COMING SOON: The $30 Million Nazarene Fund Scam

Tim Ballard and Glenn Beck hatch scheme to obtain $30 million

“If Glenn Beck and Tim Ballard really gave a shit about Christian minorities in Afghanistan, they would have been here 18 months ago”

Glenn Beck, LDS President M. Russell Ballard and Tim Ballard

Tim Ballard and several of his non-profits including Operation Underground Railroad and The Nazarene Fund have been under multiple criminal investigations for over a year now.

Glenn Beck and Tim Ballard who is currently under at least four criminal investigations recently manufactured a crisis in Afghanistan, claiming they needed to rescue “Christians who are in danger from being executed, from the airport in Kabul”.

The only problem was, it just simply wasn’t true.

By the time Beck and Ballard began raising funds and ultimately raised over $30 million, the airport in Kabul was already surrounded by Islamic fundamentalists and the Taliban. U.S. Armed Forces on the inside were not letting anyone else in.

Developing story! Statements from officials at the U.S. Department of State and Department of Defense. Experts on Afghanistan. Those involved with Ballard’s non-profits. How much of the $30 million is going to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

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