Private Investigators in Karlie Guse Disappearance Subject of Misconduct Investigation as New Allegations Surface

Questionable Alliance Between Guse PI and Bishop PD Detective Surfaces. OFS Launches Internal Investigation into Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh

New developments in American Crime Journal’s investigation of the Karlie Guse disappearance. ACJ began working our current story with the working title ” Beneath the Veil: The Karlie Gusé Case Derailed“, which was to highlight harassment of Karlie’s parents Zac and Melissa & professional search organizations & volunteers. Sadly, in the last few weeks ACJ has been able to obtain statements and documents of possible misconduct and ethics violations between Lindsay Fairley’s private investigator James Michael Boone and Bishop PD Detective Jared Waasdorp. ACJ has asked Lindsay Fairley’s private investigator Linda Bergh the nature of her partner’s relationship with Detective Waasdorp during the Karlie Guse investigation, Linda Bergh has yet to comment. We’ve also submitted an email to the Bishop Police Department regarding their investigation of the Karlie Guse case and whether or not this was an official investigation with Michael Boone private investigator.

Karlie Guse disappeared the morning of October 13, 2018, in Mono County. She was last seen by three witnesses leaving the White Mountain Estates subdivision where she lived with her parents, Zac and Melissa Guse. Karlie was first seen by a neighbor on Ponderosa. Shortly after, she was spotted by another neighbor on White Mountain Estates Road, west of Ponderosa. The third sighting was near Highway 6 near White Mountain Estates Road.

In a statement to Doug Kari, attorney and reporter for the Las Vegas Review-Journal., Mono County Sheriff Braun

“We’re pretty confident that she walked away from the house that morning because people saw her,” said Braun. “We have three people who saw her.”

She was never seen again.

Allegations of Misconduct

While the investigation was under the jurisdiction of the Mono County Sheriff’s Office with ACJ was able to obtained statements, records and documents that Detective Jared Waasdorp of the Bishop PD was using his position as a police officer to conduct a rogue investigation on behalf of Michael Boone, a private investigator retained by Lindsay Fairley. OFS has distanced itself from Michael Boone and he became the subject of an internal investigation by the organization. The purpose and extent of Detective Waasdorp’s investigation is officially unknown, however, ACJ was able to obtain statements and documents that may prove to be evidence of misconduct.

Last week, both Lindsay Fairley’s private investigators Lynda Bergh and Michael Boone are were placed under an internal investigation by Operation Found Safe (OFS) for allegations of misconduct. According to the Operation Found Safe’s mission statement they are a “organization whose mission is to educate and train communities on how to protect children from abduction, exploitation and human trafficking by working closely with families and law enforcement by assisting in the search & location of missing children”.

In a discussion with OFS President Stacy Miles ACJ was able to uncover that the intake form for OFS was completed October 23, 2018, by Karlie’s parents Zac and Melissa Guse.

What ACJ uncovered from Facebook messages, that Linda Bergh was soliciting tips as a private investigator seeking information regarding Karlie’s disappearance starting October 16, 2018. A week later on October 23, 2018, OFS President Stacy Miles assigned Linda Bergh to the Guse case by Stacy Miles. Karlie’s case quickly became sensationalized by a small group after rumors started by her biological mother Lindsay Fairley and two private investigators— who have perpetuated and blamed Melissa Guse, Karlie’s stepmom; for her disappearance. The allegations rose from a series of Facebook videos she thought would reach a large and wide audience- however, it backfired. Following an interview on Dateline, in order to protect Karlie’s honor, still thinking she would come home, Melissa failed to divulge information she thought would embarrass Karlie, which was that she had actually laid in the bed with her during her episode. Once hope dwindled of her just being a runaway, Melissa admitted she had actually slept in the bed with Karlie for a period of time on Dr. Phil.

This is seen often in cases of disappearances which parents do not want to release information about their child’s behavior, drug use, looks or condition.

False Allegations, Abuses and Unsubstantiated Claims

For months according to Karlie’s biological mother Lindsay Fairley, she instantly knew her daughter was “gone”. When she arrived at her ex-husband Zac & Melissa’s, she couldn’t move, she described that she was “paralyzed” and took a two hour bath while Zac and Melissa Guse, law enforcement, a helicopter and search parties looked for her daughter.

“It was a cover up of an overdose”, Lindsay Fairley once alleged. Fairley, the biological mother of Karlie hasn’t had physical custody of Karlie in over a decade nor does she of her son from another relationship. It is unclear why Fairley took the stance she has, and will not answer her own whereabouts between October 12th and 13th. Her boyfriend was moving throughout that week and weekend from Bishop to Yerington, Nevada. According to sources, Lindsay had refused to give out her address to investigators, as Yerington is only a four or five hour drive and investigators were afraid Karlie would show up there. I was able to confirm that Lindsay was in the process of moving so she may not have “known ” the address.

Melissa Guse had been Karlie’s mom since she was 3 or 4 years-old,. Although Lindsay was in and out of Karlie’s life, after her disappearance Lindsay began to make false claims like that she only had allowed Karlie to stay at the Guse’s because “Karlie didn’t want to switch schools”. Lindsay would also later claim on a podcast that Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun, went to school with stepmom Melissa Guse, despite a 17 year age gap and insinuating it was a cover up. Lindsay has since retracted that claim claiming she “misspoke”.

8 Minutes

One of the biggest fabrications perpetuated by Karlie’s biological mother Lindsay Fairley, was that Melissa Guse was hiding an 8 minute audio she had taken when Karlie was under the influence of marijuana and began acting erratic, paranoid and suffering from possible psychosis. Melissa wanted to use this as a teachable moment about drug use. Earlier in the evening, Melissa had recorded a longer audio in which little to nothing occurred except the movie “Cool Runnings” playing the background. Michael Boone also began demanding “the 8 minute tape”. There were allegation for months that Melissa refused to play the tape publicly because it contained something sinister.

Melissa instead, was not wanting Karlie to be embarrassed if she is out there and didn’t want people to think of her daughter in that manner.

Melissa and Zac Guse had played the audio for Doug Kari attorney and reporter from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. According to Mr. Kari:

Melissa decided to make a recording on her phone, so later she could replay it for Karlie as a teaching moment about drug use.

At one point in the eight-minute audio, Karlie says, “I really messed up today,” and Melissa tries to soothe her by saying, “We all do things in life that we regret, drugs especially.”

A tearful Karlie thanks Melissa and says, “I love you.” But when Melissa gives Karlie a salad, the teen blurts out, “This the devil’s lettuce!”

After Melissa urges Karlie to get some sleep, the troubled girl responds, “No, I don’t want to go to sleep. You’re going to kill me.” Melissa tries to reason with her. “Why would I kill you? That’s preposterous.

“I’m just thinking all this demonic stuff,” Karlie sobs. “I can’t help it.”

Doug Kari, The Las Vegas Journal-Review November 5, 2018

Lindsay Fairley and Michael Boone would further perpetuate the lie regarding 8 minute tape going onto the Dr. Phil show. Well according to Lindsay Fairley on the Dr. Phil Show:

“I think what triggered Melissa’s emotional distress over all this is when I called her out on social media, and I said ‘why don’t you tell your audience about the 8 minute audio that you recorded of my daughter? It is very unsettling knowing that they refused to call for help when she asked them to”

Lindsay Fairley would go on to accuse Zac and Melissa of ignoring Karlie’s ‘cries for mom’ and her pleas “to call 911”.

The only problem is.. It just simply wasn’t true.

Melissa would called their bluff and allowed Dr. Phil to listen to it. So what was on this video file?

Now, I’ve just listened to a tape that Melissa made the night that she came home. I’m, for one, very glad you made that recording, because it’s full of information and data. What it tells me, as I said, this was a mind altering drug. Somebody had laced that marijuana or that wasn’t just a meth-head talking, there was more to it than that. And, it would be interesting to know where that came from.

And, it, because of her degree of paranoia, it makes perfect sense to me that she would flee. That she would wake up and flee.

-Dr. Phil on the 8 minute and 45 second recording of Karlie Guse.

Moments later, Michael Boone would claim to Dr. Phil it was on the other tape, known as the ‘Cool Runnings’ tape.

Allegations of Misconduct

After nearly seven months of lies, leaks and a disinformation campaign that included the harassment of volunteer searchers, government officials, journalists and fellow sleuthers, ACJ was able to obtain enough evidence to present to OFS President Stacy Miles which resulted in an internal investigation into the conduct and involvement of Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh.

Stacy Miles, President of Operation Found Safe would release this statement:

Michael Boone was never involved with OFS despite earlier claims by Bergh. Michael Boone also stated that he was a direct representative of the organization. The controversy and lies regarding the intake form and evidence of misconduct demonstrated by the two private investigators is mounting.

To be continued…

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10 thoughts on “Private Investigators in Karlie Guse Disappearance Subject of Misconduct Investigation as New Allegations Surface

  1. I hope Mo and Zack take this to the full extent of the law. Some dudes need to get out of Bishop and find out how good they are not!

  2. Michael Boone, the investigator for the biological mom who is being investigated for misconduct should be carefully reviewed. If you think he may have done something questionable, he probably did. I have witnessed his lies and go beyond. He is capable of doing what it takes to win a case, further his agenda and stroke his narcissistic ego. He has many failed businesses and has left a trail of debt, tax liens and labor board judgements. He was sued for sexual harrasment and paid the lady off. Push his buttons, set him off and see his abusive nature and temper. Ask his past employees, his vindictive, quick temper is well known.

  3. You got to be fucking kidding me you dick wake up little sleepy head. Lindsay Fairley wasn’t anywhere near bishop at the time of Karlies disappearce and what normal I mean normal person goes on tv or Facebook and makes 31 videos of themselves. having body language experts all the way to the white house. Now if you are saying that this a consiparcy by the United States Government then say it spit it out. Otherwise you lose.

  4. Please go to whatever law it takes to change the laws on human trafficking If the law said you get caught involved in human trafficking you will get the DEATH PENALTY watch how fast these children would stop getting abducted !!!

    1. Bonnie Hanson…
      What are you talking about? This case has nothing to do with child trafficking, experts have already concluded that the circumstances of Karlies disappearance do not relate to that theory.
      And your suggestion to enforce the death penalty will only keep them alive longer than they need to be in California. Deathrow inmates are protected from the general population, have their own cell, very little human interaction which provides them privacy and safety that they dont deserve. Being sentenced to death means you will wait 30 yrs until you actually receive an execution date which is likely going to be overturned to a life sentence… How will this stop sex trafficking? Maybe that works in the state you live in but in California, the death penalty is a joke and a much better alternative in comparison to what the average prisoner serving a life term in general population is provided.

  5. Its possible very possible she was traded for guns or drugs. By someone close to her parents or step parents. Problem is cops are usually paid off or dont want to investigate tge big dogs that bite back. As for the young girl on mind altering drugs supisely like Dr Phil said. I would seriously consider the failure to call 911 or take child to emergency room that was aparently in intense fear possible threat to her self she needed a safe secure wnviroment and supervision and a doctor and who ever gave her the drug arrested. How convient she left phone ? Very sad story. That could have bwen prevented. As for all the lies did not help find this girl. Girls for guns girls for dope. Beware of wolves in sheep clotheing…

  6. Mr. Moore not sure how to get in touch or how this works but I was the one that got you that packet last year. If you don’t remember me I’m now retired LAPD, was with the department for 28 years, was in special assault section and robbery homicide the last 19 years. Now that I’m retired I’d like to help you guys with anything you need. Just like to say your analysis is very in depth, brilliant. Spot on, Good work.

    You were put in touch with me from the OC Sheriff you asked me about this Linda Bergh and Mike Boone and I never heard of them so i started to ask around and it has been a bit, but I finally got some information I think you might be interested in and a few people I can put you in touch with. Just to bring you up to speed on everything else she was with a wealthy man and recently divorced a few years back and had a PI license but was just a housewife and didn’t work any cases. She was never LEO and was a CLINGER ON for Tony Rackauckas friends, I’ll get you up to speed about the former Orange County DA and how she was trying to build her reputation off her loose affiliation with him. A few of his associates will talk about it with you.

  7. Did you see that interview on that joke websleuths site? I knew it was a joke. All Lindsay and her POS investigators would do IS TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES! Nothing about Karlie. Not once has Lindsay or her investigators have been to Bishop. Not once! Except when they want to get on TV. Lie after lie after lie. Everyday for months that crack head who wouldn’t spend a day with her kids when they were around and when one is gone she won’t come to Bishop. Wont hand out fliers. Won’t cooperate with the FBI when they wanted a polygraph about the drugs she gave Karlie with her supplier in Bishop, but says they won’t do nothing. I spoke with the FBI WE ALL DID! four times in weeks after Karlie went missing and Lindsay and her investigator is nowhere to be found. WHEN DOES LINDSAY AND THE PORN PEDDLER SHOW UP?? When they can get some attention on TV. YOU guys need to talk to her ex ask him about how that crackhead accused him of killing her dad and told everyone in Bishop he killed her dad. WHY??? She wanted attention and money. She does this shit all the time acts like something is going on and needs money. WHO DOES SHE RUN TOO? All those cops she screwed for years to get drugs and to stay out of trouble just ask Jared how long Lindsay and him screwed. THAT’S RIGHT. She screwed a few more too. Talk to her oldest boy about Lindsay embarrassed him try to screw his friend in a moving car getting drugs and how she was doing coke and ecstasy with a bunch of teenagers. That is why Lindsay is so fucked. When FBI and police asked her about using drugs with Karlie she flipped out and was at the Carter house. KNOW THAT FOR A FACT.Ask her about screwing her sons friends. Half of Bishop PD including that POS Jared Wasdorp. Tried to screw Nolan and told a bunch of lies about him and see if Cris will tell his wife too since she is so close to the Carters who paid Lindsay after he got his ass fired to get drugs to plant on some people.

  8. Looking at the evidence, she went to a party the night before, I believe at a motor home park. She told he parents she was going to a football game. Nothing unusual, kids lie about these things. Why has there not been more information about the night before and what exactly happened? She went missing early the net morning, seen by a witness with a piece of paper in her hand wandering towards the highway. Could it be someone she met at the party> Maybe they told her she could make some money…meet me in the morning? Anyway all this other stuff is about the family is somewhat of a diversion in my opionion.

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