UPDATE: American Crime Journal Podcast & Show- Official Trailer

It is time. American Crime Journal is expanding our platform and launching a podcast and show. Starting May 18, 2020, join host Damion Moore as we deep dive, taking an immersive look not only into cases of murder and the missing, but also examine the broader culture, history and philosophy of crime, prevention and concept of justice that shaped American society and beyond. More show information coming soon. Enjoy the introduction.

American Crime Journal Trailer

Just to be straight up- we’re not some “gimmicky”(serving virtual wine and hors d’oeuvres) blog/show that fashions opinions off of Wikipedia articles, Reddit theories and Facebook Group chats. We don’t engage in prosecuting someone we “believe” is guilty by using First Amendment protections to “destroy them”. This is delicate & serious subject matter and it should be treated with respect. During our research phase months ago and then recently, we spent a week listening to the top 5 true crime podcasts(which all covered the same cases over and over again with the same gimmicks), which a couple of them have at least one hundred or more episodes. Yet, three of them to this day, don’t even really understand how an “Amber Alert” works and the criteria to issue one. If in all that time spent, hundreds of hours into a subject you cover, you have not researched how these things work… forget it. The point is we need reliability, people who care and objective view.

Yes, facts do matter. The lack of ethics, standards, guidelines and case investment in today’s world of true crime “entertainment” has not only distorted justice… It’s ruined lives. All too often, shows skew reality when it comes to perspective in serious case matters. So, it appears goal is not so much the truth, but to cater and cradle popular opinion. That is not truth. Nor is it justice.

Make no mistake either, there are fantastic shows out there that do dive deep into cases, bring them light and others to life and take them seriously. They are few and far between and deserve so much more.

Our mission at American Crime Journal has and will always remain the same as our website- to provide in depth coverage, examination, analysis and review of all matters related to crime, awareness for victims and the missing, both justice and injustices; all for a better informed public.

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