Virtual Lynch Mob: Open Letter to Lynda Bergh

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, was supposed to help on a case and let a few people down. My sincerest apologies. Also, to a dear friend I’ve been helping try to bring closure to her friend’s case. Long overdue. I apologize. What happened recently was really like a one-in-a-million meteor strike. Stars align or I just paid close attention… for once. I’ll apologize in advance, this is a bit long. I figured I’d explain a bit what is going on, but after this I have an open letter to Lynda Bergh, a Private Investigator who claims to have “over 200 rescues of children, mostly child human sex trafficking victims”. There is currently an internal investigation going on by Operation Found Safe (OFS), regarding in her conduct and behavior during this case she while assigned by OFS.

First, I’m going to bring your attention to this girl. Her name is Karlie, she is missing. If you have any information, please call the Mono County Sheriff’s Office at 760-932-7549, option 7. Do not contact certain private investigators, they do not represent the custodial parents of Karlie. They have no partnerships with the FBI or Mono County Sheriff’s Office.

This is the official poster, with correct information.

Karlie Lain Guse

The Karlie Gusé case, on the surface is a sad case. A 16 year-old girl, now 17, disappears. Apparently she had smoked some potent marijuana, maybe it was laced, did something else and/or might of just had some issues that were triggered. Bad reaction. Truth is, we just don’t know. There is a stepmom involved and of course the family is targeted and hindsight is 20/20. My intent was this article, a work in progress with the working title of “Beneath the Veil: The Karlie Gusé Case Derailed”, and it’s really tough.

American Crime Journal was on Dr. Phil regarding Karlie’s case, they wanted to use my simple article Missing: Karlie Lain Guse for some graphics and article in a few of Dr. Phil’s monologues. It was an awareness piece. Simple. As this is airing, I get approached by a podcaster, vlogger, or whatever who is working with Lindsay Fairley, we get approached and they wanted to “partner” with me. I’d have to allow Lindsay’s story to be presented, unfiltered and unedited. Obviously, I’m just sort of curious as to why a mother needs a platform to tell “her story”. Your daughter is missing, not sure what your story is going to do.

Truth was, it was a giant platform to attack civilians, volunteers, using my site as sort of a tabloid to embarrass and disgrace people who actually volunteered, people who went out into the Sierra Nevada, looking for a missing teenager months after. This isn’t good news. Then they want to say the Sheriff of Mono County, Ingrid Braun, she went to school with the stepmom, so obviously there is this cover up. So, my first instinct is just to vet it. Well, there is a 17 year age difference, did they take a pottery class at the local community college?

Once I look into this case, Karlie, I had flashbacks of West Memphis Three. Lots of anger and pain. So I write my final article, The Journal on Dr. Phil, Karlie Guse & Lindsay Fairley’s Credibility Chasm which really just reflection and what kind of transpired, a birth mother kind of takes the spotlight and really muddy’s the waters. As I say in the article and I want to make it clear now, this really sums sit up:

Now, I’ll say this upfront. Family members of victims often get a free pass when it comes to what they say and do (within reason) and rightfully so. They have a right to be critical of police, certain individuals, the media, personalities and politics. They have a right to be angry and confrontational. We should give them the benefit of the doubt, always and they should continue to get that benefit— until they use and abuse that trust solely to get attention and settle old scores. To repeatedly lie to get some more air time just so they can punish their ex some more. When the case becomes all about them and how bad their ex and their spouse is, it is no longer about finding a missing person, a killer or justice. It is about the drama and personal gain.

Myself in The Journal on Dr. Phil, Karlie Guse & Lindsay Fairley’s Credibility Chasm

This style of investigation and storytelling, reporting or whatever is new to me and I have so much going on personally. I have a case I’ve been working with a friend, she understood and let me explore what I feel is a evolution of a Virtual Lynch Mob. It really got this this point that volunteers were under fire, the police were supposedly incompetent, anyone and everyone who tried to contribute was discredited, silenced and attacked. Even the FBI. they sent one agent and conducted “polygraphs over the phone”, one investigator leaks to a troll. I never understood why.

I’ve met some amazing people. Perhaps lifelong friendships from this whole new perspective and different backgrounds. Both sides of the case. Some felt stepmom was involved, others not a chance. A small town and it really has this innocence, but not like you think. You think small town stuck in the past, slow and everyone knows everybody, but this is different. They’re with it, a unique bond and that is not just a town but a region or area, a tight community that lost a child. Out of the blue there in social media there is a warzone, everyone is fighting, volunteers are label criminals, doxxed and attacked. Community leaders are in shock and accused of transporting drugs. False police reports are filed.

Professional organizations, really that are the best bet in finding this child will not get involved. Solely based on the accusations, threats and bullying of online people, led by a birth mother and her two private investigators.

When Karlie disappeared, these two organizations stepped in. Very controversial and this is something I’ll cover once I complete an article or book, series or something. Maybe quarterly updates. An anthology series. Now this group sends one guy, and rather than organize and try to find this child. There is this gossip. Got a money donor, an executive from an organization drinking Mai Tais at noon in the Sierra Nevada, talking about handsome men, drunk texting people at obscene hours with this gossip.

Something gets found in the desert, here comes Operation Underground Railroad headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah, this middle aged man James Bond fantasy club, where you pay money to help bust some Mexican pimps and take photos with “rescues”. This LDS backed group that is cleaning up Thailand, but Utah which human trafficking rivals third world countries, LDS and OUR is nowhere to be found. They want credit when they think something is found. Suddenly, there is more gossip.

These two private investigators appear from nowhere, leaking information, making friends online from Minnesota, Rhode Island, Florida and Pennsylvania, and it’s all this trash talk and tearing down anyone who is looking for this girl. I mean anyone that is actually looking is under attack. Addresses posted online. Friends contacted on social media. I thought for a minute perhaps, just perhaps this was an elaborate prank. These days you just don’t know. Here I am looking from the outside in, talking to folks. But they live this. The consequences of this is very real. You read this and might empathize or even say “whatever”. Stupid, and it is. But these folks are waking up with their stomach in knots. Every single day.

At the end of the day, I wish I could say this is about Karlie Gusé . It no longer is, because everyone who has tried to help, tried to fix this, has been doxxed, character assassinated, threatened, bullied and silenced. Now it is about a case derailed. It is about accountability. This behavior, it’s not acceptable.

As this is going on, it gets a bit stranger. Lynda Bergh messages a volunteer, “everyone has ulterior motives except me and Michael Boone”

Truth is, everyone else had one priority. Someone else had ulterior motives and anyone who asked questions, for references, found issues with their backgrounds and discrepancies, was under attack. Personal information was leaked. Two people might have even lost their job. One grandmother who befriended these people, had an autistic grandson. She shared photos. A month or two later, she simply posts her disappointment with some individuals’ conduct. A photo of her autistic grandson is made into a meme.

I post this open letter to Lynda Bergh, she claims that she was assigned by Operation Found Safe to find Karlie. That is not true. She started soliciting tips on October 16, 2018, for the Karlie Guse case. The intake form wasn’t completed until October 23, 2018, and then was assigned the case. Does that make sense?

We’ve been assured by the president of Operation Found Safe, that Lynda Bergh and her partner Michael Boone are now under an internal investigation by Operation Found Safe for their alleged conduct.

Thank you for your time and support!

Open Letter to Lynda Bergh

Lynda Bergh,

About these audios, and I’d like to clear up this nonsense about the 8 minute audio. I’ve talked to a few people about these, I’m glad it came up. Look, it’s time to put up or shut up. I’ve have from very reliable sources that the current BS about the audio is pure fantasy(will be in my article) I have a bit of surprise on this too. More on that later.

Lynda, isn’t it true that Lindsay purchased drug paraphernalia for her own daughter? Fifteen years old at the time? I mean, I understand California is pretty liberal with it’s view on drugs(well marijuana, I’m sure there is some debate), but here that is at the very least, contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Maybe negligence? Certainly irresponsible given Ms. Fairley’s history. I mean should all parties be equally culpable for their actions and inaction leading up to the circumstances?

Contrary to popular belief that I ‘attacked’ Lindsay, I’ve simply pointed out the lies, but hell if we’re just going to release stories and allegations. I mean these are Lindsay’s people for Christ’s sake. I’ve got stories, mails, letters and audios, real accounts here of some pretty stunning stuff. But your client has had enough of the spotlight and we’re moving past that. This is about Karlie and improper conduct. Misconduct by certain parties.

Michael Boone himself propagated for months that Karlie cried for help, this was on the 8 minute audio. Here I’ll get the exact quote from Lindsay Fairley on Dr. Phil taped on February 27, 2019:

“I think what triggered Melissa’s emotional distress over all this is when I called her out on social media, and I said ‘why don’t you tell your audience about the 8 minute audio that you recorded of my daughter? It is very unsettling knowing that they refused to call for help when she asked them to”

Lindsay Fairley, February 27, 2019, taping of Dr. Phil show

Now. I think what Ms. Bergh and Mr. Boone failed to realize is that attorney and reporter Doug Kari reported about three weeks after the disappearance:

Article by Doug Kari, Las Vegas Journal Review:

Melissa decided to make a recording on her phone, so later she could replay it for Karlie as a teaching moment about drug use.
At one point in the eight-minute audio, Karlie says, “I really messed up today,” and Melissa tries to soothe her by saying, “We all do things in life that we regret, drugs especially”

A tearful Karlie thanks Melissa and says, “I love you.” But when Melissa gives Karlie a salad, the teen blurts out, “This the devil’s lettuce!”
After Melissa urges Karlie to get some sleep, the troubled girl responds, “No, I don’t want to go to sleep. You’re going to kill me.” Melissa tries to reason with her. “Why would I kill you? That’s preposterous.

“I’m just thinking all this demonic stuff,” Karlie sobs. “I can’t help it.”

Doug Kari, attorney and reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal

Dr. Phil would also listen to the audio on the February 27, he tells us:

Now, I’ve just listened to a tape that Melissa made the night that she came home. I’m, for one, very glad you made that recording, because it’s full of information and data. What it tells me, as I said, this was a mind altering drug. Somebody had laced that marijuana or that wasn’t just a meth-head talking, there was more to it than that. And, it would be interesting to know where that came from.

And, it, because of her degree of paranoia, it makes perfect sense to me that she would flee. That she would wake up and flee’

Dr. Phil on Karlie Guse, February 27, 2019

Now is numerous Facebook posts Lindsay has said (in different ways, here is one):

She won’t even let her mother, I’m her mother access to the 8 minute tape”

Lindsay Fairley in one of many numerous Facebook posts Regarding the 8 minute audio

Mr. Kari responded to one with a link to his article.

You and you client might think it is crafty or beneficial to perpetuate that Melissa hid this audio, when she played it for an attorney and reporter. Gave it to your team. Law enforcement. Nothing was hidden. That was a lie.

Time to put up, or shut up.

Michael Boone stated that these cried were on the 8 minute audio. Suddenly the 8 minute audio is played, “Oh, wait, there is another audio”. Whatever this audio is, it’s not what it is reported to be, has not been what it is reported to be. There are no cries for help. There are no cries for Ms. Fairley. Look, Mr. Boone called out for months that there were cries for help on this 8 minute audio. So did Ms. Fairley. You folks have continued to propagate misconduct on the part of Melissa Guse, yet not one independent source has been able to verify it. Law enforcement. Dr. Phil. Doug Kari. I won’t name the others. Why did Mr. Boone and you mislead the public and claim the context of the audio contained “cries for help” and “cries for Ms. Fairley”?

Why would a child cry for someone when she didn’t know where she lived?

In every runaway case, especially when the parents are split, it is important for both addresses to be covered. Your client left, when to White Mountain Estates and took a bath! By her own admission! You and I both know Karlie Guse best chances, were within hours of her disappearance. Hours. Not 60, 90 days later.

Actually, your partner site states, giving the impression that it’s legitimate, that “Do not waste time and get on social media, you can reach thousands”. This is a site that has repeatedly claimed they partnered with you and Michael Boone. At one point, your partner vows to “destroy Travis“. The administrator replies as if bargaining, “what’s in it for me?”

What was in it for Karlie Guse?

Then, this individual goes further talking about “shitting on her Danniella [Vian] case”. Now this discussion was about a former member, trying help in a case very personal to her. Whether we ever get into that, that’s her story to tell. Quite sad and pathetic.

Is this who you associate with? People out to destroy volunteer searchers?

Ultimately, Melissa Guse did just that took the author’s advise— it backfired because somebody just needs to be punished. You went along with it. Shameful. Just shameful. You and your partner had a story, and angle before you took this case on.


This isn’t a playground. A professional like you knows damn well, hundreds have been exonerated after spending years in prison, decades, some 40 plus years, some dead; because of how they act. How they look. They lied. Hell, some of them CONFESSED. You have a responsibility here. You have a responsibility to tell these people about the deception. The tactic and hand you played didn’t work, game is up. This persecution and narrative you are perpetuating is wrought with fraud and deception.

Time to find Karlie, but time for some accountability. The quicker you, Boone and Fairley get out of the way with this BS, false accusations and fantasy, then the focus can be on this missing child. You took advantage of the kindness of Melissa and Zac, they did their best for this not to turn this into a circus, tried to protect Karlie’s dignity, her honor— nobody wants to be known for that. In life or else. They didn’t want to bring up Lindsay’s past, despite her lying on everyone, them and anyone who tried to help her. I mean, these people did everything, despite it all, what she has done or not done, this is her child. You guys played off that kindness, exploited that respect, and you cut these people’s throats.

Lynda Bergh, there is blood on your hands here. Five days ago, you had respect, yeah, suspicious of who you’re with. Some honorable people, people upset at the deception, they are hurt. They believed you.

Now you’ve had enough time to manufacture an audio with any child on it from anytime. You don’t have an audio and anything produced now, it’s authenticity is in question. Hell, your partner site MPCN, and the admins releasing these al Qaeda style propaganda videos(WTF?), has produced forged documents, that I find the original content, they switched dates, comments and communication, and admittedly have done so. I have a confession. I bet she is lying though, right? Fabricated a 1,000 pages of chat logs?

A charge they make on everyone else?

Look, you guys have smeared and lied your asses off about this audio, you told us what was on it. Mr. Boone has told two different reporters he would arrange a meeting which these audios can be played. He doesn’t return calls, some more word salad.

So, now is your chance to clear this up.

Does an audio exist which Karlie cries for Lindsay Fairley (you’re aware Karlie called Melissa mom correct?)?

Is there an audio which Karlie cries for them to call 911?

Have you heard these audios?

You readily admit you were at the Dr. Phil taping, and some people in your camp(Karlie followers) claim to be present at the taping,although the tapings are on a first come first serve basis with nearly a two year delay. Hell longer than that actually. I mean hell, are these people professional gamblers?

Can you confirm that Dr. Phil producers were given the audio, yet refuse to admit it’s existence? Remember, I’ve been in contact with the show, American Crime Journal was on Dr. Phil for the Karlie case. Now according to CBS, Paramount, that’s not quite what happened.

Can anyone guess what was said?

“We can arrange it”, Michael Boone.

Look, y’all have already told us what is on the damn tape. You give me the portions, just play the portions of what you said occurred(you’ve said it), I’ll do what everyone is afraid to do.

Confirm it exists.

Hollie McKay waited, didn’t get it. She waited a bit too. She called it bullshit. I’m calling it bullshit. I mean this is Fox News. Dr. Phil never received a tape from Michael Boone, audio, phone of anything he’s reported to date. Bullshit.

Even if the tape existed, it changes nothing. Karlie was still under likely under the influence, obviously paranoid- professional even agreed likely psychosis. Well, I think we can agree some mental breakdown, I’m not a professional. So, it really does nothing. Again, we can blame the Guses for not calling the police that night, but thousands of manic and drug fuel episodes occur each and ever day in homes across America, in police stations and they are ignored and no one calls medical. Especially when it’s happened before or there is some familiarity with it. Perhaps if your client had been around a bit more and been honest about her own issues, this would be a non issue. This fantasy tape doesn’t do jack shit. Doesn’t change jack shit. More importantly, it don’t exist. The public has a right to know what has happened here. Families have a right to know that now, God forbid something happens, predators will descend on them— contact fathers and mothers that are not involved, give them promises of all this and that. Money? Fame? Attention? A second chance?

Lynda, what game are you guys trying to play here? Evidence that doesn’t exist, you said exists. Calling nonsense evidence. This exactly, is what Lindsay supporters don’t get, all this nonsense hasn’t done anything for Karlie. This venomous lynch mob that has done absolutely nothing for Karlie, they attacked and silenced the few people that would help. They don’t donate money. Haven’t volunteered. They make all these allegations, I mean we got Rhode Island & Minnesota. Lots of folks from Bakersfield. We got nude psychics from the UK speaking into an app. We got people from Australia. Astrologer maps, to find a missing girl? This is who you consult and cavort with, and lobby with in a missing girl case? Are you kidding me?

This is insulting. A grown ass woman with this Mickey Mouse bullshit, this is just out of control.

Someone goes to Mono County, looking for what we all know is bad news, oh, “he’s a criminal”. Oh wait, “those are criminals”. Who does that to volunteers? Who cares who it is, at least he is out there. People in the community, slander, lied on, extorted.

I’ll tell you what is criminal, sitting on you ass and collecting payments, and causing this kind of confusion and deception.

Lynda, I have comments, from professional organizations who refuse to help look for Karlie because of “the conduct and allegations made by those on social media against anyone who has tried to help. I’m so sorry, I wish the best for the family of Karlie Guse”.

Thanks Lynda!

Lynda, you can sit there and spin bullshit and this little jihad you’ve played up to a crowd, but these people have sold you out when it comes down to it. The people you’ve associated with, partnered with, I mean people that have nothing else to do but sit online and spread bogus fliers, gossip, file false police reports, now they plan on flooding the AG’s email with all this BS, you’ve muddied the waters here and I think everybody has had about enough, misrepresented the evidence, what in the hell are they doing for Karlie Guse when you do this? What has it done.

Awareness, hell I’ll watch but don’t help, they’ll destroy you. Destroy is harsh language for a volunteer.

Now, these people you associate with, we know the types. Lonely, nothing better to do and gossip. They aren’t shit. I know you’re lonely, and look they are free to do that. You’re not. You are a professional, licensed and paid. Spending hours on end spreading gossip and rumors, tearing people down has done nothing for Karlie Guse, but scare folks from helping.

I have numerous statements, again two professional organizations, that specifically state the false allegations and conduct of the people you associate with, I’ll sum it up.

Lynch Mob. Virtual Lynch Mob. this is disgusting. Look, trolls are trolls. To see professionals play up to them, Lynda, shame on YOU!

Accusations of evidence tampering? You and I both know that’s not the case. Hell, I’ve recovered evidence, DNA in cases. I mean we got a size 5T Garaniamal pants, grey toddler pants, left out in the desert, you and your people claim they left evidence, or planted evidence or destroyed it. Not sure which narrative you’re going with today, whatever makes someone look bad then— that’s it. Pants that couldn’t fit a five year-old and this is evidence of malfeasance?

You and your team have a responsibility to the public above all else. A civic and ethical duty. Misrepresenting evidence, making something out of nothing is a waste of community resources. I really hope every dime, down to the penny, you and the people you’ve led on record and off, that sneaky behind the scenes nonsense, you get billed from the county and state. False reports of narcotics being transported. False reports of evidence tampering. Murder. Kidnapping. Cover up. Claims of hiring white hat hackers, claims of working with the FBI— all this that did nothing but gossip and create a diversion. Letters to the attorney general. You personally have had a hand in it, associating with these people. Riling them up. You know damn well these people are taking your spin, your lies— the people you leak nonsense to, and use it to defame and ruin them. These were people on the ground trying to find this girl, bring closure to the family. You sat down, just made some shit up. I mean what is this? Explain yourself. Apologize. Take some responsibility.

It has done nothing for Karlie Guse. Absolutely nothing. real people have been hurt by your behavior and conduct.

Unacceptable. This is shameful.

-Damion Moore

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