OUR’s Hookers from Heaven

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Utah-based Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)—a nonprofit focused on rescuing child sex slaves worldwide—shifted gears almost two and a half years ago, and executed a purported rescue of ten adult, Venezuelan sex slaves from a brothel in Haiti. On November 29 this year (2022) OUR streamed an hour-and-a-half long YouTube documentary on a raid that OUR president Tim Ballard claims was guided by God. 

The video was part of a “Giving Tuesday” fundraiser. 

This report fact-checks Ballard’s contention that the sex workers had all been drugged, kidnapped, smuggled into Haiti and forced into prostitution. Then raped five to ten times a day. Then, after being freed, were taken to the White House to meet President Donald Trump.

The women, mostly mothers who left their families behind in Venezuela, were supposedly held against their will in a jail cell and locked up each night with a padlock—a shackle that became a big part of OUR’s rescue story.  A story that turns out to be pure propaganda.

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