Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard: Victim or Accomplice?

In mid-September when a Mormon Church spokesman denounced former Operation Underground Railroad president Tim Ballard, Ballard was accused of engaging in “morally unacceptable activities.” Tim Ballard was publicly chastised for making “unauthorized use” of the name of leading LDS Apostle M. Russell Ballard (no relation). 

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The same spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Doug Andersen—told a reporter that Russell Ballard had no involvement, in any way, in any of Tim Ballard’s financial ventures.

Tim Ballard, in his own defense, said he never used Russell Ballard’s name to raise money and the two had no business dealings.

But, as this YouTube video report documents, Tim Ballard and Russell Ballard were, in fact, deeply involved in more than one business enterprise and both are lying when they deny it. 

It shows the entire Quorum of Twelve Apostles, during a secret meeting, learned first-hand about one of the Ballards’ financial ties: A shared interest in a motion picture in the works at the time, Sound of Freedom, a movie meant to immortalize and enrich Tim Ballard while promoting Mormonism, i.e., serve as a missionary tool.

This video also includes the accusation from purported, yet-unnamed victims of Tim Ballard’s alleged sexual misconduct that he, Tim Ballard, invoked Russell Ballard’s name to “spiritually manipulate” them into illicit sexual contact.

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