O.U.R. Chief Legal Officer Alessandra Serano Resigns

ACJ has confirmed that Alessandra Serrano who was the Assistant U.S. Attorney that oversaw the prosecution of Earl Buchanan and later became Chief Legal Officer for Operation Underground Railroad has resigned.

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In a post on LinkedIn Serrano wrote, “I’m proud to announce that I resigned from my current position at Operation Underground Railroad earlier this month. I stand with survivors no matter who or where they are #MeToo”

ACJ has independently confirmed Serrano’s departure.

Alessandra Serano’s short time at Operation Underground Railroad was spent mostly acting as Tim Ballard’s legal henchwoman by attacking journalists, advancing MAGA Republican and Q Anon fueled conspiracy theories. Her legacy with the organization could be summed up with with one cheap political stunt- when she was used by Tim Ballard and the GOP to attack the Biden Administration’s nomination of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearing.

Alessandra Serrano’s resignation comes after Vice uncovered that Tim Ballard was forced out of Operation Underground Railroad following misconduct allegations. ACJ’s Lynn Packer would confirm that the misconduct was of a sexual nature, confirmed in another explosive article from Vice‘s Anna Merlan and Tim Marchman that detailed some of the allegations.

More information to come.

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