Operation Underground Railroad: Crimes Uncovered

The Expanding Criminal Investigation into OUR

Tim Ballard’s secret plan to monetize, Operation Underground Railroad. And to use his plan to proselytize prospective converts for the Mormon church.

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In August 2019, Tim Ballard summoned his most trusted OUR associates and partners to a clandestine meeting which required each individual to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) . It was at this very meeting that Ballard laid out a secret plan to monetize his child sex slave rescue nonprofit, Operation Underground Railroad and to use his plan to proselytize prospective converts for the Mormon church.

On a whiteboard he presented the strategy, each member’s role and the respective organizations such as The Nazarene Fund, Children Need Families, Liberty and Light Equity Trust, and many others- funneling donor money into his for-profit Slave Stealer’s, LLC; and how to launder donor money each step of the way by creating a labyrinth of non-profits and for-profits exchanging money.

Should his plan progress and he was able funnel enough liquid cash into his personal bank accounts, Ballard would then open low cost, run down LDS orphanages in Haiti. Ballard estimated he could make about $20,000 per adoption to Mormon couples in America. Several of those in attendance at this secret meeting left in disgust, including former OUR financer, millionaire Paul Hutchinson and OUR Ops Team Leader Dave Lopez.

Unknown by Ballard until now, his criminal conspiracy, the witnesses and the whiteboard are part of the Davis County District Attorney’s criminal investigation into Operation Underground Railroad, its founder and CEO Tim Ballard and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. Ballard fearing a widening criminal investigation by the FBI, IRS and international authorities has now threatened to retaliate.

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