Married Couple Launches Second Lawsuit Against Tim Ballard

The legal representatives of the five women who have initiated a lawsuit against Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad confirmed the filing of a second lawsuit against Tim Ballard.

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Tim Ballard at the Sound of Freedom premier in Vineyard, Utah. Photo: Fred Hayes for Angel Studios

In a further blow to embattled anti-child-trafficking advocate Tim Ballard, a second lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, this time by a woman who claimed Ballard assaulted her while they were working together. She asserts that her husband was threatened, and their marriage now teeters on the brink.

This recent legal action follows swiftly on the heels of another lawsuit filed on Monday, where five women alleged that Ballard exploited their altruistic intentions to assist in rescuing child trafficking victims, ultimately subjecting them to assault.

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The couple behind Wednesday’s lawsuit is seeking restitution for both general and economic damages, which encompass lost wages. They are also pushing for a jury trial. Additionally, the lawsuit includes a request for punitive damages against all defendants, an amount deemed sufficient to not only hold them accountable but to dissuade them and others from engaging in such behavior in the future.

The most recent lawsuit includes a range of allegations, among which is the assertion that threats were directed at the new plaintiffs by one of Ballard’s so-called “favorite henchmen.” These threats prompted the plaintiffs to file a police report with the South Jordan Police Department nearly a year ago.

Suzette Rasmussen, an attorney representing now seven plaintiffs, underlines that the clients have chosen to step forward because they believe it is essential to initiate this lawsuit, thereby demonstrating that there are more individuals willing to confront the conduct of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad. Rasmussen anticipates that one or more of the accusers may choose to step forward. However, the potential consequences it might have on their families create a challenging dilemma.

While the parties involved are presently maintaining their anonymity, it is anticipated that they may disclose their identities at a later stage. The attorneys emphasize that their clients are fully aware of the necessity to testify during court proceedings, but at this juncture, preserving their privacy is of paramount importance, given their ongoing concerns about potential retaliation and threats.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, Rasmussen emphasized the sensitive and highly private nature of the matter for these individuals. She noted that they are grappling with substantial emotional and physical trauma, and consequently, the act of sharing their stories is a profoundly painful endeavor.

In the initial lawsuit brought forward by the five women, one of the allegations contends that Ballard’s actions led to the dissolution and harm of at least two marriages. Attorneys have confirmed that the second lawsuit involves one of the couples mentioned in these allegations.

The woman making these new claims against Tim Ballard asserts that she played the role of a scribe, recording his experiences during ketamine treatments. During these sessions, Ballard allegedly made prophecies about his future, envisioning himself as a U.S. senator, the President of the United States, and ultimately, as the prophet of the church, heralding the second coming of Jesus Christ.

According to the lawsuit, she initially became involved with Ballard while she was engaged, and he encouraged her to participate in operations. Subsequently, she followed Ballard to his new organization, The SPEAR Fund, after his departure from Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) in June. Ballard left OUR amid an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. The woman claims that Ballard promised to double her salary, but, as alleged in the lawsuit, he failed to fulfill this promise.

As part of her purported training and involvement in operations, the lawsuit alleges that Ballard coerced the woman into simulating sexual acts with him while both were clothed. It further claims that he hired escorts to visit his room, engaged masseuses whom he encouraged to engage in inappropriate physical contact with her, and persuaded her to post her own photos on an escort site under the guise of gathering intelligence.

The lawsuit contends that the time spent with Ballard had a detrimental impact on her marriage, ultimately leading to separation between her and her husband.

Furthermore, the legal representatives believe that more plaintiffs may come forward as the legal process unfolds. During a press conference held on Wednesday, Mike Green, one of the attorneys, announced that the couple involved in the latest lawsuit has allowed for the possibility of naming additional defendants.

Notably, along with Tim Ballard, the lawsuit implicates members of the OUR Board, multiple corporations associated with Operation Underground Railroad, and Janet Russon, a psychic employed by Ballard.

Given the intricate nature of the case and the multitude of individuals on both sides, Green anticipates that the timeline for this civil case may progress at a slower pace than initially expected.

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