Credibility: DENIED! Part 1: Clone Site Fails, Boosts ACJ Recognition

Often imitated, never duplicated

For six months, fans, other bloggers, major podcasters, news reporters, producers, etc.. have advised that, “I’m wasting my time debunking trolls. Move on“. Honestly, they’re correct. There will always be a small group of those flat Earth types who deny all evidence and reality, or are just trolling. Until there are new developments a few things are possible. Everyone is aware they lack any evidence and rely entirely on this tactic of “conjecture lecture” followed by some good ole’ intimidation; where they make a claim and lecture you on why all of it is important, bring up odd things like Casey Anthony and domestic violence sites as source material except, nothing legitimizes or substantiate the actual claim they’re making. They call Karlie Guse a “victim” and link up domestic violence material as sources(despite the fact that bio mom Lindsay Fairley has admitted Karlie was never abused by anyone, including Melissa), It’s a ploy to confuse those not familiar with the case, as if they’re raising established facts with a bunch of irrelevant case studies as to why it’s important, you read domestic violence articles and the much hated Casey Anthony, this is what experts call, “poisoning the well”. A tactic not even admissible in court , illegal in fact, and even resulted disciplinary action against former Fulton County, Georgia, prosecutor Nancy Grace, who was facing disbarment for numerous allegations of prosecutorial misconduct before getting a TV show.

Worse, some of it has been proven false, repeatedly- with credible evidence, statements and some of the allegations raised by their own “sources” (so they claim), have even provided sworn declarations under the threat of penalty of perjury. The thought of prison changes things.

First, it appears the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob thought it was proper to create an imposter site of ACJ (called and then ripped off the term “Karlie’s Angels” which is peer domestic abuse organization, used to spread awareness for the horrible case of Karlie Hall. They are not too happy about this, especially regarding the mission, the behavior and conduct by the individuals in question using their branded name.

The Good news, we’ve successfully removed three or four of their accounts using our name and brand, and now we’re in the process of estimating damages of the defamation and theft of intellectual property, and seeking compensation against the account holder which Go Daddy has graciously obliged.

Notice the trend folks? So lazy, reckless, thoughtless and irresponsable of them.

Sadly, they’ve attempted to solicit witnesses by pretending to be myself and others in order to obtain vetted information to try and critique, twist and distort from the safety of their closed group and homes. Plagiarism, it is rampant throughout the “ramblings of unsubstantiated claims”. Defamation is rampant, despite the fact that numerous allegations have been proven wrong, inaccurate and deliberately malicious. So, they take the work of ACJ, Doug Kari, Dr. Phil, Holly McKay, etc, critique it, and add flavor, manufacturing things that don’t exist.

Unfortunately for them, we were there & spoke to those involved and obtained more information and reported it.

What became obvious, is that something else was going on. ‘Somebuzzy’ & others was hiding in the shadows. Money changed hands with people over Karlie Guse and were nowhere to be found-who’ve carefully avoided the spotlight and scrutiny, yet they were all over my radar from day one. Reason they were, numerous witnesses named them. Yet, they had vanished without a trace.

Then last May an ‘Angel’ came home, someone inside their group reached out, a higher up. She couldn’t “leave”, the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob had too much personal info and knew what they would do to her and her family. She maintain a public hatred for ACJ as cover, but would forward me any and all suspect and illegal activity. On the other hand, I’d not hold it against her and when all is said and done, recognize her efforts.

With the guidance and backing of professionals, we persisted, with caution. Not the wrongdoing by Mono County Sheriff. Not the wrongdoing by search and rescue volunteers. Not by residents. Not murder. Not a cover up. But a select few and some money that changed hands, and one’s desperate, pathetic wish for inappropriate contact- who has a history of handing over hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to this individual. his organization who ignores child trafficking in their backyard and allegations against those affiliated with it. Now this tough guy, with Navy SEALs and a stake in CrossFit fights drug cartels, guerillas, commandos, corrupt government officials in foreign nations, but supposedly Travis Moore and Paul Dostie’s egos were to much(or he just couldn’t capitalize on Paul’s discovery, if it happened to be Karlie). After all, they didn’t have to work together. No, because there was a moment they thought something might be Karlie, so suddenly he shows up guns blazing, explosions behind him, only to leave when it didn’t pan out.

In Chicago, we call that a scumbag- a hustler. Folks in Bishop, California, do too.

Whatever… What is the Bottom Line?

For full disclosure, I tried hard to find a covert conspiracy in the Karlie Guse case. Imagine, for a moment- a small independent outfit outside Chicago blows the cover of a massive conspiracy which the stepmother of Karlie Guse either deliberately, or inadvertently killed Karlie Guse, placed her body into a vehicle, in front of a neighbor(s), then disposed of her. Then walked around in rough terrain, half-dressed “pretending” to be Karlie Guse in 30 to 40 degree weather, for a minimum of 35 to 45 minutes, because witnesses would ‘mistake’ her for Karlie. Yet, everyone and their mother, lied to protect the Guses. The witnesses were Guse loyalists, even if it meant serving life in prison. Mono County Sheriff, Ingrid Braun, who remained sheriff after a recall, went to school with Melissa Guse, despite a seventeen year age gap. As did numerous deputies. Attorney and journalist Doug Kari blitzed the situation, to protect the Guses. The Guses have the power and loyalty that John Gotti could only dream of.

According to Michael Boone, the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were attempting to derail his political ambitions in Mojave County. He alleged Inyo County Clerk-Recorder & Registrar of Voters Kammi Foote, was making political moves, and she was willing to cover up a murder, to do so. Scared to death of parking tickets, but life in prison is very attractive. It appears so many would lay down their lives and freedom for the Guses. Michael Boone alleged, that I was an agent of the Clinton Foundation, Travis Moore was trying to get laid, make money, or something(Travis Moore is bad man, bad Travis for looking for Karlie)… because he spent almost three months in Bishop looking for Karlie. Wait, Travis Moore wanted to protect the Guses, so he stole an arm(yes, I have the texts/records, a video by-the-way, not screenshots) and he and Paul Dostie, a 30 year veteran police officer, packed scat into their pockets(this was what was reported directly to Sheriff Ingrid Braun). Hell Dr. Phil got into the action. I guess the Guses are such a powerful and prestigious family here in America, that George Soros, President Trump and the Clintons are now protecting them.

Meanwhile, down on Earth, everyone else looked for Karlie.

So, for the sake of due diligence(at the request of Hillary, to maintain my cover), I looked for a shred of proof, evidence that volunteers went to Bishop with the intent to make a bunch of money.

And there was nothing regarding Karlie. She was still missing, and I found no misconduct by Mono County Sheriff’s Office, Travis Moore, Paul, the Guses, the witnesses, neighbors, other volunteers, etc… But there were some anomalies with someone else.

Nearly 12 gigs of data, 3,500 pages of conversations alone. One thing I will say, the social media age, the internet makes it easy now to obtain documentation, dates, times, etc. Residents of Inyo & Mono Counties, many from Bishop, didn’t hesitate to share. After months of being chastised, harassed, accused of helping covering up a murder of one of their own children, they didn’t hesitate supplying documentation in an effort to not clear their names, but show- outsiders are exploiting their small community, instigating and making this a shit show just to raise their profiles so they can flood “the Karlie Guse market” with Go Fund Me’s, make television appearances and so on. Karlie became a model, a product to these outsiders, and somebody needed to put an end to it.

Of course, there were no shortage of lonely housewives, divorcees, felons, multiple individuals convicted of a vast array of crimes involving integrity(ya know forgery, check fraud, theft), quite a few women ashamed because they’re still married to convicted sex offenders. They opted to chime in and fuel the fire. Don’t get me wrong, there are alway those flat-earth types of perfectly good character to get involved. Just the way it is and I’m okay with that. Every single case, incident that is profiled with no answers, opens the door for conspiracy theorists. It amplifies, if those involved are related to the missing person or victim.

Think- “shootout at the OK Corral”. Thousands of books, movies, articles, essays, websites, short stories, YouTube videos out there, hyper-analyzing every single detail, before and after, the weather, chemicals in bourbon, air quality, etc… detailing the events that occurred in less than 20 seconds.

Something wasn’t right though. There were folks who claim their focus is Karlie, however, fuelling the fire. Two PIs, a woman who is hustling mainstream media as a “body language expert” who has numerous arrests for check fraud, who also sits on the board of an anti-gay, Christian gay conversion therapy group while bashing her own child publicly, fueling the PIs. The biological mother, Lindsay Fairley, who sat in numerous conspiracy theory groups, even calling “Jesus” a conspiracy once, was exploited by this group. Only problem is, she consumed and provided drugs to her now missing daughters, and relinquished custody to her youngest child to live and marry a sex offender, who proudly uses his last name to this day.

That folks, is “Karlie’s Angels” or imitation/imposter site “American Crime Journals” (who have now lost four accounts using our name, logos, brand, intellectual properties, etc. and the bill is adding up) Yes, they are devout Christians, the cast the first stone gonna ride on the back of the UFO during the second coming types.

And that we did. So today

Now one allegation by a vicious Lynch Mob that has a long history of pushing conspiracy theories, attacking witnesses to current investigations, is that American Crime Journal was created solely to “create the narrative for Melissa Guse”. Problem is, American Crime Journal existed since 2015 as an actual entity and case material presented here was written early as 1995. ACJ officially opened at the end of 2017 before going public early 2018. As much as I tried to find a compromise in my outfit, perhaps an alternate timeline, there was none.

Case closed on that matter.

Coming soon: Credibility: DENIED! Part 2: Origins of the Rumors & Figures Behind the Mob

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