim?

Nope. But they tell you what they want it to say.

First, Travis Moore never hid his restraining orders from long ago from Ingrid Tanner, Paul Dostie or months later, myself. He was upfront. Michael Boone doxed Travis, leaked them, and then said ‘no man would ever have a restraining order unless it’s true’. Well, well. Boone had an Order of Protection, far more damning than a restraining order, which any officer of the court can issue in most states. I’ve read the transcripts and he gained a security clearance, passing two background checks to travel to Iraq. In fact, the “anonymous writer” claims, “Travis has a history of beating, and abusing women”, has she even read the restraining order? Did the judge find it credible? Actually, let’s take another step back. Did the victim even claim such nonsense? Did Roxy reach out?

I have read it. This is about a phone call. A single phone call. So what about all this violence? She claimed Travis strangled this woman? Where did you obtain this information? Certainly you have police reports? Actual court records? You know those are obtainable?

Next, they disregard Michael Boone’s extensive history of abuse. A half dozen women Lynda Bergh refused to speak with. Secretary of State records she refuses to acknowledge with the pornography, despite proof. Absolute proof. Three pornography companies. His rampage internet attacks, trolling, threatening, that looks very similar, very similar, against Kammi Foote and Travis Moore, he does against Debbie Schwartz. He does against former “talent”. He does against Mohave County officials. This is all online, not ACJ, as we are blamed. Lynda Bergh supports and condones this.

No comment from Roxanne. She’ll call six women liars, victim blame theme and disregard pornorgraphy. She won’t even condemn sex offenders over there who abuse children. She won’t even speak to them. Why? She don’t care. This is about harassing Melissa Guse, that is why. Allegations are facts to Roxanne without even verification and actual proven facts are lies?

You support that? Is that who you are?

That is what you’re about. A troll.

Exhibit 1.a

Regardless, one of their “alleged” sources, vindicates Travis Moore with a sworn statement.

A statement from Ingrid Tanner, dated December 8th, 2018.

To whom it may concern,

If needed, I am willing to testify under oath and under the the threat of perjury, the following information:

I began communicating with Travis Moore over the phone and via messenger, in mid November. Travis did not represent himself, to me, as a private investigator or Law Enforcement officer.

Travis Moore participated in the volunteer search efforts to look for Karlie Guse in Bishop, California during the fist week of December 2018. I have included a photo of the local Bishop newspaper to show that I am indeed in Bishop and volunteered with Travis Moore during the week he was here. Travis did not insert himself into the search. Travis was asked by a mutual friend to help. This friend was exhausted, overworked and needed assistance.

Travis was upfront, straightforward, and open about the circumstances of a two week restraining order issued over 13 years ago. This order was not approved for extension and was dismissed by the court. Travis volunteered that information to me and the person he was staying with, before it was used in an attempt to publicly shame him by Mr. Boone. Travis did pass a background check to go to Iraq after that happened. Travis remained in close proximity to the volunteers during the searches and during his stay in Bishop. I am unaware of any attempts made by Travis to introduce himself as an investigator or as law enforcement. I did not witness that type of behavior. It was a small group of volunteers during the early December search and no such behavior was reported back to me.

We were in a remote area with little cell service and little opportunity for him to do what he is being accused of. I observed Travis hiking in difficult and dangerous terrain, searching mountain lion and coyote dens, and providing needed logistical support. It was reported back to me, that individuals in the search group were grateful for his help. A nonprofit can operate without 501(c)(3) status.

Without official IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, a group is not tax-exempt, and people giving to it cannot deduct the amount from their taxes. The person filing the complaint about Travis Moore seems to be confusing the difference between nonprofit status and public charity status. There are many informal nonprofits — those without formal recognition from the IRS — and it is entirely legally permissible to operate that way. For example a group of people can decide to form a neighborhood watch. They can collect money to buy tee-shirts, hats and flashlights for the neighborhood watch use; and remain an informal nonprofit.

I am concerned that the complaint filed with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services against Travis Moore is an attempt to inappropriately use our legal system to punish and retaliate against Mr. Moore for a private conflict between him and Michael Boone. I hope this clarifies the matter and will provide my phone number if any additional information is need.

Thank you,

Tanner’s statement regarding Travis Moore

Case Closed.

Under penalty of perjury, can they obtain sworn statements like this? I got over 70 statements from individuals and have spoke to well over 100 people regarding Karlie Guse. Make no mistake, I said I’m looking into “he lynch mob activity”. I looked into their claims. Debunked. Not a single statement or claim, is true. Hell, put it forth to public debate, choose three people, any three people, we’ll debate the case and facts. You’re completely unarmed and afraid. You know you cannot survive and keep this up, without lying.

Again, Travis passed not one, but two background checks. Now, he didn’t have to disclose this to me. He did in the first minute. If anyone knows me, I don’t play. You start lying to me, it is done. Don’t care who you are.

Now to further clarification by Ingrid Tanner herself, not “imaginary witnesses” as Lynda purports, she, Tanner, is the one who supposedly was being “hustled” for grant money, that Travis and Paul turned down, in his words, “after we find Karlie” they were to supposedly going to go home and next quarter set up a non-profit of in Ms. Tanner’s word an “official IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status entity.

Now for further clarification on this issue of “money”, from Ingrid Tanner again,

Exhibit 1.b

Ingrid Tanner, very clear Paul Dostie would not accept “compensation”

Spoke with associates, friends, former colleagues of the Private Investigators. Not very good.

Again, this is not ACJ “saying things”. This is coming from an independent source, the one with the MONEY, whom they now claim is one of their “sources”.

No money folks. The only people with the money are long gone. What about Karlie? Ask them. What about three professional organization they turned down, including Texas Equusearch? Ask Mike Boone. Better ask Roxanne, she’ll make something up.

People the lived in White Mountain Estates Subdivision, I spoke with a total of 14 people who lived there, three who were outside at about the time it would have required Melissa Guse to leave her residence or for her to return half dressed in 30 to 40 degree weather “posing to be Karlie”. The morning was, “uneventful, until the police came…. maybe 50 or 60 cops”

Rogue Investigation or Keystone Cops 2.0, Just the Way it is

Getting back to rumors on Melissa, and I’ve been hoping for an official denial from those in charge. Remember Boone and Bergh, helped pump that theory about Melissa in “Benton Station”? Wait I mean, Montgomery Pass”?

Remember that one?

Hell they had security footage and Boone saw it. Danny Carter said all the police saw it. Her ‘insider’?

Let’s look at the facts shall we?

I have messages directly tied to Michael Boone and Detective Jared Waasdorp mentioning “Benton Station” and “Montgomery Pass”, who Boone and Waasdorp revealed to some random person on the internet, to be a “Planned Parenthood conspiracy”, – Karlie was seeking an abortion. Karlie missed her period and thought she was pregnant. Now folks, does this sound like professionals and seasoned investigators? No, this is random gossip and propaganda. For God’s sake people, is this 1940s Alabama or what? What case study is this based on? Worse, THEY ARE LEAKING THIS CRAP TO PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. Top it off, Waasdorp claims to have interviewed Karlie’s boyfriend in an official capacity. Reports say, this is against his parents approval and his miranda rights. This is a missing child after all, could we handle this properly? At least? Let me guess, ” but Travis… and the Moore boys… I…. I…. Melissa”, all they say.

These people have the audacity to accuse people of wrongdoing? People looking for Karlie, while “the pros” are on the Facebook talking about a 16 year-olds cycle, after speaking with the boyfriend? Is this professional? Is this protocol? Best and brightest folks. This is the best they got. Can’t say nothing about me. Travis Moore admittedly had no experience in Search and Rescue. Seems Boone and Waasdorp get a pass, cause hey, who cares “if the secret investigator” or better, “Boone’s investigation” can drag a minor down to the station, interrogate him about another minor’s monthly cycle and discuss it with the public. Of course, ACJ is evil for brining it up.

What does it have to do with Karlie? Well, you tell me?

First person in Bishop this was “leaked” to, and she broke her neck to tell it to the forums was a woman named Megan LePlat, who got information from these two gentlemen. Who is she? Well she went to jail for making bomb threats to the Inyo County Jail who was holding her brother for murder. Seems they wanted ‘plausible deniability’, because she’d have credibility issues if she made a claim- but Boone is an idiot. She as told this to everyone to bash Melissa- and what do you know, everyone in the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob, without questioning it or vetting it, reported this witness “saw” Melissa at Benton Station, in fact they said she “saw security footage”. Boone claimed he saw the footage at one point, then claimed he heard “from a psychic”. Later, LePlat claimed this happenein Montgomery Pass. which is hours apart. Wow that changed quick. Where did this rumor originate? Michael Boone and Jared Waasdorp, both mention “Benton Station” and “Montgomery Pass”. in their convos with people on the internet. Suddenly LePlat is spreading the rumor online, in the special group and next thing you know, look at them all go, salivating ready to eat.

Is that credible folks? Is that how you’d want your child handled and cared for?

Megan LePlat threatens to blow up Inyo County Jail

The Chief does have it. The Sheriff does have it for those who have accused me of “holding information over our heads, like a carrot leading the donkey”, this shit has been available for months. I just kept my word, didn’t flood it in the public. But time is up. Time is up. The public, deserves transparency and the truth. All these folks sit idly by, allowing individuals who simply tried to help, didn’t ask for money (you got it from the source, so Roxanne go make up another one) to be attacked, damn well knowing the only misconduct came from the “pros” and the people who got paid. Then I was accused for being an agent of Chief Stec, to derailed “Waasdorp precious settlement. What settlement? Bishop v. Rossy. Never heard of it until that moment.

The Bogus Arrest

Gayle Brown, shadow leader who claims she has “Ingrid Tanner” backing her, well let’s examine some of her BS, according to her “bestie”:

Gayle Brown tells Ingrid Tanner that Melissa was just arrested

Now. Let’s get back to Travis and the bone. So, these people claim, their problem with Travis, is “rushing the gun” and “sleuthing”, or some say, “lying”.

But where o’where, is the consistency? Here Gayle is claiming she heard Melissa was arrested. From who? Ingrid wouldn’t believe her until there was confirmation due to Gayle’s own credibility issues

But they hate “liars”. And what was that even based on? At least Travis and them saw a bone and tried to discuss it in private with his team. In was based on something “real”. Mono County Sheriff was called and it was handled- 25 hours later.

According to the trolls, they stuffed their pockets with coyote scat and took off with a human arm.

Like a game of telephone.

Last time with the “impeccable” Witnesses

Melissa Guse, you can think she is weird, abrasive, a liar or dishonest, people who don’t even know her- however, she was never arrested. Was never named a suspect. Was never even called ‘a person of interest. They had nothing but “personal feelings”, so they do what they do best; make up shit and people don’t challenge or question it. Just sit around just a floating in front of the screen.

Regardless, no matter what they say. We know beyond a strong shadow of a doubt, no matter what they invent.

Why? Because three witnesses, who saw Karlie Guse that fateful morning. Now I’ve been told that some write ups out these witnesses and twist their words, however, they never spoke to them and make claims that they are lying? That police didn’t interview them for days?

Fact: the entire subdivision was searched for Karlie Guse, day one. Karlie had more resources than just about any missing person ever had, WITHIN HOURS. Helicopters, multiple agencies- you name it. The subdivision was swarmed.

The purported theory put forth by whomever, and it evolves, is that Melissa would “dress like Karlie in 30 to 40 degree weather half dressed, and stroll for 30 to 40 minutes in rugged terrain, return knowing she fooled three witnesses”.

I vetted that too. One of my first conversations was with a neighbor outside for nearly an hour that morning, and reports no mystery woman, Melissa Guse or activity at the Guse house.

Now back to the witnesses, they claim they we are putting “more into the witnesses than they really are” or they are lying, the Travis crew and ACJ is helping them cover up.

Are you kidding me? Get real. Again, you don’t have to take our word for it…

The only problem is, Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun, former pornographer and Lindsay Fairley’s PI Michael Boone and Bishop PD Detective Jared Waasdorp claim “they are impeccable” and “reputable”:

Exhibit 2.a

According to Michael Boone:

Michael Boone says “Witnesses are impeccable”

Exhibit 2.b

According to Bishop PD Detective Waasdorp

Jared Waasdorp Conforms, Witnesses are Reputable

Their clone site and the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob is dedicating to defaming and smearing innocent witnesses (and they don’t know them) of a missing person’s case, attempting to silence and intimidate them. When confronted with this, Nichole, stated- “well like you said Boone is a habitual liar so fucking what?”

Mind you, this is a lady who complained and was creeped out about his conduct towards her, but she wanted to be “on top of the investigation”.

What is this, cyber prostitution? I’ll let you talk dirty if you give me the scoop? It has been well established, and many folks in the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob agree, Boone has serious credibility problems. We could get into Mr. Freeman. But more on that another time as we are sworn to confidentiality.

And that folks, is what this all about.

“So fucking what?” Just say whatever we want to bully, defame, intimidate, and hurt, honestly hurt, honest people who just wanted to find Karlie. In case you didn’t know, as long as this has went on, there has been no money to grab. The money that did go out, is out fighting low-level Haitian pimps, who culturally don’t care about women. So they;ll liberate them, get them prepared to… well have no value in Haiti anyway.

What about our children and what about Karlie?

Yeah what about her? What have you done lately except trash the only peole that have? Is it to feel better about distributing “cyber fliers” and fawning over Lindsay, who has been on TV, yet, abandoned her youngest child to stay with a convicted sex offender? A man who violated a girl Karlie’s age.

Yep. Real integrity there folks.

We have folks, a group of mostly middle aged, senior ladies, two are married to sex offenders, a convicted felon, a convicted fraud (who could that be?) with a record longer than Michael Boone’s extensive list of liens, back taxes and lawsuits. They have the nerve and audacity, to file false police reports, called Child Protective Services, attempted to SWAT my residence, only problem for them was, my brother-in-law is a Deputy Sheriff. Someone could have been killed. Then they turn around and say we did this to them.

Well, let’s just clear that up. A woman named Candace, one day pops up and claims, “OMG, Travis called protective service on me”. Moments later, Nichole says, “Me too”.

Now let’s be clear about one thing. If anyone knows anything about Mr. Moore, he is a man, let’s say modest man who lives pretty frugal. Here he is, in desert, phone service don’t work and he’s calling Minnesota.

Yeah. Okay. You’re not that important.

It gets better, Candace later admits to lying about the whole thing, cause she wanted to “re-establish” credibility and admit the truth. Perhaps her conscience got to her. Regardless, she has some serious problems. She desperately wants to be some player in this case, however, we can’t figure out what team she’s batting for or even what sport she’s playing.

Thing is. This is serious. This isn’t a game.

So we have Nichole, who claims she had CPS called on her too, based on an admitted lie by Candace? You buying this folks?

Well, there is more to that. Now I did say, I would never publish our conversation, however, since she violated our agreement, I will honor it still, because that is who I am. But I will reveal something she is hiding, because it vindicates another human being falsely accused of essentially a crime.

The Karlie Guse case was a giant distraction to her during a rough time with boyfriend, ex-whatever. They split, she tells me that her daughter’s father is trying “to get custody of her daughter through CPS”. Wait, there is more. One morning in my email, is a record of custody dispute(public record too), appears this has been ongoing dispute dating back to 2008 in Anoka County. Who it is from, I don’t know. But I vetted it, and it is real.

So, this isn’t the “Travis Moore Crew”.

Nichole’s personal life was & is out of control, and she calls her ex crazy to “discredit him”, but she was with him a decade. I think it is clear to say, with certainty, her craziness and anger built up inside, a distraction from reality, It is being taken out on Melissa Guse and Travis Moore, because some women just don’t like other women, and Travis Moore would give Nichole not just the attention, but let her in “on the inside”, except, there was no inside.

This isn’t about you Ms. Vanlith. Clean your house, I’ll clean mine. Karlie Guse has nothing to do with that. You wanna discuss, yell scream, blame people, whatever, but there is no need for the “meta-games”.

There were more.

Just nothing to substantiate this mass conspiracy. Not a single text, article, document statement in which I could find proof of actual witnesses, documents, films, recordings, nothing. 30 Gigs of data folks. Nothing. No murder. No conspiracy involving Karlie Guse. There is, however, many problems surrounding it and the question is, should we get into that?

Perhaps, in due time.

Now, they’ll claim ACJ is biased, in the favor of the Guses, truth is, we are unbiased, however, not neutral. As we’ve gathered facts and information we will come to our conclusion. If new evidence or facts come out, we’ll address it. ACJ existed long before Karlie Guse went missing(yes, they claimed it was a the stepmom’s site as part of premeditated conspiracy). Had I found misconduct, a car detailed three days after Karlie went missing, concrete poured, etc… Check and debunked. All of it. I even asked them to produce the evidence, hell I’ll vet it with ya.

Perhaps they make these claims so I vet for them? I think that is part of it. LEe’s make a claim, ACJ will check it out and if it’s bullshit, they’ll let us know, we’ll save face and change direction.

We have remained consistent. We will continue to do so.

Like the OK Corral, a matter of seconds, 20 to 30 seconds is reviewed for an eternity.

The Facts are simply the facts folks.

Credibility: DENIED! Part 4: Untitled. Coming soon!

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