Chi Crime Times: Six Dead is Better than Seven… Two Priests Arrested for Having Sex With Each Other


  1. Chicago’s violent Labor Day weekend leaves at least 6 dead; more than 1,000 shot since Memorial Day– What else is new? Let’s get rid of all the guns and let the maniacs roam free.
  2. Two Chicago Area Priests Arrested in Miami for allegedly having sex in parked rental car – Certainly the Vatican will immediately rebuke these sinners and strip them of the frock for embarrassing the church. Keep it internal boys…
  3. Chicago on Edge as Officer Who Shot Laquan McDonald 16 Times Faces Trial -Chicagoans certainly aren’t on edge over 1,000 shootings since Memorial Day.
  4. Rahm Emmanuel Announces he won’t seek a third term on eve of Laquan McDonald murder trial, leaving legacy of high crime and crumbling schools– So he did absolutely nothing. He came in with high crime and crumbling schools and left them intact. Certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with decades of failed policy.
  5. Chicago police sergeant kills himself while on duty downtown, authorities say – Another officer’s life falls through the cracks, solely because the Chicago Police Department refuses to require mandatory Psychological Evaluations once every two or three years to ensure the they’re “fit for duty”. It’s an established fact that those in the profession have higher instances of violence both on and off the job, domestic violence, criminal offenses, homicide both on and off the job and suicide. When studies have shown that at least 10% of police officers come into work everyday “marginally functioning” then goes on to face the stress of the job and their own psychological & emotional problems. Perhaps if the police union was less concerned that an officer “could” lose his job if deemed unfit for duty, despite numerous case studies demonstrating that closely following multi-complaint officers, therapy, assignment rotations, medications and make available proven treatments for known conditions they can develop on the job. Get them the help they deserve and need.
  6. Chicago police solve one in every 20 shootings. Here are some reasons why that’s so low.– Please read #2 and #5 again.
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