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Karlie Guse

Despite all the unfounded & baseless accusations of treachery, money seeking, the defamation of us, our families, our children and readers of our site, we have a history, a proven track record of support for the victims violent crime, missing persons and victims of domestic violence.

American Crime Journal dropped all our donations we received from the Dr. Phil show surge (from which we were featured), and put it directly to Karlie’s one and only legitimate fund, the Official Bring Karlie Home. There is no pitch inside for operators of the site, Travis Moore and/or ACJ to make money littered with links to Go Fund Me’s for my health or my wife’s, cat needs to be declawed, I need a new car, etc. We certainly don’t add, “help us fight human trafficking” (when the individual admittedly doesn’t leave the house due to illness) or solve cases for my health. Especially when not a single case has been attributed to any of them publicly(not a single rescue). It’s dishonest bait and switch, pull at your heartstrings and give me your money. The woman lives in a million dollar home. Time to live down here in the real world and make a living.

John Walsh issues awards to individuals, and the victims of trafficking come forward for these people and say “thank you”. What about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding Lynda Bergh and Operation Underground Railroad? Well, they didn’t know Lynda, so no comment, and they had a few choice words for OUR. To sum it up, they said(and you heard me use this quote or close to it a dozen times), “They can start in Utah, where they are headquartered and clean that up. It is the only state that rivals third world countries in human child trafficking”.

Hollie McKay at Fox News regarding Tim Ballard? Don’t get her started.

When Paul Dostie, a career law enforcement officer, 30 years plus, was brutally attacked by rumors started by Michael Boone and spread by Nichole Vanlith, two families contacted me, one sent a letter and wanted to be clear, how Paul helped them. I fact checked it, just be sure and then moved on. This gave Paul credibility. I’ve had numerous conversations with Mr. Dostie, he knows I’m a skeptic of some things, we haven’t just fluffed up things and made stuff up- he kept it honest and real- just that simple. Even when we didn’t agree. Putting all bias aside, nothing of substance tarnished his reputation- except the attempt to discredit him for some mass conspiracy theory regarding Karlie Guse’s stepmother. It appears that if you cannot honestly find evidence or just outright lie about the Guse case, you are targeted, attacked in an attempt to silence, bully and intimidate witnesses, and those who actually helped looking for Karlie.

Another thing about Paul Dostie. He is all over corruption in his community and put me in touch with numerous sources and contacts. He worked to expose corruption, so why stop short here?

It was and is just about Karlie. Until they want to call my child’s school from Minnesota and claim he has guns and dope. Or harass my dying mother-in-law to let her know, “who I really am”. Until they want to call Sheriff Ingrid Braun and tell them Travis Moore and Paul Dostie is carrying an arm in his bag. Whew, we evaded prison in this one.

Wait…. upcoming article I got a statement on that, ‘somebuzzy’ we haven’t talked about just yet.

Our Commitment, Our Track Record

Like Karlie’s fund, ACJ donated funds for the Libby and Abby Memorial Park which we donated for the package to have a large paver memorial with a message. Not to mention independent donations to domestic violence funds, child abuse, etc.

We are not some random blog that fashions opinions off of Wikipedia articles, Reddit theories and Facebook Group chats. Currently, up to date I have personally worked over forty, yes, forty separate cases in which I spoke with families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, law enforcement, etc..

Notice what I said, I spoke with and them and friends and law enforcement in the cases. With the exception of the Doe cases, and one family I cannot track, every case there has been communication with someone (often numerous) related to the victim or missing person. I do not work for them, I work for the truth, justice and awareness for our readers, listeners, etc.

To be clear, perfectly, crystal and for full and complete disclosure, Melissa Guse has not once contacted ACJ, myself, Michael, John, our paralegals, or Travis telling us what to publish. We, including myself, are no agent for anyone but the absolute truth. Our starting motto and mission, starting day one was the truth, justice, awareness and our views on them, always putting the victims and/or missing persons first over everything and anything. Regardless if it is positive or negative- if we find information that could be relevant (and after meeting and passing rigorous standards), we tell it like it is.

For the record, putting on record, just so no one could accuse me of bias or impropriety, I refrained from speaking with the Guses, so there was not even the appearance or possibility of impropriety.

Our Methods, Best Practices, Fact Checking and Process Behind the Story

As Editor-in-Chief of this outfit- I take great pride in American Crime Journal on our accuracy, ethics, integrity and standards when it comes to our opinions, articles and reporting. ACJ maintains rigorous standards in our reporting. All statements, allegations, evidence, information, whatever it may be- prior to publication must meet certain standards & criteria before we put it forth.

Are there new developments that can change the current information?

Absolutely. We will update it as we receive it.

What if there is a dispute between two folks with solid credibility?

We publish both sides then.

What happens if there is a mistake or error?

We correct it. Once we verify the correct version, then we figure out the discrepancy, explain what occurred, the resolution and what we can do to prevent it again, if possible. It is that simple.

While this is a new venture, and there are growing pains, mistakes made, etc.. We strive to maintain a high level of excellence. If one cannot meet that threshold, they have no business here at ACJ.

It always is a delicate balance for myself, when many witnesses, insiders and professionals wish to remain anonymous but provide information that I feel requires public disclosure. Personally, I require (ask any of our contributors) how often I must reject even petty statements without it being able to pass certain standards and verifiable accuracy.

While we are unbiased like any legitimate outfit seeking the facts and truth, we are not neutral. Using established facts and vetted information, we will form an opinion. Now some contributors and their articles, I don’t agree with, however, it is purely an honest perspective of the author who approaches the case and vets the information providing perspective.

What do I have that offers perspective to this case? What makes me an authority? Well, I’m not an authority. Nothing much really makes me special. I was a Criminal Justice major(no, I wasn’t seeking to be law enforcement, but considered law and was on the fence with another profession). Life happens, and then I obtained an Illinois PERC card which is required for anyone who is working as a private investigator, security, security systems and/or armed security. I guess I could say “leading authority on child sex trafficking, and 50 rescues or so”. I mean I did distribute fliers online and then runaways came home, and some were recovered. Let me tally them up.

Had folks just read my bio, it is perfectly, crystal clear. Real name, no gimmicks.

Statements by individuals, I must be able to speak with them to corroborate the statements and fact check them. Never does anything meet publication from “anonymous sources”, not even once, unless they are directing us to or providing us evidence and documentation. Once obtained, it is fact checked by myself, and in some cases our paralegal. Problem today with our government and media, they all too often use confidential informant and protected source interchangeably with ‘anonymous source’. Obviously anonymous sources could provide crucial information, and need to be protected and journalists are allowed to do so under the First Amendment. It is fine to use them to “look” and research to find corroborating material, however, just the source itself, absolutely not.

Now do we protect our sources, of course. But I wouldn’t publish anything from some random source. In fact, just in Karlie Guse alone, I’ve received roughly 300 emails which claims to provide evidence of misconduct against folks, here, there, in Bishop, Mono County etc. Very few of the accusations, screenshots, claims, statements could be corroborated. If you cannot stand behind a statement, then it just simply isn’t credible. Yes, you can publish anything you are told and say, “hey that is what I was told”, but our consumers, readers- honest people who care want reliability and honesty. All the gossip and nonsense are on Facebook Groups. Can you go beyond the net. Travis Moore has been to Bishop over two months. I’ve been to six states, three regarding Karlie alone. Now is this tracking Karlie herself? Nope. It is vetting sources and checking into those who have been the source and have tried to legitimize the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob, aka “Karlie’s Angels”.

Any and all information not coming from a credible or official source, we require a minimum of two separate sources prior to publication. Those must check out with supplementary information and inquiry. It is to test validity, the strength of their integrity, etc.

Obviously applying these methods are not absolute, and cannot prevent mistakes and everything getting through, but is filters out 99% of the trash, is reliable to a fault and while it might cost us the “First” to be able to break the story,(which we are not a news spot) we are at least accurate, reliable and trusted. We want to exceed expectations and not only meet standards, but be the standard everyone else strives for.

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  1. Thank you for explaining your process for verifying information you receive. It makes your posts credible and makes people who have truth information more likely to share it with you.

    I’m currently collaborating with the former sheriff of Manatee County FL on a book about the murder of 35-year-old Sherry Brannon and her two young daughters, Cassidy age 4 and Shelby age 7. I have a blog, truecrimemama.com that discusses the case and my researching and writing processes. Keep up the good work!

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