BYU Stands by the Coco Berthmann Hoax

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Editor’s Note: Lynn Packer is an award-winning investigative reporter, legal consultant and author of “Lying for the Lord: The Paul H. Dunn Stories“. Lynn graduated from Utah State University with a degree in broadcast journalism. He served in the United States Army from ’68 through ’70 in Vietnam, as a television news anchor and producer for the Armed Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) Quang Tri detachment. He was awarded the Bronze Star. For 15 years Mr. Packer reported for KSL Television News in Salt Lake City. For ten years Lynn was an adjunct professor teaching journalism at Brigham Young University and the University of Dortmund.

We’d like to thank Mr. Packer for his service, dedication and contributions to journalism and ongoing quest for the truth.

“Coco is pressing charges… She is very frustrated it is taking so long.”

“She [Coco Berthmann] said is she is the victim of a crime that she can stay in the USA and that nobody can kick her out because she is part of an investigation.”

-One of Coco Berthmann’s collaborators
Coco Berthmann Child Sex Trafficking Hoax, by Lynn Packer

Dozens of news reporters and bloggers were fooled and published stories about the woman who claims her mother prostituted her to pedophiles from birth until she was 15. Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah even produced and posted a TEDx Talk on YouTube wherein German native Coco Berthmann repeated her false claims to have been sex trafficked.

Berthmann, a convert to the Mormon Church—is in the United States on a student visa. She told her stories to members of her Mormon congregation in Germany before coming here. They did not believe her and counseled her to quit lying. But in Utah her story was widely believed and extensively reported in the press and online. This report, part II, traces Berthmann’s propensity to lie and to make false accusations to her grade school days in Germany.

This video also provides a series of updates.

Coco Berthmann aka Sandra Ruff’s response to her inner circle after learning of my last report. She claimed she “watched for a minute and could not watch the rest”.

A string of suicidal thoughts posted by Berthmann occurred right before and immediately after the report came out.

Berthmann immediately tried to rally support behind her in opposition to the damning allegations- going so far as to claim Elizabeth Smart would be coming out in, “support of me [Berthmann]”. I confirmed that with the mountain of evidence, questionable claims and behavior by Coco Berthmann- Elizabeth nor Ed Smart would be coming out to speak on her behalf.

Berthmann injected herself into the Davis County Criminal investigation into Operation Underground Railroad. She claimed that a former affiliate of Operation Underground Railroad had “raped her”. The report was sent to the Sandy Police Department where the incident had allegedly occurred. The Sandy Police Department did confirm they received a referral from Davis County, but “no official investigation has yet begun”.

Does Coco Berthmann has a motive to lie? A recent message to one of her collaborators does offer a clue-

“Coco is pressing charges… She is very frustrated it is taking so long.”

“She [Coco Berthmann] said is she is the victim of a crime that she can stay in the USA and that nobody can kick her out because she is part of an investigation.”

During an August 6, 2021 Zoom meeting, several of the host family mothers for Coco Berthmann wonder if she now in the United States illegally. Is it possible that Berthmann is trying to qualify for a U-Visa?

A U-Visa is a special visa that allows an illegal immigrant who was/is the victim of a crime in the United States to assist law enforcement in bringing the perpetrator to justice. It would allow Coco Berthmann to stay in the United States free from deportation. She MUST be assisting the law enforcement agency with information regarding the crime. A police department must issue a certification to get a U-Visa.

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