Utah’s Attorney General and the Stripper/Cocaine Allegation

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Multiple sources have confirmed to Lynn Packer that an associate of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Gavin Dickson, has a video from a 2019 party at his home in Bountiful, Utah where the Attorney General was present. Alcohol, cocaine and strippers were present at the party. Dickson, who has been the subject of numerous fraud allegations and civil suits, called a video he has of Sean Reyes snorting a “big line of cocaine… a white powder going up his nose” off a naked woman’s leg- his “get out of jail free card”.

One of Dickson’s close friends said you see the Attorney General snort the substance, “from the back of this girl’s knee, all the way to her ass… and this girl has no clothes on”..

Two of Dickson’s close friends confirmed that Dickson was bragging and “showing off” the video to others at the Takashi restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City earlier this year. Both men have chose to remain confidential due to Reyes’ power and influence.

That appears to be the case with Gavin Dickson who was going to be the primary source of this report, who now has now refused to return phone calls.

Special Report by Lynn Packer

Is it true or false? An allegation that Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, at a party in 2019, snorted cocaine off a naked woman’s leg, could be false and politically motivated. But if true it would shatter Reyes’ carefully groomed image as an active Mormon and faithful husband and family man, important attributes for most Utah voters. This Special Report quotes a friend of a Utah high-school dropout—who became a multimillionaire (Gavin Dickson)—who claimed to have shot cell phone video of the purported coke-snorting incident.

Besides, whether the allegation is true or false, should any attorney general associate with anyone who has been accused of fraud and some of whose business associates have been indicted for fraud.

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