Damion Moore

Damion Moore

Founder & Editor, Investigative Journalist

Damion Moore an investigative journalist currently working on a book currently titled TRAFFICKED (and ever growing) which focuses on the human trafficking hysteria, reality, facts and myths. Damion is the founder of American Crime Journal and host of Dark Figures of Crime

Damion D. L. Moore

Damion Moore is an investigative reporter and founder of American Crime Journal. He attended East Aurora High School in Aurora, Illinois, and attended Waubonsee Community College. He majored in Criminal Justice with a focus on Juvenile Delinquency and Forensic Science.

Born and raised by a single mother and grandmother in Aurora, Illinois, Damion’s personal experience with gangs, drugs and violence has given him incredible insight into the gritty reality of crime, that lacks the “flash, romance and glitter” that is deeply rooted in American gun culture mythology.

Those experiences, in conjunction with the lack of integrity and accountability in the true crime community served as inspiration for American Crime Journal.

“I’m a realist. I take an evidence based approach when it comes to case analysis”

“You must see reality for what it is, not what you want it to be.

He worked as a security consultant and remains an advocate for victims of domestic violence. In his spare time he DJs, is a crime aficionado and critic of today’s True Crime Culture. Damion is working on a book “electively” titled TRAFFICKED that focuses on real human trafficking, human trafficking hysteria and its exploitation by NGOs and ministries.

American Crime Journal was launched in 2018, and since been cited and appeared in dozens of mainstream news publications, broadcasts, TV shows and podcasts. His podcast, Dark Figures of Crime is available now.

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