13 Minutes: Coco Berthmann’s Cancer Fraudstream

Anatomy of a Cancer Scam

If the video is hard to watch, you’re not alone. After numerous posts on Instagram and after a GoFundMe was established in her name, it was time to speak with her supporters and fans. Some had been following Berthmann for years, others had just learned of a poor 28-year-old woman, who had survived a brutal, fifteen-year human trafficking horror story, only to be afflicted with a deadly form of lymphoma with a grim prognosis.

On February 5, 2022, Coco Berthmann decided to have a livestream to share the news, her latest update with some grim, yet hopeful news.

I can only describe it as disturbing, and the anatomy of a cancer scam, because that is exactly what this is. Berthmann doesn’t just briefly describe her condition and situation, but goes into explicit detail, showing a range of emotions.

Lynn and I spoke the following day, after her arrest and then again after I managed to get this video. He said and I have to agree, that the District Attorney, “made a mistake allowing her to leave jail that day”. Not so much the flight risk, and that is a problem on its own. I can only hope she was required to surrender her passport but there is a high probability that she will scam someone else, a friend or her followers again.

There are a few things I will be adding, such as now deleted Instagram posts of her pandering for cash and such. But this gives pathological liar a whole new meaning.

Just watch.

Anatomy of a Cancer Scam

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