Eliza Lies: Will the Real Eliza Please Stand Up?

Model. Groupie. Singer. Actress. Cosmetologist. Stripper. Sex worker. Sex worker advocate. Yang Gang Loyalist. Devout Trumpist. Sex Trafficking Victim turned Advocate and Expert. All in a day’s work.

Editor’s Note: While it was never our intent for Eliza Bleu aka Eliza Morthland to be the debut report of Damion Moore’s “COLLATERAL DAMAGE: The Anti-Human Trafficking Industrial Complex” series, we do believe she encompasses everything wrong with the anti-human trafficking industry and America’s perception of human trafficking. What we do wish to make clear, is that our Eliza Morthland report will not chronologically be the start nor focus of this living investigative series.
Update 1/26/23: Both Eliza Morthland and Richard Morthland refused to participate or provide comment for this story.

A My Chemical Romance (MCR) groupie known for her delusions of grandeur, Eliza Siep shot to fame within the MCR community after claiming she’d once been engaged to the band’s lead singer Gerard Way; even going so far to write a creepy, yet popular Roman à clef about their disturbing relationship.

The only problem is, it just simply wasn’t true.

Not long after, she emerged as celebrity fashion designer and cosmetologist Eliza Cuts.

The only problem is… it just simply wasn’t true.

Then came Eliza Knows, stripper and warrior princess for all sex workers. She was an in demand advocate and speaker by day, but by night, she was the industry’s dirty dancer that music executives and chart topping rappers loved, but more importantly needed- to push their videos over the edge. Ah yes, a shining beacon of conservative principles. A true patriot and example of American exceptionalism… our manifest destiny.

Wait, I confused that very last part with another one of her “interviews”.

But once again, the only problem is… it just simply wasn’t true.

Yet here she is once again as Eliza Bleu, staying true to the Eliza brand; this time a cheap grifter and professional victim.

This time, what she is doing is dangerous. Not only is she misleading the public about who she is, but she has not the slightest clue about what actual human trafficking is.

It’s shameful. And shame on those promoting and defending this fraud.

The public is already misinformed. Worse, her own definition of human trafficking exposes her as nothing more than a privileged child, taking all of the spotlight. Sadly, she has aligned herself with Elon Musk’s Twitter, misleading and lying to the public on the world’s biggest stage. Providing cover for her corporate masters so they can pretend they are “combating child pornography” as it explodes on Twitter.

Just like her corporate master, the very moment someone isn’t stroking her ego and praising Eliza Bleu, she seems to silence and destroy them. She gaslights, then has her psychotic cult dox, harass and terrorize her perceived enemies, both real and imagined. Then they must sing Eliza praise and defend the indefensible. doesn’t give a damn about human trafficking, just like Elon Musk doesn’t give a damn about free speech.

Eliza Morthland and Elon Musk’s Twitter has done irreparable damage to the fight against child sex abuse and exploitation. They’ve made human trafficking a punchline.

Eliza, America’s “Nigerian Prince(ss)”

In November 2021, American Crime Journal (ACJ) initiated a preliminary investigation into self proclaimed “humanist and sex trafficking advocate” and “trafficking expert” known as “Eliza Bleu.” This came following Lynn Packer’s reports on ACJ exposing Coco Berthmann and Elizabeth Frazier as human trafficking victim/advocate frauds. Suggestions poured in, with an overwhelming majority asking for us to vet Eliza Bleu. Despite not being our intent nor mission to “vet” individuals claiming to be sex trafficking victims, the investigation was launched due to the overwhelming interest from our audience and survivors. However, within just a few hours, it was clear Eliza Bleu had severe credibility issues. The investigation was terminated.

The reason was simple. Eliza Morthland lied so much, you could find them with a simple Google search. Even when a celebrity lies, for example, Paula Abdul’s claim that she was in a plane crash. This still takes a significant amount of time, getting details of what she exactly said on the record, off the record, then speaking with witnesses and finding their statements, getting flight numbers and learning how it’s documented, etc. This alone could take dozens of hours.

And she is a celebrity.

Not Eliza. It took just 15 minutes. Kinda like fame. In our eyes, there was nothing of value or substance to provide. It was open and shut. Just that simple.

How wrong we were. How wrong I was, and I must apologize. I didn’t realize just how big she’d become.

Approximately six months later, two well-known journalists had approached both Lynn Packer and I, asking if we were familiar with this self-proclaimed “humanist and sex trafficking survivor” turned advocate/expert named “Eliza Bleu”. I suspect they thought that if ACJ investigated and published an exposé, they had their legal out- by simply citing us and using our evidence, free from liability in the eyes of a corporate media executive. That is exactly what happened with Berthmann, after all.

We respectfully declined.

Not long after, during an interview about Coco Berthmann with a producer looking to cover her fraud and deceit, Eliza Bleu’s name was brought up again. He said to me, “You really should check into her.”

Then a dear friend brought up Eliza Bleu yet again, which by now more than a familiar name. This is on top of dozens of emails- including a few from several popular podcasters who were not sure on “how to handle” what by now we had internally labeled “The Eliza Bleu situation”.

So I decided to take a second look into Eliza Bleu, this time beyond her lies. Right off the bat, here’s another woman, who invented a silly stripper name trying to be cute and exotic. Yes, trying to be cute and wanting you and I to take her seriously as a human trafficking “expert”. All while she accuses people of being anonymous, “being fake” and “not keeping it real”. We also must not forget that just like Coco Berthmann, Eliza was peddling the same Lifetime-esque trafficking story while playing the “numbers game”. That pesky numbers game, that both experts and Lynn Packer warned everyone about. It’s knowingly used to “sell” you and everyone else that will listen with human trafficking horror stories, creating urgency so that you donate money to “save a these victims” now.

Again, in less than an hour, it was painfully obvious that she had severe credibility issues. A few hours later we were clearly witnessing a hapless grifter, one who qualifies as America’s own “Nigerian prince” so to speak. On a message board, a purported psychiatrist had suggested that Eliza may have a Fantasy Prone Personality or, worse, suffer from some type of dissociative disorder. After consulting Lynn Packer and several survivors, we decided to terminate the investigation. Not out of compassion (for Eliza), though mental illness was debated, but is not an excuse. Certainly not because she is daughter of Richard Morthland, a wealthy Illinois politician and MAGA Republican, in real life. Most important of all, under no circumstance did we find her credible nor could we corroborate a single one of her claims. Worse, there was substantial evidence to the contrary. Like with Berthmann and Frazier, witnesses were more than happy to provide statements and documents. Many had the receipts.

The primary reason we opted out of exploring Eliza, at least for me (it was my call after all) was that her fraud and deception was so blatantly obvious, like a Nigerian prince email scam. Why would we report and expose that? Yet, professional journalists were asking for us to take the reigns by publishing the preliminary exposé and they were to provide a supplementary or complimentary report… look, we’re not stupid- they’re looking for legal cover. They have investigators, fact checkers and then an editor. Then should all else fail, they have a legal department with some of the best and brightest legal minds.

Except, I was assured this wasn’t a legal or liability concern. From their perspective, in the age of #MeToo, because she claimed she was a “trafficking victim”, corporate media executives are afraid to allow their journalists to do their most basic function, which is to inform and educate the public.

For over two years we’ve been the target of death threats and smear campaigns simply because either we threaten people’s worldview or their scams.

Independent media has refused to expose right-wing media’s latest human trafficking darling who’s pushing Q Anon conspiracies and human trafficking fantasies like their going out of style- on their own. They are going full court press with this fraud and it’s so embarrassing because she practically outs herself a half-dozen times in even the most pedestrian of interviews. Ben Shapiro. Tim Poole… etc.

Now it’s getting ready to blow up in their face, but that article is for another day.

Eliza Bleu denies that she is Eliza Morthland and denies her MAGA father who supports her

On June 20, 2021, Keri Kukral tweeted in thread by Eliza Bleu,

“This woman’s father is MAGA candidate for Illinois Governor Richard Morthland. This constant positive stoking of Putin is idiotic. If you think this will advance the anti-human trafficking cause, you haven’t studied a lick of world history or human rights violations”

To which Eliza replied directly to Keri Kukral,

“No one in my family is running for governor. No one in my family or extended family has run for governor. My pronouns are they/them so you violated twitter terms of service with this tweet, and my tweet was factual per Reuters”

Once again, giving Eliza Bleu the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions and/or to put to rest any rumors or just to be honest about who she is, Keri Kukral asked her on Twitter,

“Is this you or no? Either way, I do agree with your constant stoking of Putin.”

Eliza replied like Keri Kukral was crazy. Just like all the other folks who claimed or advanced the truth that Eliza Bleu was really Eliza Morthland,

“no that’s not me. I think you might have me confused with someone else. I’ll continue to tweet how I want to and you can tweet how you want to. I’ll block you so you don’t have to see my tweets”

Eliza with Daddy Morthland, from Russia with Love

Keeping Up with the Morthlands

Richard Morthland is a man that’s only known privilege. Coming from one of the wealthiest families in Rock Island County, he inherited the Morthland family farm, a state-of-the-art facility sitting on 400 acres in Cordova, a small town outside of what is colloquially known as “The Quad Cities”. He worked as a Associate adjunct professor of speech communication at Black Hawk College, Scott Community College and Ashford University. He and his wife Betsey Morthland have been married over 40 years. They have two daughters, Eliza Morthland and Bethany Morthland.

Richard Morthland has long served as a proud Republican member on the Rock Island County Board. He served a single term in the Illinois General Assembly from 2011 to 2013. His daughter Eliza Morthland helped with his campaign.

Morthland, Verschoore eager to work together, by Brandy Donaldson from the The Quad City Times,

Pictured above from left to right is Eliza Morthland, Bethany Morthland, Betsey Morthland and Richard Morthland

Morthland is best known as the running mate of state representative Jeanne Ives in the 2018 Republican primary in Illinois gubernatorial election as MAGA Trump loyalists against incumbent governor Bruce Rauner and incumbent lieutenant governor Evelyn Sanguinetti. Ives and Morthland crumbled in the polls by more than 20 points after running their Thank You, Bruce Rauner ad which was described by both Republicans and Democrats as racist, homophobic, transphobic and sexist.

Today, Richard remains on the Rock Island County Board, and has embraced his fringe MAGA republican persona, and as a Putin apologist who advances QAnon conspiracies.

Just three months before her repeated denials that her father was Richard Morthland, Eliza Bleu tweeted,

“Just so we are clear, I’m not oppressed or marginalized”

To which her mother Betsey Morthland replied,


By all accounts thus far (and we’re just getting started) Betsey would be correct. Eliza Morthland lived an extremely privileged life, she was afforded “nothing but the best”.

Will the Real Eliza please stand up?

Eliza’s attempt at building a house of cards immediately sank in quicksand. If Eliza Bleu is an expose on anyone or anything, it’s the gullibility and desperation of a poorly educated people with religious and political ideations so out of touch and unhinged, in constant fear. It also exposes the American Right-wing apparatus’s blueprint. The Southern Strategy 2.0, their exploitation of the weak and gullible for personal gain. As they continue to peddle the dangerous world narrative, An America is filled with crime and at the breaking point, despite crime being at historic lows and safer than any period, including the fifties and sixties. Another iteration of white slavery, stranger danger and Satanic panic, all rolled into one with Q anon.

First, Eliza Bleu by her own admission has made it no secret that she was in fact, Eliza Siep who bombed during her American Idol audition in Chicago back in June of 2009.

“MANY ARE CALLED”, by Mark Caro from the Chicago Tribune, June 23, 2009,

Chicago Tribune article “MANY ARE CALLED” continued…

According to the Chicago Tribune article dated June 23, 2009, Eliza Siep (who looks identical to Eliza Bleu today) is “a 28-year-old hair-and-makeup stylist from Wicker Park”.

According to multiple sources (several which are essential to later reports in this series) when Eliza Siep’s plans to become a superstar didn’t pan out, she moved onto her next “big idea” that would be her “big break”. In the spirit of keeping it simple, and not relying on witness statements that are not being fully utilized and divulged in this report, I will just resort to another damning newspaper article, this time from the Quad City Tribune almost three years to the day of Eliza Siep’s failed American Idol audition.

Again, Eliza Bleu admits that she was Eliza Siep and yes, it was she who auditioned for American Idol.

According to the Quad Cities Times, then state representative Richard Morthland (R)- Cordova, was very supportive of his daughter, Eliza Siep. She was now a “wardrobe and hair stylist” for the lead singer of the Chicago punk band The Scissors, who were touring through the area. According to the article, the mother and father of Eliza Siep were both fans and excited for the band, especially her father, Richard Morthland. During their tour in the area band was going to be staying in the barn on Morthland’s 400 acre farm.

The Morthland’s supported their daughter’s latest endeavor. This time a realistic one. Eliza, now 31-years-old, had become a cosmetologist. That didn’t mean her sights were no longer set on Hollywood and she’d resigned on living the fast life as one of the rich and famous. She simply has opted for a supporting role. This time as a “hairstylist and wardrobe designer” for the stars.

Punks on a hot, tar roof”, by Kay Luna from the Quad City Times, July 2, 2003,

The band also has another Quad-City connection through state Rep. Rich Morthland, R-Cordova, whose daughter, Eliza Siep, works as a freelance hairstylist, makeup artist and wardrobe designer for the band’s lead singer.

Morthland said his family let the band stay this weekend at their Cordova, Ill., home.

“We have high hopes for these kids,” Morthland said. “These kids are good. They pour their entire lives into their music, and they play their hearts out.”

Oddly enough, the Morthland clan traveled, spending significant time in former Eastern Bloc countries over the years, but that is for another article.

Ultimately, for those who needed absolute “confirmation” proving beyond reasonable doubt that Eliza Bleu is Eliza Morthland and her father is wealthy MAGA Republican politician Richard Morthland, here it all is in black and white…literally.

Note: Richard Morthland has not responded to several messages we left at his office and our email requests. Eliza Morthland has not responded to several direct message requests.

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