The Radicalization of Tim Ballard: The Prager U Endorsement

The fallout from his delayed response to the Wayfair conspiracy theory, ongoing criminal investigations, Jim Caviezel publicly revealing Tim Ballard as the primary source of the ‘adrenochrome’ myth peddled by the Hollywood and right-wing elite, may have been the final nail in Operation Underground Railroad’s coffin for the mainstream. Rather than opening the books, becoming transparent, answering donor & former law enforcement partners concerns regarding allegations of fraud, cover-up of sexual assaults and fabricating rescues, Ballard saw a new opportunity embracing white nationalism, far-right wing conspiracy theories and cavorting with those who propagated, schemed and attempted to overthrow the 2020 Presidential Election.

Ever since Lynn Packer revealed the criminal investigation into Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad in August 2020, Ballard had not only grown increasingly paranoid, but according to numerous sources, “unhinged”. Ballard’s good friend and partner, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes silently cut ties both personally and professionally as his own office began to investigate the extent of their own ties to the beleaguered non-profit. O.U.R. was hemorrhaging their partnerships and questionable affiliations law enforcement agencies and ICAC units across the nation.

The anti-human trafficking non-profit was in flames and the ship was sinking. Tevya Ware, Tim Ballard’s sister-in-law and Operation Underground Railroad’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) along with President of Operations Jon Lines left forming their own anti-human trafficking organization.

Several weeks into researching another homicide case and finishing a response video to an interview Dave Rubin had with Larry Elder in 2016, Tim Ballard came out and endorsed Dennis Prager and PragerU. Over the past year, Ballard has been speaking and attending events with former Gen. Michael Flynn, L. Lin Wood, Mike Lindel, Jim Caviezel and Michelle Malkin.

This video is the introduction into The Radicalization of Tim Ballard: The PragerU Endorsement.

  1. Adrenochrome is a component of several conspiracy theories such as QAnon and the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, with the chemical helping the theories play a similar role to earlier blood libel and satanic ritual abuse stories.

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