Internal Messages Exposes Angel Studios’ Harmon Brothers’ Repeated Warnings, Admission, and Subsequent Disregard of Tim Ballard’s ‘Issues’

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Internal messages, warnings from associates, and a former OUR operative have exposed the executives of Angel Studios, including the Harmon Brothers, for their acknowledgment and reckless disregard of Tim Ballard’s credibility issues, multiple criminal investigations, and Jim Caviezel’s association with anti-Semitism and his obsession with pedophilia.

As the countdown to the July 4th premiere of Sound of Freedom ticked away, internal exchanges between a respected former OUR Operative and Angel Studios’ founders, CEO Neal Harmon and Chief Content Officer Jeff Harmon—colloquially known as ‘The Harmon Brothers’ (along with their brother Daniel)—revealed their nuanced awareness of the Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel controversies, underscoring their comprehension of the far-reaching implications that could damage not only Angel Studios’ reputation but also the Harmon Brothers collectively and individually. These communications also unveiled their strategic efforts to confront, downplay, and mitigate the imminent fallout from their audacious and precarious venture. Instead of just being honest, they went into full-blown damage control, addressing a chorus of red flags and alarms unabashedly, propelling forward with determination despite mounting concerns, evidence, and records that not only damage their brand but also expose them legally.

Front and center in this unfolding cinematic saga stands controversial B-list actor Jim Caviezel, who stars as Tim Ballard in this Taken ripoff. Reclaiming his place in the spotlight—briefly, he immediately plunges headlong into the depths of radical right-wing populism. While navigating the murky waters of QAnon, he champions far-right conspiracy theories rooted in white nationalist and anti-Semitic narratives. Astoundingly, his Sound of Freedom fundraising efforts are overshadowed by a constant barrage of incendiary Q-Patriot diatribes, most notably the now-infamous anti-Semitic ‘Jewish blood libel’ adrenochrome video. Caviezel’s behavior was a shock to many as he returned to the limelight. Much like his compatriot and former Passion of the Christ director Mel Gibson, Caviezel has persistently propagated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories over the years. These theories involve targeting prominent conservative boogeyman George Soros and invoking the ominous presence of Rothschild banks. Pushing the boundaries even further, he delved into the uncharted realm of a Rothschild pope, weaving a disturbing narrative that perpetuates the notion of Christian victimhood and subjugation.

Then there were criminal investigations and serious credible allegations that loomed over Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad—the hero and subject of Sound of Freedom.

Undeterred by the resounding chorus of caution from acquaintances, business associates, former OUR insiders, and fellow members of the LDS faith that Ballard’s claims, integrity, and intentions were in question, Angel Studios pressed forward and secured the film’s distribution rights, ultimately distributing the production. This move left those familiar with the Harmon Brothers stunned and uneasy as they grappled with the perplexing decision.

In the realm of cinematic ventures, one cannot help but observe the audacious gamble that paid huge dividends for Angel Studios as Sound of Freedom took the 19th spot among the highest-grossing films of 2023.It may also be their downfall.

Curiously, within the confines of Angel Studios, not a solitary voice surfaced to contest Jim Caviezel’s disturbing anti-Semitic convictions. It seems these unsettling beliefs were allowed to fester unopposed, likely guided by the perception that such concerns should be conveniently swept under the rug. One cannot help but discern a calculated strategy at play—a choice seemingly tailored to appease a target audience already steeped in profound anti-Semitic sentiments. When pandering to a group entrenched in such beliefs, the optics of perceived Jewish appeasement would be considered undesirable.

Remarkably, despite Lynn Packer’s and my attempts to reach the Harmon brothers and Liz Ellis through personal and professional channels, coupled with numerous voicemails, they have chosen to remain silent. The pressing issue of anti-Semitism, manifest both in their film and its star, has been met with a resounding lack of response, leaving in its wake a troubling void.

The paradox is striking when considering this stance from a purportedly devout Mormon collective, who uphold the belief in their lineage tracing back to a lost tribe of Israel. Curiously, they forge ahead, catering to and bolstering their primary audience—Christian fundamentalists. This audience, while openly criticizing the LDS church as a cult, finds resonance in the film’s narrative. A poignant irony unfolds as countless Evangelists, motivated by their shared faith, castigate the same film due to Tim Ballard’s Mormon affiliation.

Former OUR Operative Alarmed by Angel Studios Decisions

In the aftermath of Angel Studios securing the distribution rights for Sound of Freedom, a former OUR operative was deeply concerned. Despite the storm of controversy surrounding Jim Caviezel, his involvement in the “Stop the Steal” movement, and the spread of anti-Semitic rhetoric, just the idea that they would go through with this left them shocked and puzzled, like so many others. The intrigue deepened as they questioned the studio’s affiliation with Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad, subjects of multiple criminal probes and damning exposes. Most troubling was the participation of the Harmon Brothers, whom the operative held in high regard. This must be some mistake or misunderstanding.

On April 4, this individual took their concerns to Angel Studios’ Chief Operations Officer (COO), Liz Ellis, conveying their apprehensions about the film via a text message, “I saw that you are distributing Sound of Freedom. OUR has been under investigation for a while. Last I heard in December they still were, at least. I just don’t want it to hurt Angel Studios.

“To which Ellis replied, “It’s going to be a controversial project for sure. We aren’t promoting OUR. We are doing it to raise awareness to protect more kids.”

“Save the Children,” the ruse behind every right-wing agenda. More on that in another article.

Harmon Brothers Engage Former OUR Operative on “the Tim Ballard Issue”

Angel Studios, or more appropriately, the Harmon Brothers, were aware of the myriad issues and burdens associated with Tim Ballard – the falsehoods and hyperboles, the contrived film narrative, and the shadow of criminal investigations. A considerable segment of high society was privy to Tim Ballard’s trail of peculiar and unscrupulous assertions invoking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Harmon Brothers were clearly aware of the looming danger this situation could pose to their brand’s trajectory. The path they contemplated, though lucrative due to its resonance with the evangelical population, also held the potential to shackle them to a particular demographic—fracturing their reputation intricately woven into their Utah identity. Evidently discerning the gravity of the situation, rather than just doing the right thing and cutting their losses, they instead sought the former OUR operative’s endorsement through any conceivable means. This pursuit led to a tête-à-tête between the Harmon Brothers and the OUR operative.

On April 12, 2023, the trio were connected by actor Charan Prabhakar, a dear friend of the Harmon Brothers.

Jeff Harmon: “Hi! [redacted] I’d love to meet up at ur earliest convenience.”

Former OUR Operative: “Sure thing… I could meet tomorrow sometime before 2:00 if that works ok. Thanks for connecting us, Charan!”

Jeff Harmon: I could probably meet between 10am and noon? Zoom or in person?

Tim Ballard Exposed in Harmon Brothers’ Meeting

The following morning, April 13, 2023, Jeff and Neal Harmon met with the former OUR operative over a one-hour Zoom meeting. The Harmon Brothers seemed to harbor the belief that, through some artful fleecing, they could convince the former operative into adopting “a loftier perspective,” relying on the time-worn “it’s all about the kids” mantra. Clearly, the operative was aware that the driving force behind all this was the amassing of profits by simply leveraging the currents of right-wing paranoia and anger with the evangelical undertow.

Shortly before the operative logged into the meeting, fueled by the notion of tugging at Neal and Jeff’s sensibilities, the operative admits they were confused. Judging by their prior conversations and text messages, it was hard to escape the contemplation: Did the Harmons truly comprehend the enduring repercussions of aligning themselves with the radical right, entwined as it was with anti-Semitic ideologies often spewed by Sound of Freedom star Jim Caviezel, or were they merely run-of-the-mill men gripped by greed? The Harmons, acknowledging within their own account, had already been alerted to the significant liability posed by the predicament of Caviezel, but readily admitted an even graver concern loomed in the form of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad.

By all accounts, the Harmons were well aware of the Jim Caviezel liability and Tim Ballard’s “issues.”

Unlike Caviezel, Ballard was largely untested in the public arena and the court of public opinion. Nevertheless, an evident veneer of right-wing influence draped over him. Time and time again, Tim Ballard proved himself ill-equipped to engage with genuine journalists and probing inquiries. He was propelled by a substantial ego, had a serious anger problem, and he unabashedly articulated outright absurdities both in LDS circles and at far-right events.

Should reason prove ineffectual, the operative might explore an alternative route—appealing to the Harmons’ cherished LDS heritage, religious values, and moral convictions?

During this meeting, the OUR operative told the Harmon brothers, “Ballard is a fraud. He claims to have had a vision where Abraham Lincoln, Nephi, and Moroni appear to him. He made up facts about some of his rescues.”

The former operative was then told by the Harmons that “they had dozens of complaints about Ballard.” It wasn’t just the pathological lies and radical claims made by the man, it was his ethics, conduct, and behavior.

“We know Tim is crazy,” one of the Harmons admitted… but they didn’t care.

“The movie is about the kids.”

The former OUR operative shouldered profound concerns and spared no effort in their endeavor to warn Angel Studios and the Harmon Brothers.

Relaying messages through shared acquaintances, both personal and professional, they reached out to Angel Studios COO Liz Ellis and employed mutual contacts in a bid to directly reach the Harmon Brothers, sounding the alarm. Regrettably, their concerns went unheard. Regardless of the impending risks, the looming long-term liabilities, not to mention the impending suffering and harm that might be brought on by the likes of Caviezel and Ballard.

The Harmon Brothers remained resolute in their pursuit of financial gain.

Right after the meeting, Jeff Harmon sent a Screener link for two views for Sound of Freedom. One for the former operative and one for Charan Prabhakar should he want to watch.

Former OUR operative: Thanks so much. I will watch it tonight.

A Final Appeal

On the evening of April 30, 2023, the former OUR operative once again dispatched a text to Jeff Harmon, cataloging their array of apprehensions. This instance, however, pertained directly to the nature of the film itself. If the presence of an anti-Semitic zealot and an inveterate fabricator who peddles both aspirations and anxieties to the ill-informed and evangelical Christians wasn’t sufficient to prompt the Harmon Brothers and their ostensibly Christian “studio” to terminate this work of fiction, perhaps a contemplation of the subject matter’s implications and the ensuing harm it would inevitably cause might induce a reassessment of their privileged stance?

The former operative wrote:

“I really am not sure about releasing the film. Sounds like you are already moving forward with it next week. I didn’t find it to be factual in the least, and those pieces that were maybe some ounce of truth were so exaggerated.

I am sad to see how it painted Tim as Superman. I think he’s a total fraud and misguided. I heard there will be new accusations soon, possibly from another country. He has run around with some bad people and done things in the ‘name of God.’

I think the movie is so well done and shot so nicely. I understand that you would want to have a relation with the filmmakers too. They are so talented. I hope it doesn’t backfire on Angel Studios because I hope your intentions are good. I wish you the best and hope charges are dropped and investigations finished soon so you don’t face a messy situation. Thanks for sharing the film with me.”

Jeff Harmon: “I understand the concerns. We have gone very, very deep on the allegations. We are satisfied we can go forward. Lots of news on that front coming soon.

As for the films, we will have lots of blog posts talking about what’s real and what’s dramatized. And documentary footage from each of the rescues the film was based on.

“Former OUR Operative: “That’s great!”

On May 12, 2023, Jeff Harmon made sure to text the former operative, “The investigation was dropped,” with a link to the LDS-owned news story, which, as previously discussed in Lynn’s prior video, the editor was not able to confirm exactly.

“That’s great,” relied the former OUR operative.

Later that day, Angel Studio announced on both its website and on YouTube that Sound of Freedom would premiere July 4, 2023. What they didn’t tell the public is that a week prior, Tim Ballard was forced to resign from Operation Underground Railroad due to misconduct (coming soon in several reports in the works).

Reflecting on The Troubling Tale of Timmy Ballard

Behold, the intricate dance of deceit, gamesmanship, and the clamor for fiscal acquisition—such are the quintessential hallmarks of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and its founder, Tim Ballard. A veritable vaudeville of opacity prevails within their operations, where transparency is a notion as foreign as honesty itself. As regrettable as it is to utter, the tapestry of their transgressions extends far beyond mere chicanery.

Yet, what truly sickens me is the audacity of Timothy Blain Ballard. He brazenly wields “the children” as pawns in his sordid pursuit of personal gain, cleverly employing them as human shields against criticism, all the while ensnaring himself in a labyrinth of substantial evidence showcasing misconduct, criminality, and an entire fabric of falsehoods. And let us not forget the millions amassed, the spoils personally reaped, all without the faintest semblance of substantiation for his ostensible rescues—rescues that, lo and behold, seem to have been inspired by action flicks from the1980s.

Fraud could scarcely be more conspicuous. A man ensnared in a history marred by hyperbole, embroidery, mendacity, and audacious inventions. Regretfully, the veracity of his word stands upon a foundation so unstable that it crumbles upon the mere breath of scrutiny. When the subject purportedly encompasses laboring alongside the most defenseless and imperiled children, his mere assertion falls perilously short of credibility. In

Donate a solitary dollar to St. Jude’s at the corner Walgreens, and you may possess a receipt and get that war fuzzy tingle in your stomach—but such a trifle certainly does not bequeath the privilege to assert that you have personally mastered the medical marvel of curing childhood cancer.

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