Rochester Assault 1991

Little is known of the robbery, sexual assault and stabbing of a hotel clerk that occurred in Rochester, Minnesota, 1991. According to sources, this may be due to an ongoing investigation into a string of robberies and sexual assaults that occurred along I-90 around that time.

In March of 2013, Elizabethtown Police Chief Ruben Gardner said there was another hit in CODIS matching a sample collected from a victim of sexual assault and attempted murder in Rochester, Minnesota in 1991, to the unknown offender samples collected from the murders of Vicki Heath, Peggy Gill, Jeanne Gilbert and the previous CODIS match in 2010, the Columbus sexual assault victim of 1990.

According to Chief Gardner and the media sources listed below:

in 1991, a woman in Minnesota who was also sexually assaulted and stabbed gave police a similar description of her attacker. The victim described the suspect as a white male, 6′- 6’2”, green eyes, the right eye was described as a lazy eye, and he had grayish brown hair. He was wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans.

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In a statement to NBC WAVE 3 News from the Kentucky State Crime Lab:

Police are also looking at a similar case from Rochester, Minnesota in 1991. Here too, the victim was robbed and sodomized. She provided authorities with a similar sketch.

The Indiana State Police has confirmed that in March of 2013, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension compared an offender profile collected in 1991 from a surviving victim of a sexual assault and attempted murder. It was a match to the same unknown offender in CODIS who’s DNA was recovered from victims in Days Inn Murders, the Columbus Sexual Assault in 1990 and the murder of 1987 Vicki Heath.

With three confirmed murders and two violent sexual assaults, the unknown offender has been classified by the FBI as a Serial Killer.

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