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Melissa Ann Page- Another Case of Missing White Woman Syndrome?

This is Melissa Ann Page. Take a real good look at her picture. As the issue of equality/inequality, racism and class warfare come front and…

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Our Standards: Striving for Excellence

Get it right. Maintain Integrity. Despite all the unfounded & baseless accusations of treachery, money seeking, the defamation of us, our families, our children and…

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Gilgo Beach Murders/LISK UPDATE: Suffolk County Police Press Conference

It’s been nearly a decade since the hunt for the Long Island Serial Killer began. Today, Suffolk County Police revealed a new clue in the…

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MISSING: Pamela ‘Faith’ Roach, 27

The family of Pamela “Faith” Roach, 27, reported her missing after she was expected to visit the grave of her son on the anniversary of…

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Missing Person of the Day: ISAEL ARENAS


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Missing Person of the Day: MONAE GIVENS

Source: Have you seen this child? MONAE GIVENS

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Interview with Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick is a brilliant scientist who today is best-known for pioneering the world of genetic genealogy. Almost overnight, she went from nuclear physicist…

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Top Scientist Joins Team Karlie, the Grand Opening of Karlie’s Library and Beyond

First I want to take a moment to thank Travis Moore for coming on board, for providing us with his personal journals, perspective and really…

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No Voice, No Purpose: The Lies and Fall of the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob®

The disinformation strategy and smear campaign employed by Lindsay Fairley’s private investigators was the Karlie Guse Lynch Mob’s foundation, reality was their downfall. What is…

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Lindsay Fairley’s “Support Group” with Deep Roots in Hate & Intolerance, Embraces Anti-LGTBQ Figure

There certainly has been no shortage of controversial and intolerant figures that have been embraced by the leadership of Lindsay Fairley’s “support group”. In the…

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