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American Crime Journal (ACJ) has garnered widespread recognition within the realms of True Crime, Criminology, and Investigative Journalism. Notably, ACJ holds a prominent presence and serves as a heavily cited source for numerous esteemed local, national, international, and mainstream news media outlets. These include reputable names such as Business Insider, C-SPAN, The Independent UK, NBC, Vice, and Vanity Fair, among many others. The publication’s well-researched and evidence-based content has captured the attention of these credible sources, firmly establishing ACJ as a dependable and esteemed hub for crime-related information and investigative journalism. Notably, several of American Crime Journal’s investigative series have played pivotal roles in a multitude of criminal investigations conducted by various entities, ranging from local and state agencies to federal bodies like the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Additionally, these reports have also been instrumental in guiding the decisions of watchdog groups and governmental bodies. For instance, one such report was instrumental in influencing a city council’s decision to withhold taxpayer funds from an organization facing multiple criminal investigations.

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