Ballard Doubles Down on Numbers; O.U.R. in Ukraine

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Lynn Packer reports about Operation Underground Railroad’s use of misleading, outdated and false numbers to solicit donations. It examines OUR President Tim Ballard’s attempt to refute an article published by The Atlantic in December 2021 titled “The Great (Fake) Child-Sex-Traffic Epidemic.” The story talks about anti-child-sex-trafficking advocates who mention “outdated and hard-to-parse figures about the number of children who go ‘missing’ in the United States every year.” Ballard accuses the magazine of dishonest reporting that puts children’s lives at risk. However, this episode shows that Ballard’s numbers are suspect and that he’s perpetuating the same myths that sparked the White Slavery frenzy of the early 1900s. Plus breaking news: • The FBI apparently closes its investigation into Operation Underground Railroad without criminal charges. • And Coco Berthmann—the subject of two of my YouTube videos reports— who claimed to have been sex trafficked by her mother, is charged with fraud.

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