The Arrest of Earl Venton Buchanan

Founded on an elaborate scam to dupe donors and stolen valor, court records and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol reports leaves Tim Ballard’s “Origin Story” in shambles. Ballard’s “Origin Story” was made into the feature film Sound of Freedom. Said to be “the most important film of the 21st Century”. Mel Gibson appears to be out in financing the now debunked film, used to defraud investors and donors.

Editor’s note: WARNING: Discretion is advised. The Court Records and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Reports contain graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse. While these records are public record and can be obtained from federal databases and through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, we will be redacting the last name of the victim (who is now an adult).

“People don’t forget the the truth. They forget their lies”

Those were the very first words out of Professor Lippold’s mouth in his “Introduction to Interviews and Interrogations” class, let’s just say a long time ago. He went on to say, “if you take away one thing from this class, it’s just that”.

His words are no truer than it is today when it comes to Tim Ballard.

Just over a month ago, an elated Tim Ballard went live before a raving pedophile obsessed MAGA and QAnon audience that were spewing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories while fawning over Tim. Without hesitation, he played a very brief clip of an O.U.R. hat wearing Mel Gibson flying a helicopter. There was an upcoming special announcement in the next few days.

Sound of Freedom had found a distributor. At least that is what Tim perpetuated and how the audience interpreted it.

Except all things Operation Underground Railroad and Tim Ballard either never materializes or it never happened.

On July 24, Lynn Packer’s damning report revealed that “Tim’s Story” and Operation Underground Railroad so-called Genesis was founded lies and deception and people were defrauded on the basis of these lies.

O.U.R.’s Origin Myth Lynn Packer

Now Mel Gibson is nowhere to be found and Tim deleted the video clip of Mel Gibson and “the big announcement.

Just like clockwork, any time Tim Ballard is caught lying and defrauding investors and donors, both he and O.U.R. deletes any and all traces of their fraudulent claims and pretends it never happened or claims victory. That is because O.U.R. supporters are cut from the same cloth as QAnon and MAGA cultists who never bother to fact check anything anyway and Ballard never again addresses the issue to his followers. Never once has Tim Ballard or Operation Underground Railroad issued a correction or update in the face of irrefutable proof. If supporters and donors ask in the comment sections of their YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos and posts, the comment “disappears”. If they are critics or just people that press the issue not willing to take silence as an answer, they are banned and blocked.

Ballard and his cronies have mastered the art of virtually putting their fingers in their ears and screaming “LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!” when it comes to any and all scrutiny, that is because they know their supporters are caught in the human trafficking hysteria, and everyone is in on it, well just the usual suspects, Jews, Satanic democrat pedophiles, the Clintons and of course, George Soros.

For nearly a decade, Tim Ballard enjoyed insulation that the LDS Church provided him in Utah and free publicity from Utah media. Ballard never received pushback for even the most unbelievable of claims. He was after all, being touted by the Attorney General of Utah, Sean Reyes and none other than M. Russell Ballard (no relation) who is Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for the LDS Church.

Like LDS apologetics, Ballard is not used to dealing with facts and reality, especially when there is pushback and you’re in a debate. He’s used to just telling stories and asking jump shot questions. Because of this, he’s enjoyed the luxury and has not been conditioned to think or act in the face of adversity, or people who have lived the very things he talks about, but clearly knows nothing about.

This is why when Ballard tells a story, even in the same day, it changes drastically, because the focus is himself. Would he care to actually learn “Liliana’s” age and where she from from?

Would Ballard actually learn something about the human trafficking “industry” and do something about? Especially with over $50 million in liquidity? No. He’s had over ten years to do that. It’s easier to use the same movie scripts, 80’s action movies troupes and lift a case or two other people worked and risked life and limb to save a child’s life. To do anything else is not what Tim is interested in. From day one, he wanted to be in T.V. and movies.

One Critical Mistake

In July of 2020, on Lewis Howes podcast, Tim Ballard once again vividly recalled “Tim’s Story” going into great detail about the 2006 arrest of a “child sex trafficker” and the rescue of the boy who Glenn Beck named “Pedro” back in 2014, when O.U.R. went public.

Tim has told the story dozens of times over the years, but as Sound of Freedom‘s release neared, the details changed radically. Regardless, this is O.U.R.’s Genesis, their lore. This is Tim Ballard’s “Golden Plates” (Yes, during a Mormon Truth propaganda tour, Ballard compared this rescue as being just like Joseph Smith discovering the Golden Plates) He was with Homeland Security, and the rescue and arrest is what what Tim has called “providence”, and “his commission” and divine inspiration for Operation Underground Railroad. He quit his cozy job at Homeland Security, putting his wife and children’s financial security at risk. He had to mortgage his house to save the sister of this boy Pedro, deep in the jungle, infiltering a cartel and killed the drug lord, but not before saving Pedro’s sister.

Then he made a mistake.

Tim Ballard named the trafficker. “His name is Earl Buchanan, you can look up the case, Google it or whatever”. Never had Tim or Glenn Beck, OUR, Utah media, LDS Living, named an alleged victim or perpetrator (which is suspect).

Tim Ballard EXPLAINS THE ISSUE Of Human Trafficking- Lewis Howe Podcast

For nearly a decade, Tim Ballard has been extremely evasive about Operation Underground Railroad’s rescues and the “suspects they help arrest or arrested themselves”. Understandably Tim doesn’t name the kids he claims he rescued, to protect their privacy (but when you rescued teenagers years ago, it’s odd that not at least handful out 5,000 come out to publicly thank the white man who saved their life, and demanded that the man who played Jesus Christ, (Tim didn’t know his name) in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, play him when they make a movie about his story)

Even worse, for a man who claims to have rescued 5,000 children from child sex trafficking, you’d figure he’d have a handful of true stories to tell at fundraisers and during podcast, at least true stories that he and Operation Underground Railroad was involved with.

Well over a dozen human trafficking cases Tim Ballard has used over the years to market and to sell himself and Operation Underground Railroad have proven to either be completely fabricated, or Tim Ballard and O.U.R. had nothing to do with.

Nothing was more disguising and obscene than when he claimed to have rescued “Liliana”, a girl who rescued herself and who O.U.R. had nothing to do with her rescue or aftercare. Ballard and Glenn Beck didn’t stop there though. No, it wasn’t enough that they used her story, embellishing and fabricating the story further in order to bring in millions of more dollars.

They peddled a Valentine’s Day E-Card on O.U.R.’s website, claiming it was designed by “the child” (who was well into her twenties)

According to Tim Ballard, it all started in 2006 with the rescue of a five year-old boy and the arrest of a “human trafficker” who kidnapped him from Mexico when he was an infant. As the alleged “trafficker” was going through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Calexico West Port of Entry to get back into the United States. Although Ballard was working with Homeland Security’s Investigations Division, he saw the boy as they were passing through the border and recognized him. It was the very child that was being sexually abused on a VHS tape that was recovered and was given to Tim during an intel brief.

Ballard stops the vehicle, and the five year-old boy jumps out and into Tim’s arms and tells him, “I don’t belong here”. A child who was kidnapped as an infant, sexually abused his whole life knows he doesn’t belong there? Really? In one version of Tim’s Genesis Story on Lewis Howes podcast in 2020, Tim recounts vividly, “The kid inherently knew we were the good guys, so he runs to us and jumps in our…, in my arms. He’s holding me and shaking, and I’m like oh my gosh, does he speak English? Does he speak Spanish? Maybe both, I don’t know.. He spoke perfect English which was haunting to me because he had been with this guy as it turns out- he was taken as an infant”

The boy Pedro, then took off his necklace, and tried to give it to Tim. Of course, Ballard wasn’t going to take the necklace. But it was his sister’s and she had been kidnapped too and was being trafficked somewhere in South America. He made Tim promise him to find his sister and bring her back. As you listen to Tim recount the story to Lewis Howe, he says they boy was taken as a infant and been with this man, this trafficker, Earl Buchanan. Tim has said the same thing dozens of times, without anyone asking, “so when did the sister give him this necklace”?

Well because it doesn’t matter. That’s why.

But as the Sound of Freedom was getting ready to be released, suddenly it went from Pedro jumping out of the van and into to Tim’s arms saying, “I don’t belong here” to, Tim and his team executing a raid at a compound, and the boy ran to Tim and said, “I don’t belong here”.

It gets even better! Tim had put this necklace in his pocket. He forgot about it and one of his kids found the necklace. And said hey, “Where did this necklace come from?”, the kid too young to understand the full complexity of the situation, so Tim though about what to say, (as if he ever had a problem make shit up on the whim before) and told his kid what he could. The kid says, “but hey, did you know this necklace has your name on it?”. Tim, in shock, looks at the necklace and sure enough, it had a verse from 1 Timothy.

It gets so much better! He couldn’t possibly make this up. So, Tim asked the producers of Sound of Freedom not to include the necklace storyline in the film, because he thought “nobody would believable it”.

IMDB Sound of Freedom Trivia

This is a man who campaigned on this story for years, fundraiser after fundraiser and had no problem telling anyone and everyone who had a checkbook, credit/debit card or a podcast this story.

There is a reason why. Tim knows this movie will be going outside of LDS and MAGA, Qanon radicals who eat this shit up all the time. Ballard knows that once it goes outside his “safe place”, people will call bullshit, because again, there is no other possible way to sugarcoat this. Tim is deliberately lying.

Yet, he, Glenn Beck, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Tony Robbins, members of the LDS Church peddled these bogus “replicas” of this necklace that “Pedro” or who we will now call Jose, gave him. For years, Tim and his cronies defrauded donors into believing they were purchasing a necklace that was given to Tim under the commission of God.

Despite it all, we did what exactly what Tim said to do. Even better! We got the case documents of Earl Buchanan’s arrest. And just like Joseph Smith, there is nothing to substantiate Tim Ballard’s claims. And just like “the witnesses”, Glenn Beck, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, the LDS Church and Utah journalists have corroborated and peddled “Tim’s Story” which made him a real life “80’s action star” with a body count.

All of them benefitted financially, politically and professionally from the $100 million non-profit.

It also serves as the source material for Sound of Freedom, a film that has been described by Glenn Beck, Tim Ballard, Jim Caviezel and QAnon guru Juan O. Savin as, “the most important film in the 21st century”.

The most important film of the 21st century, is a knock off of Mark Lester’s 1985, film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano and the entire Taken franchise starring Liam Neeson rolled into one?

Just like the “Liliana” case, it is absolutely disgusting and deplorable that Tim Ballard would try to steal the valor from the agents that actually did their job and not try to profit from a child that has been sexually abused for years. The heroes in this story are Border Patrol Agents Pina, Apolinar and Ruiz. Ballard was given the evidence after the arrest. There were no machine guns. Nobody was killed, no shootouts. The was no magic, divine intervention or rescue. There was no human trafficking. This was a typical case of pedophilia, which a family friend abused the child.

One last time. There is no way to sugarcoat it. Tim Ballard is deliberately lying and doing so to make a profit. The entire foundation of his his organization was build on a lie, Tim Ballard has created elaborate hoaxes to scam people and profit off the human trafficking hysteria and exploit Mormons and QAnon believer’s culture, paranoia and fears for his own personal gain. Here it is, in black and white.. literally. Tim Ballard still has the audacity to act as if there is no reason to even question him.

Included is two U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Reports and U.S. District Court Filing for the Defendant’s Motion to Suppress (which details the case and testimony)


  • Earl Venton Buchanan was not a “human trafficker” or “child sex trafficker”. He was pedophile. This is a typical case of pedophilia where the victim or perhaps we should say that family members are really groomed as well.
  • The five year-old victim was not “kidnapped”. Buchanan was a lifelong friend of the family. The victim’s grandmother knew Buchanan since he was young.
  • The five year-old victim was not a Mexican, but an American. So was his sister.
  • The victim’s sister was not kidnapped or trafficked. She was at home with her grandmother when Border Patrol called to ask if she had given Buchanan permission to take the boy out of the country. She fully corroborated Buchanan’s story without speaking to him, as he was in custody.
  • Tim Ballard did not rescue the 5 year-old boy nor was he “rescued”. Earl Buchanan forgot to bring Jose’s birth certificate or other identification upon returning to the United States, so a Border Patrol agent asked him to pull into the Vehicle Secondary Inspection area, which is protocol and procedure when someone doesn’t not have identification.
  • While in the Vehicle Secondary Inspection area, the boy seemed comfortable with Buchanan and sat on his lip in the driver’s seat.
  • Border Patrol agents began searching Buchanan’s vehicle as per procedure. According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol policy, if an occupant in a vehicle claims to be a citizen but has no identification, they search the vehicle to see if there is evidence of a person or persons not being a U.S. citizen or evidence that they are. They also search for contraband, weapons and narcotics.
  • During the inspection, one agent uncovered a handheld camera and played the tape inside. This is to see if it is functional and not concealing drugs. Also per policy it is to see if the occupants are in the video, what language they speak and what they are doing (does it appear to be a vacation video?, do they appear not to be from the United States, etc..)
  • Upon playing a second tape, video showed what appeared to be an older man molesting the child in the vehicle. Buchanan was taken into to custody, and the victim was noticeably shaken and became upset when they separated him from Buchanan
  • Per policy, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol uncovers evidence of a crime within the United States, they contact their parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Agents made contact with the grandmother and she was aware he was with Buchanan and said they were on a trip to Mexico to visit the boys father.
  • Border Patrol agents contacted the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Division
  • Tim Ballard arrived about 45 minutes later to collect the VHS cassette as evidence as well as the Lorazepam.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Reports

Border Patrol Agent Apolinar:

Border Patrol Agent Ruiz:

Defendant Motion to Suppress

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