Operation Underground Railroad Stages Fake College Graduation

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Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) and its founder Tim Ballard staged a sham university graduation for seven Venezuelan prostitutes. OUR claims had been abducted, forced into prostitution, held in a jail-like cell, then dramatically rescued by an OUR jump team. Millionaire life coach Tony Robbins loaned his private jet to help extricate the women from the clutches of their pimps and alleged, corrupt Haitian police.

Ballard claims Donald Trump’s White House fast-tracked visas for the women and later, welcomed them with an executive mansion visit. This report documents how a Utah university abetted OUR’s fake graduation ceremony and is now aiding OUR to cover up facts about the rescue and the women’s’ purported college education.

Unknown by Ballard until now, his criminal conspiracy, the witnesses and the whiteboard are part of the Davis County District Attorney’s criminal investigation into Operation Underground Railroad, its founder and CEO Tim Ballard and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. Ballard fearing a widening criminal investigation by the FBI, IRS and international authorities has now threatened to retaliate.

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