Credibility: DENIED! Part 2: A Feud is Born- Tales of the ‘Factually Challenged’

Doesn’t everyone want to know the truth? What is it? And Why Haven’t You Told Us Everything?


Not everyone wants the truth. Yes, you just read that. Read it again. Let’s face, majority of cases like this are tragic, but when all is said and done, there rarely is a conspiracy involved. Few answers, is not proof of wrongdoing. Odds are, if there was misconduct or a crime, evidence of such would have surfaced by now. Only time will tell. So you pump the brakes. Sadly, some see this as opportunity, others with not much going on have something to do. Flat Earth types? Well this is right up their alley.

Today, I am releasing what we do know & have. The next few pieces are my(personal), last words on the Karlie Guse case regarding the troll site, bogus allegations from “Karlie’s Angels” while using the ACJ brand. Unless there are new developments, from a reputable source- it is all hearsay and hopeless conjecture. When you hear something from the trolls, the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob disguised as “Karlie’s Angels”, while using our brand, just ask, “let’s see the proof?”

What business detailed the Guse car three days after Karlie disappeared?

Not one within 100 miles of Bishop.

Wendy replied, “I was just joking getting them worked up”

Are you kidding me, those people will salivate waiting in agony with bated breath? Is this a goddamn joke?

No. As long as Karlie is gone, for some, as long as she is missing, there is money to be made pushing a conspiracy. Michael Boone Private Investigator and now Power of Attorney over Karlie Guse’s biological mother- Lindsay Fairley, orchestrated an attack on search and rescue volunteers, defamed a drone search team, personally refused assistance and insulted Texas Equusearch and others saying they weren’t vetted, to prevent and discredit any attempts to find Karlie Guse. The organized search efforts ceased from then on.(Sourced and vetted)

If Karlie is found, the ruse is up. It is that simple. Regardless of your opinions of anyone, why prevent the search, use your own search party. They don’t want her found. They’ve done everything to prevent that. Again, three professional organizations with “impeccable” records, proven track records services were refused and then insulted by Michael Boone who called saying he was Fairley’s “Power of Attorney”. Something no one in the industry has heard of. One of those organizations was none other than Texas Equusearch (Sourced, vetted)

Lindsay Fairley, Karlie’s bio mom has a long history of frequenting conspiracy theory boards. She was sold about the Guse conspiracy.(Numerous conversations uncovered and on record)

In short, for those that don’t want to read all the BS, what is undisputed, not a single source, witness, individual disputing this information, Karlie Guse walked out of her house that fateful morning and disappeared. Obviously you have three witnesses, “impeccable” witnesses as described by Michael Boone. They were called “reputable” by Bishop PD Detective Jared Waasdorp. Mono County Sheriff Ingrid Braun essentially confirms this in the last major press conference.

Witnesses that would have seen this ‘mystery woman’, said to be Melissa Guse by the trolls, which is completely made up. No one saw, a man or woman running back towards White Mountain Estates that morning. That 40 minutes it takes to walk to and from where Karlie was last seen(in rough terrain and half dressed in 30 to 40 degree weather), during the time to get back to the Guse residence, well nothing even suggests it occurred. It is completely assumed amid conjecture and lies which theories are built on it. As others were leaving the subdivision and some coming back within that window of time, even before and after, no one saw anyone return. No activity is reported at the Guse residence at anytime.(Sourced)

It is tragic, but it happens. This is not “unusual” or “unheard of”. And like any other case, such as Brandon Lawson, Keith Reinhard, Roy Gricar, etc.. there are thousands more, when people don’t have answers and they spend all their time in Facebooks groups, bonding, it becomes a central focus in their life. They are examining every little detail and hyper-analyzing audio, videos, nuances, what happened in the blink of an eye- much like the shootout at the OK Corral. Something that might have lasted 30 seconds, and people act as if there is all this “thought, and what were they thinking, their agenda”.

Our investigation would further uncover that Michael Boone produced pornography with his pornstar girlfriend De’Bella or Debbie Schwartz. She was featured in a New York Times Article in 2006, The Greying of the Naughty, by Sharon Waxman.

Schwartz shot to fame (somewhat), at least was on the periphery of the B-list pornstars. This was most likely due to her age being 50, and the controversy surrounding her. She left Colorado’s State Parole Board to work as a mature adult film star, even more bizarre- her husband at the time, was Larry Schwarz, who was elected to Colorado’s General Assembly. According to the article, “he supported her decision”. Probably the money too.

Today, they are no longer married and he was appointed Judge of the 10th District Court of Colorado.

Not long after, she met Michael Boone who claimed to be the head of a major security firm, except, he was broke. He suddenly had a vision, a dream, an “epiphany”, Boone wanted to become a producer of pornography. They opened three pornography companies, ACJ obtained the articles of incorporation with his signature from the Secretary of State, his partner(s) and Debbie Schwartz. We also obtained his signatures for his security companies at the time. The agreement was, Boone would manage the business, she would manage the talent. According to numerous sources and records, the businesses was mismanaged and talent wasn’t getting paid.

He ran this venture into the ground effectively killing De’Bella’s career in the process. De’Bella opted to move on, because she was fine without Boone and could make money, however, De’Bella’s daughter, Jewel De’Nyle, also an adult film star, raised allegations of  prior sexual against Debbie’s former husband and that Debbie knew, and did nothing about it. A very personal and tragic matter, that Michael Boone would take to porn websites, forums and message boards making public the specific details, solely to retaliate against Schwartz. This forced the two to come forward and make public statements.

Schwartz’s career never recovered. Boone decided to be a PI again.

boone, debella jeremy

Pictured above from left to right: Boone, Schwartz and the legend, Ron Jeremy

The Boone Investigation was the result of travelling to three states, myself, speaking to those who knew Michael Boone(and an associate of his) and worked with Michael Boone and were in relationships with Michael Boone. While Michael Boone wanted to release Travis Moore’s restraining order that was cleared, as Travis needed a security clearance to travel to Iraq, Boone failed to mention the numerous liens against him, judgements for non payment, back taxes and lawsuits together exceeding $1 million.

Michael Boone must have forgotten the Order of Protection issued against him in Orange County, California. When I originally released it, he said to our Facebook page in response to me, that it was all a lie. I’ve volunteered and helped many women in domestic violence situations, helped with getting documents together, filing Order of Protections, etc. Of the 100 or so, maybe more maybe less, I’ve never in my life read anything like that. His responses and behavior, the way he tries to manipulate, distort, share personal information to make her appear nasty and so on. 

Never. I read thousands more in case I’ve researched. Nothing like that in my life.

Boone also failed to mention the bogus allegations he made against a former girlfriend from Phoenix, who in the process of leaving him, was arrest for fraud for cashing her own paychecks. Yes, they were business partners and she was cashing a regular check, he went to the police and claimed she “forged them”, had her arrested, terminated their partnership and fled, while she sat in jail.

This brave woman, refused a simple plea deal and proceeded to fight these bogus and malicious allegations, she wasn’t found, “not guilty”- but exonerated of all charges.

Boone is a habitual liar, narcissistic and capable of most including murder. When I was involved with him my legal team found information that was sealed we couldn’t get to it but he was involved in a murder of some sort . That’s why he’s no longer with the police department. the porn business sultry productions he had it put in Debbie’s name and she had over $100,000 IRS lien against her. 

Former Girlfriend of Michael Boone

Compelling, but American Crime Journal had already found this information regarding the murder(it will be released in a following article shortly) as we spoke with former East Palo Alto Police Officers on why Mr. Boone’s dream of being a career law enforcement officer, known as a lifer, came to an abrupt and tragic end.

Where are the screenshots of this Mr. Moore? Screenshots? The hell with those. I traveled to Nevada and Arizona, spoke with former associates, girlfriends, ex-employees and obtained state and government records. If it weren’t over a dozen people, some who never met each other, I guess you could say they’re all lying. Time and time again- same course of conduct, the same behavior we see in the Guse case.

Why is this man sniffing around for a missing 16 year-old girl?

Why would a mother keep him on the case? Maybe cause any other PI would tell her the truth instead of feeding the paranoia.

Why would a woman, supposedly a devout Christian woman- who supposedly rescued children from child sex trafficking, which many are forced into making pornography, a woman stricken with cancer, not vet this man and have him in this case, cover for his ass and then protect him to save face?

Is this real? Deplorable. Shameful. Disgusting.

What about our dealings with Mr. Michael Boone

Quick backstory, early on, the wrong Damion Moore, a gentleman from South Carolina was doxxed, due to faulty information given to the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob, by a Joshua Freeman and Private Investigator J. Michael Boone. Since I lived in South Carolina at one time, they assumed he was me. The man was called pure filth because of the color of his skin, received repeated phone calls from dozens of folks, death threat, racist and despicable things- until the plug was pulled and I had to inform the doxxers, it is me you want.

This man called me upset, wanting to know what I did they someone would hate me so much, that there would be this collateral damage. Answer is, the truth. They are covering from their own illicit activities. No, we’re not talking about the flat earthers, that are in the lynch mob. The very few people who have something to gain from this and are furious, that they were exposed.

After he was called, our website’s admin contacted one evening, over 70 comments and messages from 12 IPs(12 people) bombarded our site with racist, derogatory statements attacking other commenters, myself and some of the families. None have anything to do with the Guse case. Due to their incompetence in not understanding the about us link, my profile linked to the articles on the website and other sites I contribute to, they assumed I was black, and thought they could trigger me by acting in that manner.

In reality, they exposed themselves. Private Investigators Michael Boone & Lynda Bergh, Mr. Freeman, Gayle and others, stood by this conduct, laughed and thought it would ‘silence me’. These are professionals?

This cause many folks to leave their group. Michael Boone earlier had asked anyone and everyone to release information on Travis Moore he obtained through an illegal background check he ran, which Boone later claims Once confronted, that Joshua Freeman, was “joking around on his account”.

Exhibit 1.a

December 5, 2018 J. Michael Boone Doxxed Travis Moore, asking someone to post the information in groups all over Facebook

Exhibit 1.b

Michael Boone Asking Random Individuals to Doxx Travis Moore and refusing to partake in his activity

Folks, that is what the imposter site does, and it comes from their leaders and these exploiters, who have done nothing but tried to hijack this case. It is unacceptable. You don’t have to agree, or like me or people searching for Karlie. Search yourself. And there are dozens of incidents like this which people whom have no affiliation with us had to deal with.

“Karlie’s Angel’s Already Getting the Facts Wrong and Not Sending Out the “Sanctioned Message”(but they didn’t talk to Lindsay at all?)

Exhibit 1.a

Interesting, I can count 14 lies and misrepresentation in this alone.

I can count 14 lies and misrepresentations alone in the above screenshot of our imposter site. I will focus on two significant ones, because it affects the “special investigator ‘cesspool’. I’m willing to bet the anonymous author(so they think) didn’t speak to anyone involved or who knows these people.

Let’s see!

Exibit 1.b

Look at that(read it again), Lindsay Fairley is irate, and rightfully so! So, this “Roxanne Walter” and her clone site of ACJ(often imitated, never duplicated), who props Lindsay up on a pedestal and thinks she is getting in good with Lindsay by peddling her paranoid conspiracy bullshit, who never talked to about her “autoimmune disorder” and “being in recovery”? This is like going to Chinatown trying to get a taste of Korean culture, and then try to educate fools on it. And they eat it up. I wouldn’t want a readership that stupid and with those sub-standards. Tabloids have higher standards.

They were winning until…….

Then to top it off, we have Crazy Wendy Sullivan who rampage tagged everyone to come see this shit show blow up (lulz), thinking to herself, “oh boy, oh boy, they are going to love this, finally a platform after Fox News, Dr. Phil, Mono County Sheriff’s Office, CNN, FBI, ACJ, several podcasts joined the murdering evil stepmom, we are on the charts BABY, YEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!, this is it! They’ll listen now!”

Only to be explaining herself to Lindsay again (lulz)!

The excuse? That “someone lied to them”, of course, we’ll get the blame. And we’ll take it. They lied to her? So, what the hell? They didn’t fact check this with someone close to Lindsay? Call Lindsay and say hey, you got AIDS and you’re a druggie? Call her “power of Attorney” J. Michael Boone, a disgraced former police officer and former pornographer, and ask him? They ALL have his phone number. This is how Boone works. Call Boone. He answers as Leon. Once he knows you’re not a bill collector, he’ll call ya back! (true story)

Did Roxanne Walter publicly retract the story, explaining why this failed a basic integrity test? How she though blogging a case was “getting the truth out”. Can’t wing it folks, this is work. You cannot hide behind a computer and get to the bottom of shit. I thought these people wanted the truth, looks to me they just write whatever the fuck they want, whatever version they agreed on in a discussion today. Scientology promos have more truth in it.

That is not how this works folks.

That is a flat Earth echo chamber, I am sick and tired of embarrassing and dunking these fools. Do not send me anything else from this disgrace.

I don’t watch Scientology shit either.

Now we know Crazy old Wendy is involved in the making of this site, and she has claimed:

Danielle Carter(drunken, disgraced ex-chief’s wife) told her, that “Melissa had her car detailed, 3 days after Karlie disappeared”. Gayle had Melissa in jail in twenty minutes. When Carter got called out, she denied it flat out and called Wendy “a liar”. So, Wendy started reporting that “she spoke to the owner, and knows for a fact, Melissa Guse had her car detailed 3 days after Karlie disappeared”.

I can confirm that no such owner said such a thing, nor has a shop. Now, if they want to drop that shop name and the owner’s name, do it. I want you to, for a good reason. Perhaps I missed one. And I’ll report and retract, you have my word. Mail me.

Danielle Carter folks, residents of Bishop, just ask your city council about Rossy v. City of Bishop, and who the ‘Does’ were in the suit. That no one seems to know about. Government transparency. Trust me, me seen it with Chicago, things ain’t much better there. Maybe worse, because we know our dirt. And Roxanne critiques Mono County Sheriff’s Office?

Wait, but Wendy said, “she was joking”. Who jokes about that? Trash. Racist white trash(yep, I heard it). Is this someone you want affiliated with your “website”. Is this a website you call, “reliable”? Crazy Old Wendy, is that where you want your information? Now, do you want something that is just gonna tell it like it is, even if you don’t like it, or you want me to lie to you?

Pure fiction folks. Pure fiction. No standards, they don’t give a shit about anyone or anything. Then they panic and retract it, cause Lindsay is going ballistic? If I publish something factual, it stays, we don’t “blame internet people”.

You don’t like me personally, because you don’t like that I’m not feeding you what you want to hear. See folks, here is the fundamental difference, I have no dogs in the race. If Sheriff Braun arrested Melissa tomorrow, that is just what it is. If there is evidence, and a crime was committed, damn right. More importantly, it goes the opposite way, No evidence, no rush to judgement. Do these people think for a moment, you really could be tormenting an innocent woman, who loves that child? What if you are wrong.

If I’m wrong, I ain’t put no one through hell(don’t say it either, that sex offender shit don’t fly. You leave your child for a sex offender, I don’t care if it’s Jesus)

Think about that. Tells you a lot about these people’s characters. Their intent. Their heart. But if it were them, if they lost a child or had one missing and was put through hell, I’d be here asking, where is the evidence?

I take insult to this as well. They perpetuated that we “ridiculed and mocked Lindsay for her ‘auto-immune disease and drug treatment”.

You can use our search feature and look through 380,000 words, no such mention of Lindsay Fairley’s drug treatment and auto-immune disease is on this site, except now, telling you it didn’t happen.

Notice how they play up this martyrism too?

On a Final Note, just the Facts Now-

No. Lindsay didn’t hide her drug addiction from Karlie or anyone for that matter. Anyone who knows Lindsay, knows she don’t give a fuck.

One of Lindsay’s last messages with Karlie was about getting high and drug use(some recovery there). Lindsay was with a gentleman named Shuler. Maybe Boone can clear that up for us, or the Sheriff look into it, his record is well, not impressive.

You can stop with the co-parenting BS too. Lindsay Fairley relinquished custody of one of her children to live with a convicted sex offender. Then married him.

We do chastise her for that. It is deplorable. We are unbiased. We are not neutral when it comes to sex offenders. While there are a few BS charges like public urination and guys been railroaded like that, this isn’t one of those.

On a final note about this, if Karlie came home today, you can stop with any and all fantasies that Lindsay would “take Karlie home and care for her”. The man she married, sexually abused a girl Karlie’s age.

Sorry, wouldn’t happen folks. Wouldn’t happen.

Quoting Karlie’s friend, “When Karlie said mom, it meant Melissa to me. Melissa was mom to Karlie”.

You care about Karlie? What would she think about saying the things you’ve said to the woman that raised her?

NEXT: CREDIBILITY:DENIED Part 3(stuck between two I can’t decide which to release as part three, this is getting good)

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  1. It’s interesting as I had, I guess you could call, a “gut feeling” after watching a few videos last night and was looking for information through search engine of Tim Ballard and ran into this site, a site I had previously never heard of mind you. I read your stories about TB which, by the way, were well written and I walked away thinking said gut feeling had been validated and I would need to look into some other things once I got back online later today. So I laid down and tried to get a few hours of rest but couldn’t do so and ended up deciding to read another story here and long story short, that is what led me to this issue here. Perhaps out of boredom or perhaps it was simply meant to be but frankly I have never believed in coincidences. I write “coincidences” because after reading your stories here (both parts) I was strangely reminded about an issue from a few years back related to Jessica Chambers where very similar tactics, behavior by a similar type of “mob”, page duplications, and quite literally exact methods of counter responses when called out. I guess you would have to be there to fully understand but, sufficed it to say, what you just wrote was basically like stepping into a time machine and remembering that entire circus that I lurked on while trying to find relevant facts about an existing issue. One other thing to add on that, the names behind those pages and all that crap back then were all along of lines of “Alex Smith” or “Andy Stone” or “Jenny Davis”. Clearly fake social media accounts by every normal standard.

    Very long story short I now am finally laying down to get my few hours of rest and I can’t shake the question in my mind of if the same group goes from issue to issue, follows the same patterns, creates the same funding pages (not sure if that happened in this case, I am assuming), follows the same tactics and so on and so forth. I am of course not saying that is the case but on its face it certainly raised my eyebrows to the point where I am making this post which is pretty much unheard of for me in regards to ever writing anything online. But I digress and again, well written articles, and you earned yourself a new follower eager to read new content for what it is worth. Be well.

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