I-65 Serial Killer Press Conference Set for Tuesday

Indiana State Police, FBI and Elizabethtown Police Department are holding a press conference Tuesday for a ‘major announcement’ in the I-65 Serial Killer investigation at 11 a.m. (EST) in Indianapolis. American Crime Journal and our partner Sculch Studios will be in attendance and will either livestream or upload the video soon after.

In a news release earlier today, the Indiana State Police (ISP), Elizabethtown Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation officially stated they have ‘major announcement’ regarding their decades long multijurisdictional investigation into the I-65 Serial Killer. They are holding a press conference in Indianapolis on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 11 a.m. (EST). American Crime Journal’s partner Sculch Studios will be in attendance in what ISP Lowell District’s Public Information Officer Sgt. Glen Fifield stated, “is already a crowded room”.

I-65 Serial Killer Update Sculch Studios

Two weeks ago, American Crime Journal received the first in a series of confirmations that the I-65 Serial Killer had been identified but is deceased. On Monday, we announced I-65 Serial Killer Case Solved.

For more information on this case: I-65 Serial Killer/Days Inn Murders

From left to right: Peggy Gill, Jeanne Gilbert and Vicki Heath

We will be providing updates and any new developments regarding the I-65 Serial Killer on this page, until the press conference.

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