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Editor’s Note and Warning: Discretion is advised. This video contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse taken from depositions, documents and testimony including victim’s accusations used as evidence in Gordon Bowen’s child custody dispute in 2008, which Lynn Packer consulted on When the case was settled out of court, Lynn Packer was asked to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). He refused.

A new satanic child sex abuse controversy has flared up in Utah.

Among suspects is a New York advertising executive with friends in very high places. Gordon Bowen, who was raised in Utah, but achieved notoriety on Madison Avenue, was named by four ostensible victims as being part of a “ritualistic child sex abuse ring”.

Besides being famous in advertising circles, Bowen is close friends with Utah Senator Mitt Romney and high-ranking Mormon Apostle M. Russell Ballard. While there is no indication either Romney or Ballard was aware of any Utah child sex abuse cult—indeed the accusation that one existed at all may be completely unfounded—the two would have been aware that Bowen was previously accused of hiring male escorts, engaging exorcists to cure his homosexuality, and sexually assaulting other men.

Over decades Bowen provided image and branding advice for the LDS Church and Romney political campaigns. Romney also used Bowen as creative director the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Bowen conceived the games’ “Light The Fire Within” tag line and designed the torch that was carried by numerous celebrities.


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