Lindsay Fairley’s “Support Group” with Deep Roots in Hate & Intolerance, Embraces Anti-LGTBQ Figure

Susan Constantine

There certainly has been no shortage of controversial and intolerant figures that have been embraced by the leadership of Lindsay Fairley’s “support group”. In the past few weeks, the group has been bleeding members since central figures have been embroiled in controversy after controversy and are now targets of numerous investigations ranging from professional ethics violations all the way up to criminal misconduct. In order to keep their base fired up, they’ve been ramping up attacks against individuals, leaking their addresses and places of employment while encouraging violence against them. To keep Melissa Guse in the cross-hairs, to legitimize and justify their attacks against her, Lindsay Fairley and support group leadership has befriended and embraced so called “body language expert” and Anti-LGTBQ Figure, Susan Constantine.

Narrative Falls Apart During Taping

Susan Constantine first became a figure in the Karlie Guse case when Lynda Bergh reached out to her through mutual associates in their religious, professional and political circles and asked her to appear on Dr. Phil as a “body language expert” at the February 27, 2019, taping covering the Karlie Guse case that also featured American Crime Journal. In what originally was supposed to be a three day special, it was quickly was trimmed down to two. During taping it was revealed by Dr. Phil himself that the eight minute audio that Lindsay Fairley and her PI team had claimed for months on end was grossly misrepresented. Expecting to hear sixteen year-old Karlie Guse screaming for help and for Lindsay Fairley repeatedly with an ensuing struggle at the end; instead featured Melissa quietly and patiently speaking with Karlie who was obviously having adverse effects to drug use and/or suffering some form of psychosis. Dr. Phil stated in the episode that it made sense to him why Karlie would flee given the state of panic and paranoia she was in. The struggle said to be on the tape was either pure fiction or a gross misrepresentation by Lindsay Fairley and Michael Boone as Dr. Phil made no mention of it.

After learning Susan Constantine’s true intent of coming to the taping and after her qualifications came under scrutiny, she wasn’t featured on the show. ACJ learned through our own source that was involved, that Bergh and Boone not only misrepresented why Susan Constantine was to appear in the first place, but the decision to pull her off the air was made after a former associate producer of the show pointed out Constantine’s past credibility and integrity issues, along with lacking any real experience or education to qualify as a “body language expert”

Susan Constantine, 61, has come under fire in recent months, after it was revealed that her primary profession has been a licensed “cosmetologist” until about 2014 when she obtain a masters degree in “Leadership Coaching Psychology” from for-profit online school, Capella University. It was also revealed that she faced several criminal indictments a little over a decade back for writing bad and/or worthless checks in her home state of Florida. ACJ has not obtained the details of both cases yet.

In recent years, Susan Constantine moonlighted as hired courtroom consultant and promoted herself as an “expert witness” in “body language” in what mainstream science, psychology and accredited institutions deem as a ‘pseudoscience’. In recent months, she quickly rose to be one of the more outspoken supporters of Lindsay Fairley and respected star in her “Support Group”, an established lynch mob and hate group that has used unethical and illegal tactics in an attempt to “silence witnesses and their critics”.

Background and Education

It is important to note first, that peer reviewed medical journals, institutions in Psychiatry and Psychology— like the American Psychological Association (APA) & professionals caution and warn against the growing trend of ‘body language experts’ and consider it in and of itself, a pseudoscience. While body language is very real and part of human biology and our psychological make up, each and every individual is different. Everyone has their own personal quarks, traits and mannerisms, which can indicate things, but may indicate nothing. This can be instantaneously reversed or suppressed through emotions or substances, even just lack of sleep, etc. Basically, there is no specific tell for lying or even a common one.

Since the beginning of time, starting with fantasy like magic, sorcerers, wizards & clairvoyants; then moving onto the pseudosciences like astrology & alchemy and then finally moving into mainstream sciences like biology, chemistry, psychiatry and psychology— we’ve tried to invent a scientific method to figure out a reliable way to tell if our fellow human is “telling the truth”. Even our most recent advancements, either through simple, advanced and/or complex machines, the use of chemicals like ‘truth serums’ and even reading people— while once cutting edge and promising; none of them have proven to be effective or even considered to remotely accurate. Certainly not scientific enough to be admissible in court, which if satisfactory enough to to rely on putting one in jail, it shouldn’t for entertainment value. Both are equally destructive.

Even more important, Susan Constantine aka Susan Perfido is not even qualified as a psychiatrist, psychologist, doctor, legal expert, medical expert and has no official training or educational background in any nationally recognized or accredited psychology program. She has not been established in any court as an “expert witness”, though she has tried many times.

On her website Susan Constantine lists her Masters Degree in “Leadership Coaching Psychology” from the “Howard Abel School of Behavioral Science“. Actually her degree is from the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Science from Capella University. Capella is a for profit “regionally accredited” online university that is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit. According to the Minnesota’s Office of Higher Education, Capella University received 71 complaints from students between 2013 and 2016. All other schools combined only generated 146 complaints in the same time period.

Leadership Coaching Psychology or “Executive Coaching” became one of the biggest trends that emerged at the turn-of-the century in for profit education. While these coaches hail from the ‘world of psychology’, it is not an actual discipline in the field of psychology or based on any scientific merit or results, rather than actually coaching someone with an actual psychological disorder or condition, it more-or-less just reassures the client and the board he answers to— that his behavior and actions is either a unique talent of leadership or not their fault. Just another get-rich-quick type of scheme where a narcissist and sociopath gets reassurance that they are doing things right, often with disastrous results. In 2002, Havard Business Review did a write up on “The Very Real Dangers of Execute Coaching”

In fact, looking into the program, I couldn’t find any nationally accredited non-profit university that offered this as a serious course. Rather, it was a course almost exclusively found in just a few for-profit colleges, if not tied to Christian Fundamentalist beliefs and curriculum, then just a quick online program.

Susan Constantine’s Anti-Gay Stand and Intolerance Shines

One thing Dr. Phil and his producers did not know— as well as over half a dozen other networks and shows that Susan Constantine claims to have been featured as an “expert” on, was her history writing bad checks which is a severe integrity & credibility problem(she was in her upper forties) that disqualifies her from testifying as an ‘expert witness’, and her homophobic views and support of the scientifically debunked ‘gay conversion therapy’. Despite attempting to pass herself off as an “expert” in some field of psychology, had she had any formal training she would know that her views, like it or not, is in direct conflict with decades of scientific study, research and evidence. The American Psychological Association(APA) and even Dr. Phil McGraw himself, who describes himself as a Christian who is ‘right of center’, states that all empirical data and evidence proves that, “Homosexuality is not a learned behavior. A sexual orientation is inherited; you are wired that way”.

Dr. Phil Speaks on being Gay and the Dangers of Anti-Gay

Susan Constantine on the other hand has a daughter who she describes as “gender confused”.

Susan Constantine adopts a new family of “overcomers” who she identifies as “former LGBTQ members” who “left the lifestyle”. Not only is this her “new family”, but she is also a “board member”. She then continues to peddle intolerant and anti-scientific views that have done far more harm than good.

Much more repulsive in all of this, Susan Constantine, uses the “Pulse Nightclub Massacre” to peddle that ‘survivors’ used the tragedy as a ‘warning from God’ to start a ministry called ‘Fearless Identity’, these so-called “overcomers’ of homosexuality, who have not overcome anything. They simply have been shamed, ridiculed and further confused on their real identity with stories of “eternal damnation” and “fire and brimstone” for being who they were created by God to be.

To make matters worse, some of the core leadership of Lindsay Fairley’s support groups are members of the LGBTQ community, and while many members have in recent weeks stuck to their guns and their personal hate for Melissa Guse showed just how shallow they really are, that their core values and moral fabric is expendable and cheap, they moved the goal post once again. Once they could no longer deny all the threats and calls for violence against Americans who said let justice run it’s course. Once all the misogyny, pornography, doxxing, publishing the addresses of journalists, bloggers, volunteers and those who simply comment on facts, publishing photos of autistic children, the weaponizing of law enforcement, calling on others to file false reports with Child Protective Services and promoting hate, once it was all exposed, other than a select few who had integrity and could no longer defend the lies and people doing nothing for Karlie, now do everything in their power to silence and discredit the messenger.

Fortunately this fringe group- this lynch mob has continued to shrink, but recently turned and attacked so many of their own. Children especially. Today, so many courageous people with integrity refuse to get bullied and continue to stand up against this hate group. Yes, facts do matter. You are accountable for your actions and encouraging violence. There is a reason why we have laws & why the presumption of innocence is important.

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