BUSTED: Guse PI, Lynda Bergh Caught Lying Again

Lynda Bergh

This morning as I returned from an interview with a detective on new case I was working, I received numerous messages from colleagues and friends. To my disbelief, it was a screenshot of a couple Tweets from none other than Lynda J. Bergh from her official Twitter account.

Yes, numerous people, all of them, their jaw literally dropped.

Lynda J. Bergh quickly earned a reputation in the Guse investigation for not just her lying, but how she’d lie about things people typically wouldn’t lie about. Worse, she’d lie about something, then when caught, turn around and either deny she ever said it (right in the same email thread) or tell us another story and get caught in a lie again. So much so, our paralegal crowned her “Lying Lynda” after fact-checking her first statements to us.

It got so bad, one day I gave Lynda one last chance to either own up to lying to me or I’d cease all further communication with her. It was regarding two of her lies, “Michael Boone was vetted and employed by Operation Found Safe (OFS)” prior to his involvement in the Guse case and her claim that “Michael Boone has no connections to pornography, whatsoever. If he did, I wouldn’t work with him”. Contrary to all the claims by “The Bakersfield Bunch” and their Facebook troll-Farm (five socs and a block) that I’ve been so mean to them (for pointing out Lynch Mob behavior and demonstrating the numerous disproven lies they continue to peddle), yes, I gave Lynda ample opportunity to clear up misconceptions and just to be honest. She was angry that I would lump her in with Michael Boone, but refused to admit they had been dishonest.

All is not well with “Karlie’s Angels”. Since publishing refashioned private texts, people left and right began cooperating, including multiple higher ups, which is what fueled my CREDIBILITY: DENIED! Series with even more damning evidence. More on that in the coming days.

Lyin’ Lynda Confirms ACJ’s Original Reports

When I began my investigation into the Disappearance of Karlie Guse back in March 2019, and the subsequent Lynch Mob activity, fueled with lies and deceit entirely by Michael Boone, Lynda Bergh, Gayle and a handful of others, their tactic was simple, divert the public and law enforcement’s attention from their activities, accuse the Mono County Sheriff’s Office of Corruption by using the current atmosphere of the public’s distrust of law enforcement and political climate(especially in Bishop), accuse search and rescue volunteers of criminal conduct and evidence tampering to delegitimize them and discourage other residents from participating and as they are at each other’s throats, trying to explain themselves and disprove lies against them, – ‘accuse them exactly of what they were doing,’ profiting off of a missing child, they’ve done so gleefully. More on that in an upcoming article.

While Boone and Bergh claimed they were working pro bono, it was clear from onset that their intent was to use Karlie’s disappearance as a quick notch on their belt by claiming they “recovered her”. It was a strategy Lynda employed time and time again – circulate a flier on Facebook and claim it was a case she was just retained for and since 99% of missing children turn back up, be it runaways, custody disputes, over-anxious or vindictive parents, etc.. and when the child was found or came home, claim she helped recover him or her. A few weeks after the smoke cleared and she deleted the Facebook posts, she’d claim in her Facebook Groups and in Go Fund Mes, she had just rescued a child “from child sex-trafficking”. ACJ was able to independently verify, that on six separate occasions Lynda J. Bergh claimed she had been assigned and/or retained in searching for a missing child, distributed their flier and claimed they had been recovered which the parents were unaware of Bergh’s involvement. Also, none of the cases involved child sex trafficking. This included an embarrassing incident which Bergh linked an article, and claimed she and Boone had rescued a child and was aided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who had acted solely on information provided and investigation provided by the two. While most don’t read articles or skim through it, some did and the details Bergh had told the group didn’t add up. A follow up by members of Facebook groups to the FBI revealed that the rescue was in fact, the result or a multi-agency investigation, not a tip provided to two PI’s, who vetted it, investigated and then contacted the FBI.

Lynda Bergh employed the same tactics with Karlie Guse, claiming she had been retained by Zac and Melissa Guse as previously reported by American Crime Journal, that resulted into an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct at Operation Found Safe(OFS). Bergh claimed on October 16th, 2018, she has been assigned and/or retained by the Guses through Operation Found Safe and began circulating her flier online, soliciting tips. It was later uncovered by American Crime Journal that the Guses had not even filled out the intake form with OFS until October 24, week after Lynda claimed she had been retained. It was also learned through messages divulged by Bergh, that she had solicited the Guses and offered her services, encouraging them to fill out the intake form.

Lyin’ Lynda and Michael Boone’s $10,000 Pyramid

Lyin’ Lynda’s Tweets not only clearly demonstrates how desperate she, Boone and the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob are in their efforts to discredit & defame anyone who threatens to destabilize the pyramid scheme they’ve created, but inadvertently vindicated our original reporting, once again. So desperate to just claim “we are lying about something”, especially when it negatively exposes them. The other day, Lynda Bergh not only exposed herself for the liar she is, but that she is complicit and not this sweet, innocent, perhaps too trusting, maybe too naive person that is being manipulated by Michael Boone as many of her friends, family and supporters have suggested to us. Lynda J. Bergh was and is fully aware that the $10,000 polygraphs she and Boone solicited were a scam that offered nothing of substance to the Karlie Guse case other than to line her and her partner’s pockets.

Unfortunately for the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob, Bergh now in essence agrees with our original position, one that I’ve certainly maintained since day one, that they called “lies”. It also vindicates Travis Moore. It shows just how fluid and comfortable they are, altering, modifying and inventing “facts”, just as their primary sources- like Lynda Bergh.

On January 23, 2020, Lynda Bergh Tweeted out:

Except that is not what Lynda Bergh and her partner-in-crime J. Michael Boone peddled for months on end last year, claiming they had secured funds from Ingrid Tanner and her non-profit, the Berger North Foundation. Lynda, her credibility and behavior ended up costing them the $10,000 grant from Tanner. So Boone and Bergh did the next best thing, started soliciting funds from Facebook Group to Facebook Group, including a Go Fund Me.

Exbibit 1.a

Boone in private conversation says the people cost him polygraph money from the Berger North Foundation

Exhibit 1.b

Michael Boone continues to peddle to the public that “3 administrators” cost he and Lynda “polygraph funding”

Exibit 1.c

After Ingrid Tanner refused to give Bergh and Boone the $10,000 grant they felt they were entitled to, Lynda and Michael Boone would both in public and private conversations, bash her and spread false rumors through Nichole Vanlith about her.

Both would further become irate when people questioned their need for polygraphs and their motives behind it. After all, they would not be admissible in court and results, criteria, reliability (if any) vary from administrator to administrator.

Travis Moore, Jennifer Van Huis, Paul Dostie, and Mono County Sheriff were blamed by Boone and Bergh for undermining “their investigation” and sabotaging their $10,000 grant polygraph scam. In fact, Lyin’ Lynda and Michael Boone’s “polygraph” scam was the crux of their jihad waged Travis Moore, Jennifer Van Huis, the operators of Jargon and many others for simply pointing out that other private investigators and law enforcement were skeptical of not only the price Boone and Bergh claimed professional polygraphs were, but their usefulness.

Exibit 1.c

Nichole Vanlith alleges that “3 admins from a different group” caused loss of funding for the now established polygraph scam by Bergh and Boone

Nichole Vanlith, who by her own admission was at an extremely vulnerable time in her life, spent an extraordinary amount of time being groomed and manipulated by Michael Boone in regards to the Karlie Guse case. Vanlith would become one of Boone’s fiercest defenders and acted as an enforcer, rather than debate case facts, she instead engaged in smear campaigns and quickly grew to become one of the most dishonest and vicious members of the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob. Vanlith told me personally, that Travis Moore and others “sabotaged” the polygraphs, and dozens of other bizarre and unsubstantiated claims. Which not a single one could be corroborated to this very day.

Even then, I made it clear to her, in an attempt to educate her as it appeared in all honestly, she was unaware how polygraphs even worked. I explained that polygraphs were worthless from standpoint of a private investigator. Also, that polygraphs, were not admissible in court and the reliability of them were questionable at best, none of which she seemed to understand despite numerous scientific studies and dozens of wrongful conviction cases being built on “questionable polygraphs”. The ‘cost’ Michael Boone and Lynda Bergh were soliciting was completely unfounded, as reputable polygraphers come in at a fraction of the cost. When I pressed Nichole Vanlith on some of Boone’s discrepancies, she quickly turned it into, “why don’t you believe me? I knew if they got to you first you would believe them”, like a school child. Little did Vanlith know, she was the first person I had spoke with in my Guse investigation. Why I would use her own answers to her questions(yes, odd I know) and logic to demonstrate how fallible and ignorant they seemed, she would begin to get personal, and petty, demonstrating that her conclusions were based purely on emotion.

ACJ Stands by our Original and Latest Report

Regardless of how low and personal some troll site takes, remember, Lynda Bergh is one of their chief sources. Lynda Bergh confirms without a doubt what so many have been saying all along. what I’ve personally stated from the beginning when I first started covering this case. For the first time, I agree with Lynda Bergh, Which Lynda rightfully added #factsnotfiction.

Sadly, Lynda Bergh’s brief touch of integrity and honesty was short lived. Lynda is trying to perpetuate that we are defaming her on our latest report which was and remains 100% accurate, contrary to the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob’s reports and Lynda Bergh claims. They seem to confuse defamation and lies, with reporting and vetted facts. From four sources, including screenshots Ms. Vanilth provided(who didn’t keep up with her own material suppression)- yes, it is true Lynda, numerous sources confirm, including Ingrid Tanner who was the one to issue you the $10,000 grant, Michael Boone and Gayle at various times also said you were to blame for “fucking up the polygraphs”.

Sorry it hurts Lynda, but again, we are reporting just the fact ma’am. Just the facts.

Exhibit 2.a

Ingrid Tanner of the Bergh North Foundation confirms, Lynda Bergh is at fault for the $10,000 grant not being paid to her and Boone, not “3 other administrators”. Rightfully so, because even according to Lynda Bergh today, that money would have been spent better elsewhere.

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