Top Scientist Joins Team Karlie, the Grand Opening of Karlie’s Library and Beyond

Karlie Guse

First I want to take a moment to thank Travis Moore for coming on board, for providing us with his personal journals, perspective and really painting us a picture of these mysterious places often spoke of, locations of these events in Karlie’s disappearance both real and some imagined. Riddle of the Roads was not a planned series or even the original objective when I had decided to look into Karlie’s case. Originally the idea was to really take a look at the evolution of trolls that turned into a lynch mob and the effects it has in cases like these. It was really going to be the introduction into perhaps the Delphi Murders lynch mob, which was just as nasty and disgusting on much larger scale.

Travis has done a phenomenal job in what is probably going to be the greatest and most perplexing mystery in recent times and what he has laid the foundation for others who may want to take a look and pick up where he left off.

That is really where we are at collectively here at ACJ, at the crossroads really. We could do a lot of back and forth, and discredit rumor after rumor, and continue to dig, but I think there are some serious issues that have been brought to light during out research and investigation, and it is time we make sure the information is out there, raw data so that the public, those that it may concern(should they choose), take it from there. At least this way you’ll be able to use documents, facts and statements to build and work your theories moving forward.

There are two more topics I plan to cover until we leave it at that, until there are later developments.

New Addition to Team Karlie

Paul Dostie, a law enforcement officer with over 30 years experience and has spent a great deal of time, without pay, without incentive, working tirelessly to try and bring closure to not only the Guses and Lindsay Fairley, but the community that lost one of their own. We’ve had and still have some of the best working this case, producing results, double checking things and most importantly using cutting edge science, right now in demand with a serious backlog, that is available to very few. Out in the field with Travis has not only been Paul, but an forensic anthropologist Dr. Arpad Vass who is also a professor with the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, which is part of the University of Tennessee’s Institute for Public Service.

We are honored to announce that one of the world’s leading experts in DNA and forensic genealogy, Colleen Fitzpatrick, has joined Team Karlie. Colleen is a co-founder of DNA Doe Project, a Fellow of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers and Associate Member of the American Academy of Forensic Science. Colleen is truly a remarkable woman, a revolutionary figure in forensic science using DNA, GEDmatch, and Genetic Genealogy to crack some of our most famous decades long unsolved cases such as Debra Jackson (Orange Socks Doe), “Lyle Stevik” and Louise Virginia Peterson Flesher (Belle in the Well) just to name a few.

American Crime Journal will be doing an interview with Colleen to discuss exactly what she does, get a better understanding of the science itself and how we can help with DNA Doe Project.

Point of No Return

Imagine getting a call from a law enforcement agent one July morning, and being told they feel that you and or your family may be in danger? Now I was asked to please not reveal this, I said I would remain silent for 30 days. Yet, just imagine that call. I mean, perhaps someone in a drug cartel or the mafia might get notified like this, (as they legally have to notify someone that a green light had been put on them), but I never expected it to go this far. It is insane. It has crossed a line and there is no going back.

Now that would probably rattle some people, well Karlie’s case isn’t the only case I covered that triggered people. Two prior articles, one I was summoned to speak with a couple people and resolve. The other was a crusader for a known murderer that cannot be prosecuted due to lack of evidence. Police and State’s attorney’s Office made it clear, Michael McGovern, an abuser, is responsible for the disappearance of his wife, Karen McGovern.

Why should this case be any different? Well these people didn’t even know Karlie or those involved until she disappeared. Amazing.

People often get upset when people change their minds or “switch sides” or whatever as so many have and offering letters of encouragement and support. There are no sides. There is only Karlie’s side and where a preponderance of the evidence takes us to theorize on. When you dig in, refuse to accept any and all evidence, especially overwhelming evidence that disputes your position, you’re operating on faith alone, ignoring facts because your mind is made up. Ignorance. The only truth there is, Karlie is missing, there is no proof she was taken from us in this life and we must resume, assume and take this case that direction until evidence indicates otherwise. Too many cases in the last few years where women, strong women who have survived ten, twenty or more years in captivity. We just can’t ignore it. We can’t ignore that there is a giant wilderness out where she lived either. What we cannot do is just believe something out of hate and spite, just to persecute someone that rubbed us the wrong way. We cannot take the word of someone who has not just lied, but repeatedly lied, abused, harassed and exploited women for decades and there are insurmountable documents that prove this.

Again, ignoring the facts and evidence is not healthy.

My only advice to the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob is,

you must accept all things for what they are, not what you want them to be

Damion Moore

The End Takes Us to the Beginning

ACJ originally slated two weeks aside to do the research portion of Karlie’s case, which consisted of interviews, documents and hundreds of screenshots. I really wanted to get a grasp of the ill effects of social media and lynch mob that followed. My first week, I actually worked closely with two of the key players in the Lynch Mob, obtained their evidence, yet was promised damning evidence of forgery, conspiracy to dispose of a body and all these political connections and bribes they’d uncovered. I was told Lindsay Fairley’s private investigator Michael Boone had an insider with the Bishop Police Department that was going to help him bring down the “political conspiracy element” involving Mono County Sheriff Braun that has prevented him from proving Melissa killed Karlie, with a just psychic lead. In reality that process, what I really saw was just re-interpretation, re-imagining and spin of what really happened. It was this process of taking one screen shot, then really just trying to construct what happened to Karlie by “looking between the lines“.

Well in reality, the lines themselves have to mean something before there is something in between them.

Mind you this is supposed to be a private investigator, a professional, with no prior references(that are serious) or credentials aside from licensing (which I had at 22 years-old). So obviously, one informant was a mother suffering depression, who is going through a serious break-up in her 15 year relationship is completely wrapped up in his words, his song and really sucked into this word of excitement and potential infamy. Another informant was a bit older, but it was the same old get behind him, destroy the opposition and “he can take you places” or “this is big and you’ll be part of it”(actual quotes). It is easy to make fun of them, and the first one honestly was a bit grossed out that he is about 30 years her senior, but it was a break from reality. Which really is the story of these trolls, this vicious lynch mob looking for any justification to continue their obscene and disgusting behavior.They are angry and this gives them purpose.

Then something happened in all this that was what really caused us to change course.

It started with one individual, a woman, she had reached out to me one day early on. She then led me to another woman, whom she never met, but read her story online. These brave women had a story to tell, something they’ve not kept secret, because there was clear documentation of at one time trying to expose this, but went silent mostly because their fear of retaliation. These were heartbreaking stories about their dealings with James Michael Boone. It didn’t stop there. There were others. Stories of harassment, nonpayment for months of labor that resulted in the State of Nevada, Department of Employment Security to sue Michael Boone and Total Security Solutions. Four separate suits brought on by the State of Nevada and he lost every single one them. We’re not talking about a screwed up last check which you didn’t get paid for a day or two, or short some hours. These people went months without getting a dime, checks bouncing, excuses like “the client had not paid so I can’t pay you”. Yet, he gets a new motorcycle or something. Like so many others and I in Karlie’s case, when they confronted Boone, or took the issue public, he became abusive and threatening. It is all this big lie, he’s going to sue them or have them arrested. Then he starts defaming their name and bring their families, our families into it, hoping that they’ll just go away. Much worse though, these women he threatened to get their kids taken away from them and get them put in prison. That Child Protective Services or their local police departments had “active investigations” against them.

Sound familiar?

To think that Lynda Bergh would bring him on and publicly “stand by her man” despite clear and compelling evidence of what he exactly is. Yet in private, we have the conversations, she admonishes us for bringing her name in with his, “He’s not my choice, that all falls on Stacy”. Look, make no mistake about, sure, everyone could get that one maniac or two maniacs in their lives and get documents served and get caught up in some legal revenge, but dozens of times? Let’s get real. All those other women over there that continue to support and flaunt and get giddy with this psychopath, this fraud, nasty pornographer which is fantasy torture porn on teenage girls and then his involvement in Karlie’s case? They honestly see no problems with this. They have the audacity to say we’ve stepped out of bound here.

My only question, what if this was their daughter? As much as they hate us, I would do the same for them and ask these very same questions.

For those that asked why does it matter if a pornographer, with such a shady history, allegations of abuse, ripping employees off, judgement, liens and being out right cruel, deceptive and abusive towards professionals and those that are actively looking for Karlie, that is why all this is important? Who cares?

Shame on you. Shame on you. You know damn well not only has Michael Boone acted improperly, inappropriately and unethically, and possibly broke the law, but has outright lied to you faces repeatedly. For four months, both he and Ms. Fairley stated that on Melissa’s “eight and a half minute tape of [my] daughter” Karlie “begged” for Zach and Melissa to call 911. That she “screamed” for Lindsay.

Here is the video of that exchange:

Michael Boone again telling Dr. Phil the same lie he told for four months, that he Lindsay’s story is “more consistent, that Karlie asked Zach and Melissa to “call 911” on audio Dr. Phil just listened to.

Dr. Phil corrects Michael Boone and tells the world, “it’s very clear she [Karlie] does not ask them to call 911”

There is no second tape which Karlie says any different and we know that by Mr. Boone’s own admission. Again, I have asked, Hollie McKay from Fox News has asked and many other media figures to just play us the tape, just the portion. He won’t, because the other tape there is nothing of the sorts on it. For four months, Boone and Ms. Fairley maintained that Karlie screamed for Lindsay and begged Zach and Melissa to call 911 on the eight-and-a-half minute audio. In fact, at times Ms. Fairley has even taunted Melissa to play the tape publicly, which she would not out of respect for Karlie.

From records and statements, Michael Boone spent a total of four days in Bishop, mostly on social media and hanging out at public storage facilities looking for Karlie based off a psychic tip. I also learned that private donations had been given to these frauds, these charlatans and con-artists by key individuals, some in the community of Bishop looking to obstruct this investigation. Yes, Lynda Bergh and Michael Boone have received funds from donors and they refuse to disclose how that money was spent and what it went towards.

Fact. They’ve not paid for experts or professionals to assist in Karlie’s disappearance.

Fact . They’ve not paid for testing of materials recovered.

Fact. They’ve not contributed to the reward fund.

Fact. Lynda Bergh has yet to set foot in Bishop. Michael Boone spent four days chasing silly leads.

They’ve done everything in the power and ability to discredit those that have been selfless and spent money out of their own pockets to get answers. Not one of them has walked in the desert. They did not pursue leads that they desperately wanted to received before MCSO or the FBI, yet received numerous calls and didn’t answer or return calls. Yet, they claim the FBI is in on some political scheme. That Sheriff Braun is in on it with the Guses. What professionals do that? If so, where is the evidence of such? Not a random screenshot, where is the evidence? Their whole narrative was destroyed on Dr. Phil, and Michael Boone was threatening to sue Dr. Phil, Fox News and American Crime Journal simply reporting certain indisputable facts.

We’re past that though. It is important that everyone knows that there are real experts and professionals on Team Karlie that are doing so much to try and get answers. Their work has been phenomenal and strive for excellence.

Karlie’s Library

Last but not least is full disclosure. Obvious, the mystery of Karlie Guse has not been solved. Personally, I now have more questions that answers when this all began and how certain figures have gotten involved and did everything in their power to obstruct and damage this case, as they wanted to play hero. There is no sunset for them to walk into, only a dark cloud of misery and shame. I also sure there are questions about many other things along the way. Well, this will be a start and a resource for you to have a better understanding.

It is our hope, that starting tomorrow our Beta version of Karlie’s Library will be added to ACJ’s website or

What is Karlie’s Library?

quod grātīs asseritur, grātīs negātur

“What is asserted gratuitously, may be denied gratuitously”

Old Latin Proverb

Transparency is something I believe in, full disclosure. There are a few exceptions; however, it’s not a question of whether or not the public “can handle the truth”, just what a few maniacs do with it. Too often, these cases go cold and the information and facts that could help steer the investigation may need a second set of eyes or worse, gets lost or an important detail gets unsaid and a witness passes away. More importantly, certain characters that claim to be professionals and attach themselves to this case must be vetted and exposed when their intentions are less than honorable, as this is, that serious of a matter.

To best explain it, for those that followed the West Memphis Three case will understand, it will be like which is a comprehensive site with about 85 to 90% of all information case related— police reports, backgrounds on some of the suspects and characters involved, trial transcripts, newspaper articles, evidence recovered, drawings, statements, pictures, audios, interviews, records, medical transcripts, police memos, anything related to the West Memphis Three case. So many contributed to that, it is about really two decades worth or research and material recovered for public consumption.

Well with Karlie’s Library we are doing the same thing with everything with we’ve gathered from the beginning and anything related to Karlie or those directly involved in Karlie’s case. It is also open for anything you or anyone else recovers, regardless of your beliefs or views, as this will be available to anyone interested in the case. So if you obtain something case related, let one of us know so we can add it to the library after it is vetted.

These are documents in the raw, there is no innuendo or notes attached. It is only on very rare occasion something will be redacted.

What will be released?

All government documents, public records that anyone can obtain will be in their original state as if you requested them. I know some took issue regarding if others involved in these documents would want their information out in public, it is public record and in some states you cannot obtain and then modify. That was clear from a specific state that we really don’t have too many documents from, but we are following that rule. Just because once we present it, it could be obtained yourself anyway(some jurisdictions charge, so it may take a few weeks). Certainly some will not be happy, but it is public record and when you inject yourself into matters this is what happens.

Screenshots of messenger and text conversations of those directly involved in the case, discussions related to Karlie and discussions about those involved in Karlie’s case. For those that want to scream about “legality”, once you press send, the person that receives has complete right to release, share or give it to someone else whop then also has the rights to share or release it for publication as if it were a letter. The law Michael Boone is often referencing when he gets exposed for doxxing people or spreading rumors is for someone to “record” a telephone call without the other person’s consent. The difference is, when you mail a letter, send a text or message on an app, you are taking the time to think it, type it up and then send it, you already know that person will receive it and have a copy. I think this will clear up a lot of the rumors and those who were gossiping and spreading false information to one group and then going to another group playing games.

Transcripts of interviews that either I or someone else conducted in person, on phone and through things like Skype. The only thing released will be what in on the “on record” portion. We are respecting that and we will respect those that have opted to remain confidential. In those instances, we will blackout any identifying information or potentially identifying information.

What will not be released?

Obviously, off record conversations and documents turned over that we’ve agreed not to reveal, these will not be included until we get authorization from whom it concerns.

Anything told to us by a minor, even with parental consent will still be redacted even if they are completely okay for its publication, also any identifying information or potentially identifying information, we will provide only a transcript of the information concerning the case. This is just something we’ve agreed on, with how this lynch mob acts, while some parents and minors want to stand up and expose the truth, until they make it public or something that is widely known already through other media, we are taking an extra step to protect them knowing how dangerous our Lynch Mob can be.

Confidential sources absolutely must be protected and will remain protected. Any information we feel needs to be revealed, we will redact any and all portions that identify or could potentially identify them with their permission.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything you wish for us to take a look at, feel free to get in touch with one of us.

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