Riddle of the Roads: In Search of Karlie Guse, Part I

Silence is worse when the commotion leaves after filing a missing persons report. For the Guse family, this is now the reality of their life.

The Guses experienced the unfathomable when they awoke to find their only daughter missing. They lived the quick search of the home with no sign of her. They drove up and down the neighborhood and surrounding areas only to find no sign of Karlie. Frantic phone calls were made and the authorities arrived bringing with them the necessary chaos of helicopters, search and rescue teams, cops swarming the neighborhood going door to door and still Karlie was not found. 

Media later enters the picture and mistakes are made. It’s a catch 22, garnering Karlie’s case awareness and also public scrutiny. 

Melissa Guse, Karlie’s step mom since she was 4, was subjected to ferocious conspiracy theories and social media hysteria from her facebook live videos, which were originally meant to bring attention to Karlie’s disappearance. Melissa also lied to Dateline but later corrected her account.
Lindsay Fairley, Karlie’s biological mom, was interviewed on Nancy Grace and significantly over represented her role as a responsible and involved parent in Karlie’s life. As more time passed, Lindsay not only misrepresented her parenting role to later media, she continued to deceive the public regarding important case facts. Much of this misinformation is out there still on social media.

 Karlie is yet to be found, so at the end of each day, despite waves of media interest, silence remains and Karlie’s room stays tragically vacant in the Guse home.

 Fortunately not all witnesses to Karlies disappearance are human. They are our best friends, a trustworthy and loyal species. 

In the chaos of initial searches the Guses were asked to provide authorities with shoes and socks that Karlie wore. Specially trained scent dogs, in kind, gave their unbiased input. 

Karlie’s scent was indicated last, before dissipating up to the pavement, at the intersection of Highway 6 and White Mountain Estates Road. High winds hindered further scent results.

Video indicated as Bus Stop on the map above, where Karlie’s scent began:

Video of Bus Stop- 360°(We apologize for the winds)

Video indicated as 360 VID on the map above, wjere Karlie’s scent abruptly ended:

Video at the corner of White Mountain Estates and Highway 6- 360°

This is the junction of the raw riddle.

Her disappearance on October 13th has 3 acceptable theories:
1. Karlie got into a vehicle with someone she knew.
2. Karlie got into a vehicle involuntarily.
3. Karlie continued to walk into the desert.

Most of the work I’ve participated directly with has to do with the 3rd theory.

-Travis Moore

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  1. Still praying for Karlie everyday and for her family. Her siblings and her friends. I pray this sweet girl is found!! We all love you Karlie and I pray you come home safe to your family..

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