ACJ Obtains Livestream of Coco Berthmann Asking for Donations, Detailing Cancer Diagnosis

ACJ has obtained Coco Berthmann’s February 5, 2022, Instagram livestream from a follower who “knew something was off” and decided to hit record. In the 13-minute video, Berthmann reveals her cancer diagnosis and prognosis, her symptoms, pain, and the struggles ahead. She also “feels bad for asking” for help in any kind of “financial way”.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice?

According to a press release by police, the creator of Coco Berthmann’s GoFundMe claimed she [Berthmann] never asked her for money but “had expressed financial concerns… due to the treatments being expensive.”

Her February 5, 2022, Instagram livestream says otherwise. American Crime Journal was able to secure a recording of the livestream from a source who wishes to remain confidential, we’ll call her “Maria”. She had originally been following Berthmann’s story and was slightly suspicious and admits she had not donated to Berthmann or her foundation because she “never trusted where that money would be going”.

Maria said, when the cancer claims popped up, something in me said to just screen shot and record everything. So, I did”

She revealed that she had seen Lynn Packer’s reports on Coco Berthmann, debunking her fantastic human trafficking story. Like Elizabeth Frazier, Coco briefly kept a low profile, but last month began asking her followers for donations to adopt a dog. We began getting messages from concerned and angry followers who felt that Berthmann had not addressed the report or taken it seriously. Many of the were former donors.

Late last month, Berthmann was at it again, she had taken to Instagram revealing more horrible news. According to Maria, “I immediately knew something was off, though even before then, and especially after the hoax reports came out in August, I didn’t believe most of what she said. I felt like no one took it seriously. It was completely mind blowing to me that no one was talking about it”

I agree.

While some took articles and videos down, not a single one issued a public statement outside Lynn Packer’s original reports on Coco Berthmann and Elizabeth Fraiser.

Here is a one-minute clip of Coco’s cancer claims, we will release the full video tomorrow.

Roughly a month ago, dozens of people- mostly former supporters of Coco Berthmann reached out letting us know she had finished taking a break from advocacy against the $154 Trillion a year human trafficking industry (yes, she claims the industry is three quarters of the Gross World Product) and was seeking donations once again.

First, she was seeking donor money to adopt a dog, then it quickly evolved into cancer.

What is more concerning, is the fact that I contacted over a dozen publications, podcasts and human trafficking advocacy groups and just a few have since pulled their coverage and reporting of the “Coco Berthmann Sex Trafficking Survivor Story” (which seems like a rejected Lifetime Movie script).

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation immediately withdrew their support when Lynn Packer contacted Ed Smart shortly before his report on Coco Berthmann was released. With the exception of LDS Living, not a single one has retracted their claims and apologized for peddling human trafficking horror fantasies and myths. In fact, organizations like The Malouf Foundation, Adaptive Ops, Operation Underground Railroad, and individuals like U.S. Senator from Utah Mike Lee, continue to either profit or benefit from these bogus human trafficking horror stories.

It’s also important to note that LDS Living pulled their story on Coco before Packer’s report, after being contacted by a LDS family with evidence that called into question the legitimacy of Berthmann’s story, and who had previously been contacted by Berthmann’s mother, Renata Ruff. LDS Living pulled the story not only because they could not verify so much as a single claim made by Berthmann, but uncovered evidence that contradicted her claims. Rather than properly retract the story and apologize for misleading their readers and Berthmann supporters, they allow the legend to continue.

The Malouf Foundation still has yet to acknowledge or apologize for presenting two “professional victims”, as human trafficking survivors. At their inaugural Human Trafficking Policy and Education Summit last April, Coco Berthmann and Elizabeth Frazier, were two of the three featured “survivors” featured. Utah elected officials such as Senator Mike Lee and Representatives Blake Moore, John Curtis, and Burgess Owens were in attendance. The third victim featured, Julie Whitehead who is also an employee of the organization has long been aware that their stories were in question and refuted by evidence long before Coco’s cancer scam and arrest became a problem.

Prior to the human trafficking craze

What value has the public received from wild human trafficking fantasies that are nothing more than a campfire for adults to hear scary human trafficking horror stories? That’s exactly what all these summits, foundations and meetings are.

Actual human trafficking stories are not that compelling, right? We all know why.

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