Damion Moore reveals details of I-65 Killer’s identity to Gray Hughes

On the eve of the I-65 Killer Task Force’s “Major Announcement” in the I-65 Serial Killer case, American Crime Journal‘s own Damion Moore who is the leading expert in the I-65 Killer cases, speaks with Gray Hughes on Grays Hughes Investigates

Damion Moore reveals that he knows who the I-65 Killer is. It was March 15, 2020, that he learned that the I-65 Killer had been identified through DNA. There had been no public announcement, until Moore got confirmation from family members and a source close to the investigation and law enforcement. At midnight March 26, the call was made, and the announcement was published by Damion early March 27, 2021.

Moore learned the I-65 Killer’s identity on Friday after we released that the case had been solved, but before the multiagency press conference was announced.

Law enforcement announced April 1, 2022, that will be holding a press conference on Tuesday April 5, 2022, at 11 a.m. EST. ACJ’s Damion Moore has learned that law enforcement will announce

For the past 96 hours, ACJ’s Damion Moore and Jennifer and their partner Tanna Bennett from Sculch Studios have been investigating his extensive criminal background.

“I’ve never seen an individual with such an extensive criminal record that was not in prison. At least a dozen of these crimes would result in lengthy prison sentences, for non-felons. He was a felon. These murders were preventable. This case was solvable. He was well known to the Elizabethtown Police Department and the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office”, Moore told us at a strategy meeting.

Damion and Gray Discuss the I-65 Killer, revealing details about the killer

Prior to the interview, Mr. Hughes and Damion Moore agreed only to use the suspected killer’s first name,

ACJ’s Own Damion Moore reveals details about the I-65 Killer’s identity with Gray Hughes on Gray Hughes Investigates

What Damion Moore Revealed about the I-65 Serial Killer’s Identity to Gray Hughes

  • There are six murders
  • His first name is “Harry”
  • Born January 31, 1944, in Louisville, Kentucky
  • When he was 15 years-old and was sent to a juvenile facility
  • Escaped custody 3 or 4 times
  • Just three weeks after The Days Inn Murders, he kicked in his mother-in-laws house, drags his estranged wife out of her mother’s home and strangles her in the street
  • He is arrested for the above crime, is let out on his own recognizance and terms of his release was no contact with his estranged wife
  • Two days after his arrest, he found his estranged wife at a bar and choked her
  • He worked for the railroad
  • Died from cancer January 31, 2013

Press conference is set for Tuesday April 5, 2022, at 11 a.m.

ACJ’s partner Tanna Burnett will be present at the press conference. We will try to livestream it, if not, we will have the video.

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