Michael McLellan 34, Arrested for the Murder of Hania Aguilar

Michael Ray McLellan, 34, was charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of 13 year-old Hania Aguliar on Saturday.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Lumberton Police have arrested Michael McLellan, 34, for the kidnapping and murder of 13-year-old Hania Aguilar. McLellan was already in custody on unrelated charges when warrants were served this past Saturday in connection to the murder investigation.

McLellan has been charged with ten felonies including; first degree murder, first degree forcible rape, statutory rape of a person under 15, first degree sexual offense, statutory sex offense with a person 15 or younger, first degree kidnapping, felony larceny, felony restraint, abduction of child and concealment of a death. He is currently being held at the Robeson County Detention Center and was denied bond. He will have his first appearance at the Robeson County Courthouse today at 9 a.m.

No information on the autopsy has been released at this time.

According to reports, the FBI’s Forensic Lab at Quantico took evidence processed by forensic technicians from the stolen Ford Explorer. The North Carolina State Crime Lab provided preliminary test results on Hania’s body in the indictment, but have not released details. The results of those tests, including what was recovered and discovered by the FBI’s forensic team, and a thorough criminal investigation resulted in McLellan’s charges.

More charges are expected in the coming weeks


Rest in Peace

When this happened, a part of me just hoped this was a half-baked idea cooked up by a young girl and perhaps a stupid boy or older man that she was forbidden to see. It happens and in the end, you just hope she would be okay. Made a mistake, did something stupid… it happens. You can only wish. Every single day that goes without a sighting, at least some confirmation that she was alive… her odds rapidly diminished.

Hope fades, and we’ll never know the desperation her family feels today and in the coming weeks. This wasn’t an accident. This wasn’t an illness… 

It never should have happened, but monsters are real and can be anywhere.

I grew up with rough people in a tough area. Honestly, I can understand someone who gets angry if someone steals from them. I can understand someone getting angry and reacting if he or she catches their woman or man cheating, especially in THEIR BED. Betrayal can be the worse. You feel violated and get enraged. Honestly, I can understand their rage and their subsequent actions.


What compels a man to walk down the street and snatch up a little girl? Then rape and strangle her to death? Something most of us will never understand. Something tells me though, there were signs. He likely had a history of violence against children or women— both. People knew he was a monster. I don’t know all the details yet, but what bothers me in many of these types of cases is that there were signs. Shame on those who knew and enabled this loser in his life.

Why do people with numerous domestic violence convictions, sometimes rape and even murder convictions get let out on the streets? Their recidivism rate is astronomical. A perpetrator of domestic violence has upwards of a 97% likelihood to offend again. A rapist is about the same. It’s a compulsion. A reaction. Hate of women and people.

They like it. They fantasize about it.

Families members of these monster, the courts and experts keep treating this as AN ANGER PROBLEM. It’s not an anger issue… it’s deep psychological issues. These damn courts keep sending abusers and rapists to Anger Management programs on fucking plea bargains for lesser charges, which are absolute failures. An anger problem does not equal violence against women and children. It doesn’t result in rape and murder.  

I promise you one thing, thirty-four Michael McLellan— this definitely wasn’t his first rape and might not have been his first kill.

Sorry Hania.

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