Susan Constantine, Mainstream ‘Deception Detection Expert’ and her Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry

Susan Constantine,”World’s Leading Body Language Expert” and “Deception Detection” regular on Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, CNN and Fox, spews hate and directs anti-LGBTQ group
Susan Constantine, World’s Leading Expert in Body Language and “Combating Queerism”

Last year, we exposed Susan Constantine for being a charlatan and overzealous anti-gay extremist. She is a director of “Fearless Identity” an Anti-LGBTQ “nonprofit” that focuses on this “in your face” militant style anti-LGBTQ and transgender legislation and these “counter”- Pride parades. Last year, she offended people with the disparaging and disgusting homophobic messages that she wrote towards her own daughter who identifies as LGBTQ. This was in public, on Facebook for the world to see. Constantine even advocated, promoted and admittedly fantasized about violence towards “transgender” or as she calls it, “gender identity dysphoria”, or the “gender confused” and the “queers” for “what they did to her precious daughter”. She to this day, refers to them as “the enemy”.

If the language seems over-the-top and dangerous like a spree killer’s manifesto or North Korean propaganda, you probably think she wouldn’t be featured on major networks as an “expert” and “contributor”?

Well, you’d be wrong. In fact, she is more popular now than ever. She is a favorite of Nancy Grace, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz. Except, she is not an expert in anything. She is a quack and much worse, a bigot, and they keep on paying her for opinions so she can spread hate and lies and doing irrevocable damage without being checked by these networks.

First, let me be very clear. These are not some drunk tweets or texts, or private conversations that was dug up from years ago and we’re just looking for anything to dunk on this vile woman. Every single post on her Facebook account for years is all about “queers”, disproven far right-wing “detransitioning” propaganda, “punching drag queens in the face”, links to unsavory alt-right propaganda sites and picture and videos of her wonderful team of “overcomers” which are supposedly gays who “converted” and “overcame” homosexuality. Picture and video after picture and video of her with her “Fearless Identity” team attending events such as; to “win back the rainbow flag” and passing legislation to end “Queer Book Story hour” in her home state of Florida.

Now I’ll be upfront, I cannot sit here honestly and pretend I’ve been Mr. LGBTQ rights and this upstanding advocate, protesting or fighting for rights of the LGBTQ community. With that said, I’ve always believed people have the right to live and do as they please. They have that right, just as anyone else as long as it don’t impose (in a realistic way) on others. For a long time, I’ve remained silent, however, to think that a woman who conned just about every mainstream network, newspaper, TV show and national podcasts, who give her a platform to accuse innocent people of “deception”, make them look like killers in front of millions is grotesque. To add salt to an open wound, they are the gateway to her bigotry, hate and intolerance. Her calls “to action” and pushing legislation to impose her will on others. Pushing non-existent and manufactured crises in order to justify hate against a group of people is unacceptable.

Yet, the only article ever addressing her qualifications and her anti-homosexual rhetoric was here, American Crime Journal, and we only scratched the surface. We could have done a lot better and so much more. We should have, because not only is she ruining lives by portraying the innocent as guilty based on quackery, she promotes hate. It falls under our mission guidelines.

Despite us asking last year in public for her to explain why she hadn’t discussed her “positions” and “activities” in her mainstream media appearances, Susan Constantine instead took to Facebook ignoring us, instead claiming to others I’m a “hater” and “intolerant” to who of all people? Lynda Bergh and Lindsay Fairley. Now back when the Dr. Phil show was taped for Karlie Guse, they had befriended Susan as they have a lot in common. All three frequent far right conspiracy theory boards.

As they say, brilliant minds think alike.

At that time it was brought to my attention, and I was simply floored. Bergh had shared one of Constantine’s vile, nasty posts about gays and her daughter. We were then introduced to her war against the LGBTQ community.

For the sake of total transparency, I already had serious problems with Susan Constantine. She was going to be just a minor subject in an article I started in March of last year on junk science. Now she was a bigot, but it was much worse than that as she was ever so obviously radicalized- an extremist that was on network TV left and right (and yes, pun intended).

The main question outside of the bigotry and hate- was/is, since our last article- does Nancy Grace, multiple mainstream news networks like CNN, Fox News, NBC, Dr. Phil and others keep bringing her on their shows to push her long disproven junk science– that ruins people’s lives, without questioning her homophobic rhetoric?

Absolutely. Without ever vetting her credentials, which she posts in her press kit.

A central theme of anti-LGBT organizing and ideology is the opposition to LGBT rights, often couched in rhetoric and harmful pseudoscience that demonizes LGBT people as threats to children, society and often public health.

Southern Poverty Law Center

Ultimately, what ended up offending me the most, the nail in the coffin was that she was to appear on WOFL Fox 35 in Orlando on the morning of February 6, 2020. The same city where the Pulse Nightclub massacre occurred. Two parents of children who identifies as LGBTQ and another reader, notified me. The main problem they had and I agree, is that Constantine is director of Fearless Identity along with Luis Javier Ruiz and Angel Colon, who both are survivors of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Ruiz and Colon contend they were afflicted with “homosexuality” and “urges”, and Ruiz has claimed with Constantine, that the Pulse Nightclub shooting was the result of “homosexuality”. It was ground zero.


Fearless Identity Reinstatement on Feb. 12, 2020

You can read about Colon and Ruiz in an NBC article, whom they conveniently left out one director, Susan Constantine, who is a frequent guest as an expert on their shows. They also grossly misrepresent their mission. The issue was that Constantine and Fearless Identity organized a “Freedom March”. Many in Orlando thought it was in support of “changing” the LGBTQ community, but Colon and Ruiz made sure they straightened that out.

Colon, who posed on the cover of LGBTQ magazine The Advocate for its 2016 People of the Year issue, said the mission of Fearless Identity has been misunderstood. While neither he nor Ruiz still identify as gay, he said the organization’s goal is not to change people’s sexual orientation and gender identity against their will.

– Angel Colon August 2019

On the surface, they claim to “not judge homosexuals” or “support gay conversion therapy” but as you will later learn by Susan Constantine’s own everyday comments, their “counter Pride” marches- hate is what they are all about and she is a “director” of the organization. So, either they are lying and misrepresenting “Fearless Identity” to the mainstream media, or Susan Constantine’s motives and agenda grossly differs from “their mission” which they participate. They also fail to mention that they themselves push for legislation that is anti-LGBTQ and participate in “counter” Pride events, like “take back the rainbow”. Yes, that is how petty and disgusting they will go just to get their “message” across.

In either case, it is repulsive. As if the massacre was deserved or justified just like in the manifesto of a spree killer or a terrorist handbook. Constantine would use words like “enemy” to describe transgender youths and demonize the LGBTQ community with pseudoscience claims from right-wing extremist groups. The language she uses is appalling yes, but it is also alarming as we see this language from terrorists and spree killers.

Even after Dr. Phil’s producers were notified of her bogus credentials and her bigotry, he still passes her off “as one of the best in body language”. A woman with degrees that are not even in the proven junk science she spews. Does he press her on her anti-gay extremism that is public?

Not at all.

Susan Constantine on the “Phil in the Blanks” Podcast

The Grace Effect

On July 18, 2018, Mollie Tibbetts was a 20 year-old University of Iowa student who was abducted while jogging near her home in Brooklyn, Iowa. Mollie, and her tragic murder is certainly something that I will never forget. Since I was a child, crime has affected me both in my personal life and in true crime. I was just eight years-old and though I loved watching Unsolved Mysteries– the disappearance and murder cases troubled me. Quite frankly, that was the bulk of them. I always wondered what went through a person’s mind… a victim the moment they were grabbed, hit, shot or the doors locked and realized, “this is it”.

Mollie Tibbetts, her abduction became a national sensation. Just as the sun comes up everyday, the ever ruthless and professional victimizer- Nancy Grace zeroed in on someone. Grace’s pick? Wayne Cheney, a pig farmer who drew the suspicion of sleuthers and others in true crime circles. He was strange yet, kinda abrupt, so in typical lynch mob fashion; they just turned his life upside down from the comfort of their own homes.

Why not? It was for a good cause. A 20 year-old student was missing and “he wouldn’t submit to a polygraph”. So he had it coming in their eyes. Sleuthers, they deserve justice, so like a lynch mob proper… they were ready to distribute justice, their own way. Nancy Grace wasn’t going to disappoint, either. He was the popular suspect, but Grace, being the person she is- a former officer of the court wants to have “evidence”. So she enlisted her favorite ‘hired gun’- “World’s Leading Body Language Expert and Deception Detector”, Susan Constantine.

On August 6, 2018, on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace; investigative reporter for Nancy Grace, Leigh Egan summarizes on Crime Online, “Constantine also touched on Cheney’s body language during the interview, which to her, seemed to be movements of deception.

Just to get an idea of how Constantine operates, here is her “expert” analysis on the program:

“He has this increased anxiety, which is causing all these physiological responses of itching the ears to adjusting his glasses, to stroking his hair, to, you know, crossing his arms and uncrossing them. So what happens is that, when you’re under anxiety, it increases blood flow and causes irritation to his capillaries. Those are all deceptive indicators.”

Susan Constantine on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

On August 21, 2018, just over a month after she disappeared and two weeks after Grace had this one figured out; 24-year-old Cristhian Bahena Rivera led police to where he left her body, in Poweshiek County cornfield. He was subsequently charged with first-degree murder.

Grace was wrong and it is more common than not. Her “hired gun” stunt failed again, and rather than apologize, correct herself, explain to her audience she may have jumped the gun again, she stayed the course, as turning a man’s life upside down for no reason, was justified. The Grace Effect– this mentality of, “let’s risk the certainty of conviction for an expedient arrest”. Satisfaction is what the masses want after all. Raging and fuming over crime, especially crimes against children, screaming about justice and victims doesn’t give one a free pass to just destroy someone. Yet, in their head, because their motives were for good cause, it was justified. “My bad”.

Though, Nancy Grace of all people, a former prosecutor should know better and set a better tone and example for “the true crime mob”.

Unfortunately, her tone and ideology today was no different as a Fulton County prosecutor. Little do people know, Nancy Grace is fortunate. Her career as a prosecutor was just about to be cut short had she not got an offer for her own show on the new (at the time), “Court TV”. She faced not only disbarment, but much worse for multiple counts of prosecutorial misconduct.

Attorney and legal analyst Jonathan Turley, The Duke Rape Case and Prosecutorial Abuse:

Before becoming a CNN and Court TV anchor, she was a notorious prosecutor in Alabama(he meant Georgia). In a blistering 2005 federal appeals opinion, Judge William H. Pryor Jr., a conservative former Alabama attorney general, found that Grace had “played fast and loose” with core ethical rules in a 1990 triple-murder case. Like Nifong, Grace was accused of not disclosing critical evidence (the existence of other suspects) as well as knowingly permitting a detective to testify falsely under oath. The Georgia Supreme Court also reprimanded her for withholding evidence and for making improper statements in a 1997 arson and murder case. The court overturned the conviction in that case and found that Grace’s behavior “demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness and was inexcusable.” She faced similar claims in other cases. You might have expected Grace to suffer the same fate as Nifong. Instead, she has her own show on CNN, and the network celebrates her as “one of television’s most respected legal analysts.”

– Jonathan Turley; The Duke Rape Case and Prosecutorial Abuse, 2007

Susan Constantine was now on my radar as an “expert” I never heard of in my near thirty years exploring crime and justice. So, I spent a few minutes watching related videos on major networks that featured Susan Constantine. For the most part she was featured in newspapers and news segments talking about the British Royal Family or Hollywood celebrities- big deal. They can hack a quack. Then much to my horror, she had been featured in other cases involving innocent people… just ordinary Joes who never even realized the public’s perception of them would forever change. Based entirely on how a quack presented them.

Here’s the problem, if she started her nonsense about “deception” being “detected” if that person was ever arrested or wrongly accused, the jury could be tainted or even police, who may feel they have to bend the rules to secure a conviction- especially if evidence is minimal or all circumstantial. With no respect for jurisprudence, the law or even basic human decency, she time and time again gave us her “insight”; how wrong she would be.

Unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t aware of her radical anti-gay rhetoric and hate speech.

Runaround Sue: Mainstream ‘Expert’ Disguised as a Jihadist or vice versa?

In one group, Constantine describes herself as a “devout republican” and “woman of a Christian god”, she then blasts the mainstream media for painting an alternate reality “based on loose evidence and suspect sources”. Yet this woman is peddling channel to channel, and network to network that she can “tell deception” by body language- video in montion; all based on a few certificates from a long discredited technique labeled as junk science by scientific consensus and the American Psychological Association (APA). Oh right, because certainly her “online” diploma mills, aren’t qualifications.

Then she has the audacity to appropriate the #MeToo movement to bolster her career and appeal to women in the mainstream. During the Kavanaugh Senate confirmation, on Fox 35 Orlando Constantine is painting Blasey Ford as a hero and then Judge Kavanaugh as deceptive. Yes, she gave a scathing, damning assessment of Justice (then Judge) Brett Kavanaugh. She believed Blasey-Ford. Of course, you didn’t need to be an expert to at least see that Kavanaugh acted like an entitled child, with a temperament unfit to be a paralegal. Yet, she wasn’t being very republican in this “reading”. Perhaps it was because of her audience?

During the day we see Susan Constantine in the middle of a news story on HLN, MSNBC or CNN; she paints a damning illustration of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s marriage. All based on “body language”. This all over her public page to see. Public figures. Fine. It is all stupid gossip. If the media Hollywood section of a news center or show wants to gossip on celebrities and politicians, fine. That is was it’s about, gimmicks-newsworthy scandals and rumors.

Then comes her other face, Constantine suddenly caters and appeals to alt- right-wing radical groups and the GOP like when she at Florida’s capitol, pushing anti-gay legislation to ban what she calls “queer book story hour”. Then when she is on TV, she rips apart Trump’s marriage and his demeanor. Just depends on the network, running around for dollars.

She is playing them, especially. Two faced and no consistency. A dangerous game though… no not political games- that is all bluster. Her one persona, she advocates the persecution of innocent people, based on her ‘expertise’, yet “cares” for the victims. Then her other persona is all about ending “the queer agenda” day in and day out. This is pure hate and it’s destructive. She offers nothing of value or legitimate either way.

Politics and crime isn’t her passion. Hate and bigotry of the LGBTQ community is.

Dateline, CNN, Investigation Discovery, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, Tru TV Fox and Friends, Susan Constantine has been making the rounds. One thing they channels don’t discuss is Susan Constantine’s current radicalization as an anti-LGBTQ and anti-transgender jihadist. They don’t ask her or talk to her about being on the the board, a director of an organization named “Fearless Identity” an anti-homosexual organization of “overcomers” or “people who overcame homosexuality” and their director, Susan Constantine, who promotes “gay conversion therapy” which has been described by the medical community, real professionals, who spent decades in the field and generations of research- as outright dangerous. A threat that increases suicide rates among a demographic that is already in danger of violence, domestic violence, suicide and hate crimes.

If she hasn’t pushed the envelope of hate enough, she once again a year later condones and fantasizes about VIOLENCE against transgenders. Calling them, “the enemy”.

Susan Constantine, claiming that wanting to punch a drag queen in the face is a feeling all too familiar to her. Even referring to the LGBTQ community as “the enemy”

Even if you don’t agree with homosexuality, her obession with homosexuals and transgenders is deeply disturbing. Right in line with Westboro Baptist Church and other groups designated as hate groups by both right and left wing think tanks.

What are Susan Constantine’s ‘Qualifications’ Anyway? She’s….. Simply the Best!

Records show, Susan Constantine was a licensed cosmetologist in Florida until about 2004, when her license expired. Yes, in her mid-forties she had an “ephiany”. We have a partner that lives right where Susan is from. After speaking with some sources, I learned that Susan had got into some trouble writing bad checks once in 2001 and another time in 2003. After checking Seminole County Circuit Clerk records to confirm, sure enough, she had been charged on two separate occasions for writing bad checks or as the prosecutor charged her- “writing worthless checks”, these are crimes of integrity and fraud however, she was not convicted.

But wait! Is that a possible “tell” of what is to come? Perhaps like psychics and mediums, body language experts cannot “read themselves”.

According to her website and profile, Susan Constantine obtained a degree is from University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science Degree In Communications. Now there is nothing wrong with online schools, however, this is far from an “expert’s background”, or academic research education. This was just thirteen or so years ago, and nothing changed. University of Phoenix’s curriculum in their ‘communications’ program does nothing for the field she claims to be in under psychology, psychiatry or research science. Not a single class in that career path. That is according to them. They are not aware of any “deception detection or body language studies undertaken by their communications faculty and students; or any curriculum offered at their institution since its creation”.

On her website Susan Constantine lists her Masters Degree in “Leadership Coaching Psychology” from the “Howard Abel School of Behavioral Science“. Actually her degree is from the “Harold” Abel School of Social and Behavioral Science from Capella University. Capella is a for profit “regionally accredited” online university that is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit. According to the Minnesota’s Office of Higher Education, Capella University received 71 complaints from students between 2013 and 2016. All other schools combined only generated 146 complaints in the same time period. I knew a few people that got degrees from Capella. I can assure you, challenging or leading is nowhere in anyone’s honest description of their program at that school. Neither is classroom instruction or labs. I could get more than a few folks to describe it if needed.

Leadership Coaching Psychology or “Executive Coaching” became one of the biggest trends that emerged at the turn-of-the century(y2k not 1900s, sorry folks, you’re getting old) in “for profit education”. While these coaches hail from the ‘world of psychology’, it is misleading and dishonest, as it is not an actual discipline in the field of psychology or based on any scientific or medical merits, studies or results. Rather than actually coaching someone with an actual psychological disorder or condition, “it more-or-less just reassures the client, usually an executive and/or the board of directors he answers to— that his behavior and actions is either a “unique talent of leadership” or “not their fault”. So, just another get-rich-quick type of scheme where a corporate narcissist and sociopath gets reassurance from someone they pay- that they are always doing things right, and are assured their decisions were “for the best”. In 2002, Harvard Business Review did a write up on “The Very Real Dangers of Execute Coaching”

Notice now, she was never part of some major study, never wrote a dissertation or thesis that is accepted by the APA, or scientific community. No residency. No major psychological or psychiatric certifications. Now imagine if this were your dentist or a neurosurgeon. She is a person who can influence your guilt or innocence based of, well, get this, John Reid Technique– she spent about two or three weeks training in “3 day increments” in more controversial junk science. Merging a questionable “MPsy” ‘masters’ degree in a bogus discipline from a diploma mill, with a communications degree from the nation’s leading online school with a 100% acceptance rate, which has a shady reputation that some employers won’t accept, doesn’t make you a therapist, psychologist or expert. Mixing that education with junk science, doesn’t legitimize junk science.

What is the John E. Reid Technique?

The Reid Technique gained fame for a few years, a detective looking for meaning in his life decided to peddle a series of courses to make individuals who pay money, a “human lie detector”, a “detective who can “extract” the truth from anyone”. This was a crash course- just a few hours. In time there were more courses and advanced “techniques”. The gimmick and scheme was that he took decades of his experience and turned it into a theory, took it down to the barebones in a training program and in hours your were among the best in the nation. Now, he was a respected detective and had an established name. You know, like how George Foreman put his name on some contraption they called “grills”.

Now, if you followed true crime longer than it has been a recent fad, this all probably sounds familiar. This was a controversial problem in the late 80s and 90s, resulting in hundreds of convictions being overturned, due to ‘false confessions’ or ‘coercion’. Suspects admitted guilt, after being drilled hours on end and details leaked by the cops- therefore “knowing details” to confess to.

For over 25 years, legal experts & scholars, universities- Harvard Law Review, North Carolina Law Review, New Mexico Law Review, Tarlton Law Library, etc…, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, CBC, NYPD, LAPD, court decision after court decision, DNA exonerations, Innocence Project, American Psychological Association with dozens of studies, police officers and the list goes on; have not only questioned and criticized the technique, but concluded it is ineffective.

If they have not driven the point home on the Reid Technique being pure not only junk science, the nation’s leading law enforcement consulting group, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates announced it would no longer teach the Reid Technique to law enforcement agencies.

On Monday, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, one of the biggest consulting groups responsible for training law enforcement officers throughout the country, announced that it would no longer use the Reid Technique, the leading interrogation method used by law enforcement throughout the country.

Since it was introduced around 70 years ago, the Reid Technique has led to countless confessions. Alarmingly, as wrongful conviction cases in the past 25 years have shown, not all of those confessions were legitimate. Thirty percent of the people exonerated by DNA in the United States falsely confessed to crimes they didn’t commit. The total number of people who’ve confessed to crimes they did not commit is unknown.

In light of these exoneration cases, in recent years, criminal justice experts have closely examined the Reid Technique and found that its tactics rely overly on deception, coercion and aggressive confrontation to secure confessions. On Monday, Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates expressed that the technique poses far too great a risk to continue to use as a training tool.

– Innocence Project, Leading Police Consulting Group Will No Longer Teach the Reid Technique, 2017

There are those, thousands who would be exonerated by DNA, due to the Reid technique and similar practice and concepts. Including an arrest and subsequent conviction based on a confession obtained by Reid himself.

Those who never had the resources, with pro bono legal services overwhelmed and focused on high-profile cases, thousands of men and women, children even- have spent up to the rest of their lives in prison. Those who took plea bargains to avoid jail so they can get to work, back to their kids and other less serious offenses those whose lawyers could only advise for their clients to take a plea bargain, so they didn’t go to prison, or for a shorter sentence; as the concept of coercion and false confessions was virtually impossible in the minds, eyes and ears of courts nationwide, worldwide, judges, jurors and public.

Until DNA.

When these men and women are exonerated, proven to be innocent, these men and women have not only been robbed of their lives and time they will never get back, but we forget their families have been torn apart, likely lost their fiances, wives, husbands… strangers to their kids, lost their parents, friends.

This technique has been a catalyst in thousands of wrongful convictions and never demonstrated or proven to be effective. The full damage on this concept and technique will never be known, however, one last thing the Innocence Project failed to mention- victims and the families of the murdered

Victims and the families of the murdered- must relive it all over again. Either that the killer is unknown and they are back to square one, or have to deal with the motions of an arrest, learning the suspects, attend court proceedings, go through the motions and eventually a trial.

Fact is, not only is there no science to back up the Reid Technique, it is one of the many techniques and program schemes out of the era that lead to false confessions in the first place.

Now the Reid Technique was not just criticized with no science backing it up. Research actually showed that it’s efficiency was less than a flip of a coin.What does research, science and psychology experts have to say about this?

The trouble with modern interrogation technique, as Marcia would learn, is that, despite its scientific pose, it has almost no science to back it up. Reid and Inbau claimed, for instance, that a well-trained investigator could catch suspects lying with 85 percent accuracy; their manual instructs detectives to conduct an initial, nonaccusatory “behavioral analysis interview,” in which they should look for physical tells like fidgeting and broken eye contact. But when German forensic psychologist Günter Köhnken actually studied the matter in 1987, he found that trained police officers were no better than the average person at detecting lies. Several subsequent studies have cast doubt on the notion that there are any clear-cut behavioral tells. (Truth tellers often fidget more than liars.) In fact, the more confident police officers are about their judgments, the more likely they are to be wrong.

But the scientific case against police interrogations really began to mount in the early 1990s, when the first DNA-based exonerations started rolling in. According to the Innocence Project, a group dedicated to freeing the wrongfully imprisoned, about a third of the 337 people who’ve had their convictions overturned by DNA evidence confessed or incriminated themselves falsely. These and other exonera­tions furnished scientists with dozens of known false-confession cases to study, giving rise to a veritable subfield of social psychology and the behavioral sciences. (At least one confession elicited by John Reid himself—in a 1955 murder case—turned out to be inaccurate; the real killer confessed 23 years later.)

Robert Kolker, 2016, A Severed Head, Two Cops, and the Radical Future of Interrogation

So even Reid himself and his own “expert” contended they have an 85% accuracy rate in obtaining confessions? So, is that enough to send someone to prison for based on their own statistics- which in the end, were completely made up? See just how silly this is? If you follow and put all your faith in the Reid Technique, like the “World’s Leading Expert in Body Language”, it by their own admission is gravely flawed. DNA that has a 90% match isn’t even presented as evidence in court, as no prosecutor would be foolish enough to try it.

Does she have anything else that makes her unique?

Well in her “press kit”, under specialized training she had Behavior Analysis – Independent Researcher. Well, that settles it.

What about other techniques, or studies into “body language” or “deception detection”?

The New York Times did an article about a study by The Department of Homeland Security who had spent over $1 billion training thousands of Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) officers thousands of “behavior detection officers” who look for facial expressions and other nonverbal clues that would identify terrorists. Later, the Department of Justice and hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the nation invested in similar programs and computers. How did that turn out and are we any safer?

Like the rest of us, airport security screeners like to think they can read body language. The Transportation Security Administration has spent some $1 billion training thousands of “behavior detection officers” to look for facial expressions and other nonverbal clues that would identify terrorists.

But critics say there’s no evidence that these efforts have stopped a single terrorist or accomplished much beyond inconveniencing tens of thousands of passengers a year. The T.S.A. seems to have fallen for a classic form of self-deception: the belief that you can read liars’ minds by watching their bodies.

Most people think liars give themselves away by averting their eyes or making nervous gestures, and many law-enforcement officers have been trained to look for specific tics, like gazing upward in a certain manner. But in scientific experiments, people do a lousy job of spotting liars. Law-enforcement officers and other presumed experts are not consistently better at it than ordinary people even though they’re more confident in their abilities.

“There’s an illusion of insight that comes from looking at a person’s body,” says Nicholas Epley, a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago. “Body language speaks to us, but only in whispers.”

John Tierney, “At Airports, a Misplaced Faith in Body Language”, NYTimes March, 2014

Well how good could an “expert”, people trained in these techniques, at the TSA which has a much better program and better qualified professionals teaching these programs than Constantine’s education and training with Reid Technique?

How good are they?

In those studies, people correctly identified liars only 47 percent of the time, less than chance. Their accuracy rate was higher, 61 percent, when it came to spotting truth tellers, but that still left their overall average, 54 percent, only slightly better than chance. Their accuracy was even lower in experiments when they couldn’t hear what was being said, and had to make a judgment based solely on watching the person’s body language.

Rose Eveleth, “The TSA Isn’t Good at Reading Body Language (And Neither are You)”, Smithsonian Magazine March, 2014

47% by experts spotting a liar is less than chance. You are better off detecting lies flipping a damn quarter. Is this the lady you want to select your jury or analyze you over a three minute video on national TV? Is this what you want to base your beliefs on?

Unacceptable. Irresponsible and despicable.

“Truth Extractions” as been tried by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had a vast program in MKUltra and dozens of top Universities that participated with them, covering this subject. Some of these programs and tests lasted decades. Truth serums, lie detectors, human deception detection, LSD, torture… it was not reliable. Some, less than chance. Imagine, someone who tells you that you’re lying, who has a chance less than a quarter flip of being right?

You cannot get into the head of others. Period. The day it happens, I’m sure they’ll have an app for that.

Right now, the mainstream media, podcasts and TV shows, they are angry. They are furious that people challenge their legitimacy, they don’t want to be falsely accused of being biased, or accused of being politically motivated, they want to be taken seriously. Most of the claims about “hit jobs” and “conspiracies” are nonsense, as most of it can be substantiated and they are accurate. Just because your political leanings differ on who you report on, doesn’t mean you’re fabricating it. Yes, that is very much true.

Sadly though, they turn around and put a quack lacking any education or training on a serious segment, that hurt someone- an innocent person. Not celebrity gossip. Not a politician and his marriage “strength” signs. Not a national figure in some funny segment. An ordinary person who might look weird, perhaps not Christian. Or like conventional things like Bibles and warm Uzis(I like Uzis).. Perhaps they have a mental disability or illness, and they appear “off:. They might not even be a good person- but they are not a rapist and killer. Yet, they are a convenient suspect, so people like Nancy Grace can put on a show and scream and yell about how angry they are, that these poor victims and the police need to “get it together”.


Fearless Identity: Susan’s Jihad on Gays

If Constantine, Ruiz and Colon think they are fooling anyone that ‘Fearless Identity’ is just some group that “accepts” everyone, they are sadly mistaken. Clearly, they are trying to grift and pander it at “first” glance as a LGBTQ organization, who attracts people by starting events like “Freedom March” like on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, or during Pride week. Obviously they want people to show up and attend, so they make sure to advertise and show up at Pride. What happens next though is disgusting. They get all these people to attend, make it look like all these people who identify as LGBTQ are ‘overcomers’ for pictures to make their attendance look massive to the general public, as if dozens of gays are “trapped in the gay lifestyle”. How sick is that? The stuggles of an LGBTQ individual, they face for being who they are, many suffer in silence. Instead, Susan and her crew, want to act like straight people are forced into being homosexuality and cannot get out.

Then they turn on the mics and open their mouths. They are an anti-LGBTQ group who two of the leaders were survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting and attempted to blame the shooting on homosexuality.

Luis Ruiz, Susan Constantine and Angel Colon at the Florida State Capitol pushing anti-LGBTQ legislation- “Pro-Family Days”

Look, if they are LGBTQ “tolerant” or non-judgemental as they describe, then why did they inform the media who showed up thinking it was a show of support, that they were not a “LGBTQ” group? Why are they admittedly introducing people to Christ and getting others out of the “gay lifestyle” What about their director Susan Constantine’s language calling transgenders and gays “the enemy” and her promotion of alt-right conspiracies and gay conversion therapy right on their Facebook page?

Why are Colon and Ruiz at “counter Pride” functions? Why are they at their state capitol trying to impose legislation AGAINST the LGBTQ community and others, due to their radical personal beliefs?

Straight up, I really want to believe that Luis Ruiz and Angel Colon are really casualties in this disgusting mess. I’d like to believe because of their religious upbringing and anti-LGBTQ family and culture, the difficulty, and confusion without someone to guide them, no one to understand or accept them, probably told again and again that gays are an abomination- it’s horrible that their whole lives they were just confused and lost. Then a tragedy occurs, forcing them to have a crisis of faith. Forcing them now, to try and find meaning and understanding to the horror, and having survivor’s guilt and making the whole thing work in their head.

This is very dangerous. This is a serious problem, she is not a professional in anything. Nobody is addressing it.

Then again, the impact of their childhood, the shooting -may have left them reeling, having self-hatred, a false consciousness for something they should be proud of and shouldn’t be stigmatized and self-stigmatizing for. They need to be their authentic self first, as they were made, not what they think someone else or some mystic figure wants them to be. Last thing they need is someone like Susan Constantine guiding them. Regardless, Ruiz and Colon need to find peace, they need and deserve to be free. Embrace yourselves, you have one life to live.

It is so sad to think that in all of this, they are friends with a phony, a fraud who likes to play head games, her love of psychology is corrupted like the dark side of the Force. Manipulating, twisting and using these two for her own agenda. And if she is, that is vile- pure evil… she is rotten to the core.

What is happening overall in today’s society though, is the escalation of strong, direct and fear-mongering language that promotes and rationalizes violence and hate. It is on the rise and it is getting bolder and more reckless. As always, the first people targeted and fear-mongering conspiracies are directed at are minorities, especially “Hispanic and Latinos” (regardless if they are American citizens or not, radicals just call them illegals) and homosexuals.

Not very Christ like. This woman and other radicals like her is full of hate. They are dangerous.

The Sound of Silence- (hear the ticking sound?)

We can’t stay silent anymore. We cannot legitimize an extremist, in one area especially psychology to bolster her authority in her extremism . She’s a radical homophobe, spewing anti-gay extremism and conspiracies.

It is unacceptable.

Right on her Facebook page as if she wants “pass off” her “Corporate Leadership Psychology” as a “therapist”, who can talk to transgender youths and homsexuals out of their “gay urges” and “temptations” and she makes no secret her thoughts on the issue. She is an expert afterall.

Susan Constantine who frequents several far alt-right conspiracy groups with a couple of our featured “private investigators”, is now peddling the “detransitioning myth” and the long debunked propaganda behind it. Wild drastic unfounded claims of sexualizing children.

What are the “facts” though? Is “detransitioning” even real and if so, “rampant”? According to Constantine of ‘Fearless Identity’, it is a “major crisis”, majority of transgender people that go through a procedure, that usually takes years, are suddenly ‘trapped’ and without help (I know)?

According to a 2002 study with Stonewall(an advocacy group) found less than 1% detransition, and the people get support.

Well it looks like Stonewall was kinda misrepresenting that less than 1%.

In a much larger and major scientific study by the National Institute of Health it was…. much less. They found only 62 out of 22,725, or .03% look to detransition.

…peer-reviewed studies indicate that the number of trans patients who detransition is incredibly rare. According to a 2002 study quoted in a recent Stonewall report, “less than 1% of 3398 patients who accessed NHS support went on to detransition.”

More recently, a 2018 study surveyed plastic surgeons from around the world who, between them, had treated approximately 22,725 patients. Of this number, only 62 had sought detransition – less than 0.3% in total.

-National Institute of Health

Yes, you have a better chance of getting struck by a bolt of lightning.

Sure, I get it. We have those biblical types that claim that “we/I don’t hate homosexuals”, they are just an abomination to the Lord. So when 9/11 happens, hurricanes hit or a mass shooter walks in and slay innocent people, because “of the gays”, we get “terrorism and death comes to America”. When people hear that, they get the idea that something needs to be done. Then we get people like Susan Constantine, who uses language like calling them “enemies” or “blaming them for stealing her daughter”. Again, it sounds like something out of North Korea or some manifesto.

Thankfully, we have a body language expert who can decipher exactly what an invisible man in the sky means through these type of “messages in a bottle” of chaos, death and destruction.

We really don’t have time for this, and don’t need this woman on TV. Blaming for crimes they didn’t commit, she never apologizes or explains herself. Then they give her a platform, that introduces their audiences to a bigot. An anti-LGBTQ radical.

These are teenagers, these are young men and women who have a very hard road even today. The statistics tell us, they they tells just how vulnerable, scared and confused they are, we don’t need anymore hocus pocus. That has been tried. These teens and young people are in the highest risk group, Susan’s own daughter- and she responds with hate and intolerance. The biggest problem in the world is, “queer book hour”. They don’t need the added hate and rhetoric and we certainly don’t need the mainstream media legitimizing this woman.

Dateline, CNN, Investigation Discovery, ABC, CBS, NBC,MSNBC, Discovery Channel, Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, Tru TV Fox and Friends, Susan Constantine has been making the rounds and not a single media outlet has pressed her on her credentials which is being used for murders. Then her public homophobic comments.


To think, she has been on TV for years now as a “World’s Leading Expert” in anything is dangerous. But to think it is being used for crime and justice, for entertainment? No, we cannot get this wrong. This has to change. We deserve better than this junk. It might be entertaining until it happens to you or your children. But, if so, we’ll be here to call her out.

Look, this isn’t gossiping about Star Wars or some actor’s love life. These are people, some living check to check, who can’t afford attorneys or get security to protect themselves. When something so tragic, disturbing and life altering hits these little towns or communities in the big city, we don’t need a former prosecutor with a long history of badgering innocent people and what really equates to be a modern day alchemist egging this on with Oujia boards and magic potions. The true crime world is packed with lynch mobs as it is and it legitimizes her and introduces people to her extremist beliefs.

Her obsession with gays, the “enemy”?

Enemy? That in itself is appalling.

It may be her belief, but it is a fact, you cannot will away homosexuality nor does gay conversion therapy work. Studies have shown people who repress or attempt gay conversion therapy can be dangerous.

“From 2007 to 2009, the American Psychological Association conducted a review of all the literature on efforts to change sexual orientation. Judith Glassgold, the chair of the task force that produced the report, said the group found no scientific evidence that ex-gay therapy works.

In fact, they found that it runs the risk of making patients anxious, depressed, and at times suicidal.

-Judith Glassgold Chair of the task force, American Psychological Association (APA)

Her comments about gays and to her daughter are outright deplorable.

Whether you believe the “good book” or not, one thing I do know, anyone that obsessed and focused on a subject, with that much hate, is a dangerous person. She is a motivated person. This is just one step from becoming a disaster as we are watching in real time a woman who is radicalizing.

Yet, she is on national television, promoted at “the best there is”, just “Philling in the blanks” for us.

Unbelievable. Absolutely disgusting and shameful.

Sources and Further Reading:

Tierney, John. “At Airports, a Misplaced Faith in Body Language.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 23 Mar. 2014,

Jonathan Turley

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